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 Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)

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Nyx Hathaway
Head Doctor

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PostSubject: Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)   Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:09 am


Full Name: Nyx Tatiana Hathaway
Nickname(s): Anna, White Mage
Age: [true age: 300] [Age of preserved appearance: 25]
Gender: Female
Race: Fairy (Is also able to transform into a pure white cat with amber eyes.)(British, of the Fairy Clans of Britain)



Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: scarlet red
Distinguishing Features: Has a large chest that is quite noticable even with her doctors coat on. Has a large ruby necklace on, a cat collar with a ruby attached to it. She also is able to turn herself into a pure white cat with amber eyes that has a collar with a ruby attached. Nyx also has a tattoo of butterfly wings on her back. Those are her 'fairy marks'. While Sophia doesn't have actual fairy wings due to her mother being a water fairy (nymph) and her father being an animal fairy.

Sophia stands at 5'7''. She has crimson red hair that is straight and goes to about her middle back that she usually has up in a messy bun on her head. Her body type is athletic as she is constantly training her body so that it can withstand combat conditions even though she avoids a fight if she can. Scars cover most of her body from past fights and her heavy training sessions. She can cover most of them up with a shirt and scarf, but some of them are harder to disguise. She is well endowed and often wears shirts that show it off whether it be accidental or even intentional.Sophie's voice sounds like she is younger than she appears. It sounds tough, but is graceful at the same time. She sounds gentle in whatever she says no matter how she says it. This is the type of voice she uses when addressing her friends, loved ones, and subordinates. when addressing her the kommandant, her voice tends to get more tough sounding. Often times, when she is trying to make people flustered or smile, she brings out her older woman (sexy? ._.) voice and uses that to throw them off balance. Her movements in anything she does tend to be graceful since she mastered her skill in speed and the way her body moves in battles long ago while in her teens. She is quick to move, and as such shows it all in her figure. Her figure is lean and athletic, because of her constant training, and allows her to move fast and stealthy in any situation if she wants. She never wastes a movement in her attacks. She dresses for comfort, but also had a tendency to dress a bit revealing. She is normally dressed in black training pants, looks like dress pants, and a tank top. She also wears a doctors coat wherever she goes. When she feels the need to be pretty, she'll wear dresses or skirts with nice tops as well, of course with her doctor's coat. To note, as noted above, she has butterfly wings tattooed on her back at birth. While she cannot fly, she does have those as her mark of being a fairy.


  • Men and women, both sexes appeal to her.
  • Books, lots and lots of books.
  • Playing poker with the other teachers.
  • Teasing the elves, especially Alexial since she is half-elf.
  • Fighting, but only to a certain degree. When it gets to be too much, she'll halt the fighting.
  • Healing magic
  • Water magic
  • taking baths and going swimming
  • Walking around the academy
  • healing others
  • laughing and teasing others.
  • Teasing Narora, who is one of her favorites.

  • Cold Hearted-Men who take advantage of innocent and weak women.
  • Fire and any fire type weapons or spells.
  • Losing sleep. The woman loves her sleep.
  • When innocents are threatened as well as her peace.
  • Large bloodbaths, cause she has seen her fair-share.
  • Long lines at the coffee shop

  • Losing her loved ones to Death.
  • She also has a fear of fire because she lost her brother and mother in a fire that destroyed half of her family's village.

Nyx is a calm individual that has an ability to diffuse a situation through her cool and calm personality. In a situation, for example, if she is stuck in the middle of a tense area of the conversation, she'll calmly talk with the other person until they find reason. She is not quick to jump to conclusions, nor is she quick to freak out when things get tough or out of hand. Her cool head allows her to think through the situation and come up with a solution that brings about the most desirable outcome. Some may regard her as an emotionless individual when she is in battle, but this is not the case. She merely pushes aside her emotions so that they will not hinder her judgement. In a fight, she will keep a cool head, yes, but sometimes cannot help but let her emotions guide her. This is very rare, but does happen from time to time. In this instance, she will go all out and not give any chance to allow her opponent to form a proper strategy. Also, her sense of honor covers everyone, no matter who they are.

She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh and play with others. Get her in a good mood, and you'll have a great time with Nyx. Her kindness knows no bounds as she is kind to most everyone. She smiles often and can be seen laughing with her coworkers in the hallways or break rooms in her downtime. The only exception to this would be if you offend her or anyone she cares about in any way. Mess with her loved ones, and she will not hesitate to take you down. She cares deeply for those she has come to know as her own. Her heart, you could say, is bigger than she shows. This being said, she can also come off as a little emotionless, but this is all just a cover for her true self. To protect herself and her loved ones, she must hide her feelings and thus remain serious to the situation when it calls for it. She has a generous personality and will try anything in her power to have the other person feel better. This means that if someone is feeling down, she'll try to get them to smile no matter what. This is so even if she herself is feeling down or otherwise.

Nyx is polite and kind beyond her years in knowledge of both matters of the heart and mind. She has known tough choices as well as tough living conditions from her childhood. This shaped the way she grew into an adult as well as her take on situations in general. She'll greet you with a smile every time. If you require anything of her, she will comply with your request provided that it doesn't harm anyone innocent around her. Nyx is a good person to go to when you need something or require a service of sorts. despite her appearance, she can be quite the mischievous little vixen when given the chance. She'll play tricks on those that she desires to play with. No one is really sure what her true motives are for being this way towards another. It could be flirting, but it could also be her way to play someone for what she desires whether it be information or just a service that she requires of another. She can be manipulative when given the chance and will not hesitate to use her womanly charms to get what she wants. When confronted with those she finds irritating, she maintains a cool head and gets through the situation. When confronted with a tough choice, she will think through the situation thoroughly to make sure what she is doing is the right choice. Sometimes, her heart gets the better of her and she lets her heart decide instead of her head. This often gets her in trouble and often injured despite her precautions beforehand. She is capable of rushing into situations, but those are rare and require her to be extremely pushed for time and patience.

Nyx has many habits that she has acquired over the years. First off, she loves to sit down with a good book. In fact, her apartment is filled with shelves upon shelves of books. She often goes to bookstores and just looks through them in her spare time. Another habit she has is the habit to take naps almost anywhere. She doesn't show she is tired in her outward appearance, but often tends to make short conversation when she knows she needs to get some sleep. She is very diligent in her working habits as well. She does her job to the letter and allows no room for error. She also likes to make people blush and get flustered since everyone around her seems to be so serious. Nyx likes to make others laugh and feel good as well as be playful in her actions towards them. Liken her to a fox, if you will. Her personal drive in anything is to help those around her. She does this in her own way, of course, but to understand any action she does, one must remember that. She may act like she has loose morals when using her womanly charms to fluster the more serious people around her, but in reality she holds bolder morals. This means that she does not think that a life is worthless. Nyx does not think that one life does not equal another and as such cannot be used to take revenge against another. She thinks that everyone has a purpose, no matter how big or small. her views on hating someone are that it takes too much energy to hate another rather than accepting them and just treating them like any other person. She is rather laid back when it comes to dealing with people in general.


Nyx Tatiana Hathaway was born in europe, specifically within Britain, England. She was born in the year 1714, in the summer days. The exact day of her birth has been long forgotten, even she hasn't really kept up with remembering her own birth details. Her mother was a fairy named Nerida, who was more akin to being a water nymph. Her father's name was Aelfric, and he was a high figure in the fairy society. Her younger brother was named Foster, who was always rather sickly. As a child, Nyx was a carefree sort of girl, doing whatever whenever she wanted. The world was her oyster and she was going to live it to the fullest. Her clansmen thought here a mischievous child, more so than the usual antics, and often called her "Fox" as a fun little nickname. Her father, who was more of an animal fairy, had taught Nyx how to transform herself using her special gifts passed down from her father's side. The water manipulation came from her mother's side. While the fairies did not care to send their children to the academy, Nyx wanted to expand her views on the world, letting her see more than her clan had let her see. The fairies believed in 'free will', so they allowed Nyx to go to the academy.

Her school days flew by fast, the young woman loving the institution she was sent back to over and over again. Due to her being a fairy and not aging like the rest of the students, she was often thought to be younger than she was. When she was 17, most thought she was 12. She would make friends each year she was at the academy, becoming a good friend to those that came around her. She excelled in magic and her studies, enjoying the freedom her magic gave her. To mess with those around her, or just to skip class sometimes, she'd transform into her cat form to sleep in a peaceful place or to get past the teachers with no problems. Her peaceful days would soon come to a stand-still when humans began to find the fairy's camps in the human realm, her home village in Britain. Nyx received urgent news from her father to return home right away to help protect the village. She had received the proper permission right away to leave. Using a special teleportation crystal her father gave her for special emergency purposes. This was such emergency. The teleportation took a matter of five minutes, landing her a mile away from the small village the fairies within the area in the human realm had taken up residence. She thought it weird that the crystal had taken her so far away from the village, but she ran hard and fast towards her village. When she got there....there wasn't much left. The entire village was consumed in flame and ash. "No! Father! Mother! Brother!" Nyx cried in anguish, the normally happy and carefree woman faltering in her steps.

She made herself keep going forward, using her water magic to help her along in the fallen village, making sure she didn't burn herself. "Father! Anyone!" Nyx cried again, but only was met with silence and the sound of flames licking the air with crackles and pops. It wasn't until about five minutes later and her moving a piece of charred tree trunk, that she realized the place her feet had carried her was her own house, a tree house that overlooked the area of the village. Beneath the trunk was what made her pale and then scream. Her mother lay clutching her little brother in her arms; the both of them burned beyond what was considered normal, though Nyx knew it was them. Tears sprang to her eyes as she stumbled away, sobbing quietly. A hand moved onto her shoulder, making her scream, but soon her screams died away quickly when she turned to see her father's somber figure behind her. "Father....mother and Foster....they....they...." All it took was her father just nodding at her, no words, just a head nod as if to say that he already knew and that he felt just as horrible as she did. Sobbing, Nyx allowed herself to cry into her fathers shoulder, clinging to the one last tie she had to the fairies in the human realm. It wasn't until four hours later and a great amount of energy from both Aelfric and Nyx, clearing away the flames and wreckage that they found other survivors. In total, there were only 20 fairies that had survived, along with some half-breeds that were born among them. Nyx mourned the deaths of her fallen race, sad that such tragedy had happened and she couldn't do a thing about it. Nyx made herself promise that she would do all she could to keep people from feeling pain or becoming hurt, or even try and outsmart death on their behalf. It would be after this year that Nyx finishes the academy, going on to learn medicine for all races, not just one. She went to school for 10 years to learn the skills of a medical professional, making medicine on the side for extra money for a few more years, then moving on to working as a doctor for many human facilities in Britain and America for random years (so she isn't noticed that she doesn't age).

Throughout the 200 years it was peaceful, or peaceful enough. She trained hard to get her magic up to par so she could heal without worry for loss of energy right away, so that she could heal and use her magic to it's fullest. The Academy brought her a safe haven where nothing bad could really happen to her. Day after day, she helped students evolve and helps them get through their days as best as she can help them. For Nyx, if she can save as many lives as she had lost in her village and those within battles she had fought, life would be worth living still. The lives of those that live longer than humans are lonely and trying. She lived, watching those around her age and die....year after year, 5o years turned into 100, a hundred turned into two hundred. She made friends with a few students, who then got old and then died, but just because they died, did not mean that she would stop befriending them. There were only three that stuck out in her mind so far: Narora Araragi, Alexial Carstairs, and Barric Wyldryder. Whenever she sees them, she still talks to them even if they do not remember her.

It's years down the road now, Nyx now lives at the academy much like some of the teachers that live there as well. Her house is a lovely one level house on the edge of the academy by the water, to remind her of her mother, and has her own garden much like Alexial Carstairs does in her own house. Nyx has made the Academy her home and has worked and taught at the academy for close to 200 years now, seeing students pass through and some die, while others she is still friends with to this day. One such student was Alexial Carstairs, a half-breed elf/human hybrid that has a very serious soul, one that Nyx can't help but tease. Nyx remembers when Alexial was in school, always getting hurt because of her training as well as her inability to keep her emotions in check sometimes, causing her to get hurt on accident. She also remembers Barric Wyldrider, the boy who seemed to have eyes only for Alexial. Seeing that budding romance made Nyx want to hug the half-elf tightly in her joy, but she kept to only teasing Alexial verbally. Nyx has her own office (same office for 200 years) in the medical wing of the school, where she can be seen napping sometimes those late nights doing paperwork. At random times when she isn't on call, leaving the medical duties to her assistants and nurses, she likes to walk around the campus either in her fairy form, human form, or her cat form. To this day Nyx keeps up her duties at the Academy, having fun all the while. She makes time to teach those around her, and always is there to give advice when asked of her.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Magical: 16
Intellectual: 19

Fighting Style:
When it comes to fighting, you can always tell where Nyx will be. She dislikes putting herself out into combat situations if she can help it, not wanting to cause herself injury in case she has to heal somebody else. She had the basics of fighting down, but refuses to actually fight herself, preferring to just stay in a group and fight that way. She does know how to wield a fairy-made rapier, almost identical to the one that Alexial Carstairs wields, but this one is completely white. It's name is "Romani". In battles, she is more akin to using magic rather than her physical strength. She is adept at using healing spells as well as water magic, making her able to manipulate water quite well due to her aversion to fire. In games, she'd be the 'white mage' of the group, staying close by to heal around her and casting protect while they fighters took their stances. If given enough push, Nyx will engage in fights, but still only use magic to a greater degree. She knows dark and light spells to aide her in battles. The way she fights is to use strategy, marking the weaknesses and strengths she sees in her opponents. Nyx can and will use tricks in her battle, using her cunning to bring forth her victory. Unlike Alexial, whom she calls "elf brute" when she is annoyed with her, she will take someone down purely by watching and using the correct timing to gain victory. If injured, Nyx would usually fight and heal until she, herself, couldn't stand much longer unless she had to heal herself, though due to her magic, she can constantly heal herself, but at a price at the end of battle. Should that happen, she will be unable to move for a day. Should she be the last one standing, Nyx will feel the need to let loose and deal damage, but only if the need calls for it.



Items of Significance: Her small jewlery box that is magical, holding her necklaces, and other magical trinkets.

Position: Staff/ School Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)   Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:14 am

Alrighty then! This is your second character, so, there are a few things that I can look over...

Is what I would say if you had any errors. But, I'm actually liking the size and detail you've put into this Character =D At time of typing this, I've only reach down to your History, so we'll see how this goes~


Fighting Style:


Alex, you managed to add in enough to meet my expectations of a Staff-class Application. As such, I will give my Support for this Application to be approved.

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)   Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:18 pm

I'll be jumping in to grade your character as a second admin real quick!


Fighting Style:

You have my Support for this application!
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)   Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:08 am

Very well then.

Ms. Nyx. You have obtained support from both myself, and Midnight our Second Admin. This meets the Multiple Staff Approval rule set in the Basic Rule's forum. This application is hereby APPROVED.

Welcome back to Mage Academy

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)   

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Nyx Hathaway [Staff/School Medic: Head Doctor] (DONE)
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