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 [Student] Isabelle "Jazz" Dolce

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PostSubject: [Student] Isabelle "Jazz" Dolce   Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:42 pm

"JAZZ" dolce, isabelle
Nicknames: Jazz or Jazzy
Age: 19
Race: Human
Position: Prefect - Clubs Administrator
Items of Significance: Both of the following are weapons and will be described in better detail at a later point
  • Conductors Baton
  • Crossbow-shaped, light pink Violin
  • A pristine, white mannequin dressed in a marching band uniform (4'10" in height).

  • Music - This includes listening, playing and composing. Music has been her connection to magic for as long as she can remember. Because of this it has always held an incredibly important place in her heart and a very prevalent place in her life. The whole idea of music is magical to her; it is her source of power.
  • Control – Jazz has always strived for higher power. It is one of the reasons she wanted so much to learn about manipulation magic. She likes being able to control the flow of any given situation. This need for control will often make her pushy and bossy even in places where she has no power. This makes her a quick option for a leader when with more passive people.
  • Attention – When she’s in a group of people Jazz wants all attention to be on her. She is a musician and has no problem with being on the centre stage. Her appearance and her position do draw attention. This is closely linked with her need to be in control, you can’t be in control without everyone knowing that you’re there.

  • Dislikes:
  • Being Ignored – As a performer as well as an incredibly smug person Jazz does not take being ignored lightly. It is easily the one thing that makes her the angriest and will easy make her snap.
  • Interruptions – This is another thing that will easily make her snap. Whether she’s in the middle of writing something or talking or performing she can not stand being interrupted. Interruptions can be caused by people, animals or even a strong breeze.
  • Irritating Sounds – Being so akin to music, sounds being harmonic and not harsh to the ear is very important to Jazz. This includes human and animal screeching, non-melodic instrument sounds (Saxophone growl, string crunch, etc.) and bad ad-libbing, as well as general sounds used to annoy people (nails on a chalkboard, etc.)

  • Fears:
  • Being Muted – The idea of being muted horrifies Jazz. Not being able to talk, not being able to express herself is the worst thing that could happen to Jazz. This includes not being able to play anything either, being muted musically is almost as horrible to her as not being able to speak. Because music is also a way for her to use her powers taking that away would leave her very hindered.
  • Deep Water – Sound can’t travel well or far through water. This is the worst place Jazz can picture herself. It is the one place where she is completely out of her element and complete defenseless.

  • Controlling - Tying in with her like of control, you can’t describe Jazz without calling her controlling. This trait of hers is incredibly strong and manifests itself in a lot of the actions that she takes. For example when put into a group she will (forcefully is need be) assert her position as the leader of said group and conduct the other members through whatever task with which they are faced. When simply walking with a group of people she will quickly take her place at the front of the group and lead the way. When this is control is tested she can get very angry very quickly (see ‘Hot-Tempered’ for more on this).
    Smug - She is very aware of the fact that she is talented in many areas, that she knows a lot and that she is attractive and the way she carries herself is definitely proof of that. When in a good mood there is almost always a smug look on her face (inside end of eyebrows raised, eyelids relaxed, corner of mouth up and chin in the air). Again, like her being controlling, if her right to be smug is questioned she will be very quick to go off on someone.
    Hot-Tempered - As stated above and in the likes/dislikes section there is quite a bit that will make Jazz snap. It could just take one small thing for this to happen and when it does happen it could just be her starting to ignore someone but it could also lead to Jazz getting violent.
    Charismatic - She has no problems being in the presence of other people and expressing herself around them. She is a born performer and can step in front of a crowd at a moments notice. She can talk to anyone and will approach whoever she has to. This charisma links closely to a sense of bravery. It is rare that she will back away from something, only taking a step back if she is really threatened.
    Intuituve - Jazz is very clever and very creative and this links to her intuitiveness. She has no problem seeing where things are going and can lead them in another direction or effectively take them in the direction they are already going. This stems from her practice in music, when you play music you have to know the flow of the music, you have to be able to know where it’s going (this is especially true in improvisation) also being a conductor she has to have a feel for where everyone else is going with a piece and part of her job is guiding and the rest of it is going with what she’s given.
  • Face - Her eyes, nose and mouth are all very soft edged. She can make them look sterner by the way she holds herself, but her face, completely relaxed, is incredibly ‘cute’.  Because of the way she does hold herself her features are often rather pressed together, held in a very smug look. The amount of makeup she wears is minimal.
  • Hair - Her hair is done in short twin tails at the sides of her face. Because her hair naturally falls in chunks in these areas, she decides that keeping them clean and keeping them neat is the way to succeed with this hair. She has bangs to just past the bottoms of her eyebrows, which share the same pink colour as the hair on her head, and at the back it is cut down rather short. If the hair at the back does get long she will pin it up and, if she can, hide it underneath a hat or another piece of headwear.
  • Body - Jazz’s body is petite. She is thin and she is short. Her skin is an incredibly pale white, looking almost blue where the bones are closest to the skin (knees, elbows, etc.) All of the hair that grows on her body is the same shade of pink as the hair on her head/face. Her limbs are long. Her hands are slender and perfect for playing music. Her musculature is not incredibly evident when simply looking at her, it is only noticeable when she flexes and even then she is not incredibly muscled, this is the reason that she weighs as little as she does.
  • Clothing - Her hair is done in short twin tails at the sides of her face. Because her hair naturally falls in chunks in these areas, she decides that keeping them clean and keeping them neat is the way to succeed with this hair. She has bangs to just past the bottoms of her eyebrows, which share the same pink colour as the hair on her head, and at the back it is cut down rather short. If the hair at the back does get long she will pin it up and, if she can, hide it underneath a hat or another piece of headwear.
  • Portrayed By: Nonon Jakuzure - Kill la Kill

    Height: 5'3" (160cm)
    Weight: 111 lbs (50.3kg)
    Eye Color: Pink
    Hair Color: Pink
    Distingushing Features: Aside from the outstanding colours of her eyes and hair, she constantly has a smug look on her face.  photo nonoonononononoonon_zpsd6418d13.png
    statistics : fighting style
  • With Baton - She uses her conductor’s baton more as a wand than anything else. It is a medium with which she can more easily control more simple forms of magic. The shape allows spells to be aimed and fired and also add a little extra show into the casting.
    • Types of Magic: When it comes to basic magic she knows a little bit about a lot. She would ne able to cast simple elemental spells, light spells, transmogrification spells and the like. She has no spells that are uniquely her own though and everything she has learned has been taught to her by people who are far better than she is at all of this or was read in theory books.
      EX: Where a person versed in Fire magic or the like they would be able to cast powerful, very impressive spells. She would not be able to cast anything higher than a D- or C- level ability even with the slight enhancement given by the core of her baton.

    Physical: 10
    Magical: 20
    Intellectual: 15
  • With Violin - Her violin and her puppet are used in tandem. The fibers in the limbs of the puppet are very reactive to the resonance that comes from the vibrating of the strings of her violin, letting her control exactly how the puppet moves just by playing her instrument. It works effective in both offense and defense. The fibers in the joints of the puppet can move as quickly as she can play. The violin, being her principle instrument, is incredibly simple for her to play. Not being able to feel any pain makes it incredibly easy for her to keep herself out of harms way and put opponents into difficult situations. (More information on both the puppet and the violin will be provided in her Weapons section after approval).

  • history
    Jazz was born to studious parents who were willing to do much anything to insure that their daughter lived the happiest life that she could. Her father was magical since birth and her mother grasped an understanding of magical artifacts. Given this heritage they were not surprised to find that Jazz had a very quick grasp on magical practices. They also quickly discovered that she had a strong affinity for music.

    For a very early birthday Jazz was given a baton and was sent to a music camp. This is where she learned that she was a leader. She was happy conducting people and making sure people did what they were supposed to. This baton also gave her a better connection to magic. She began using it as a wand at the young age of nine. This is when she really became attached to the idea of being magical and started to lean towards using it for the rest of her life.

    At school she was popular; she had no issue making friends and was never short of people to boss around. During elementary school was also around the time when she started to learn how to play musical instruments and her love of the art grew exponentially from there.

    She was only taught magic at home. Her father would instruct her on proper frame of mind. Proper incantations. And movements to ensure that she didn’t harm herself with the simple elemental spells. Her mother taught her how to use objects to enhance her magic how to move the power through the core of the baton she had gotten as a child. The magic quickly destroyed this baton.

    For her fourteenth birthday she got her second baton. This was built with a strong magical core that would not break without intense magic being forced through it, by all means it could handle any magic Jazz could probably ever manage to use with it her parents did hope for the best though and thought that one day she would be able to use it to its fullest potential.

    This was when the subject of professional education in the magical arts was broached. Jazz was instantly excited for it. There was nothing she would have wanted more than to be with people who could teach her how to be even more amazing than she already was. It was also a new opportunity to meet new people and have control over them.

    Shortly after this discussion she was sent for her first semester on this hidden island. Though not the most outstanding in appearance as she had once been in public school she was quick to make a name for herself and even more quick to get herself into a position of some power.  
  • When it comes to her significant items. Come the beginning of her stay at the school she has just the baton and only the information including it is at all relevant. The violin and puppet will be introduced at a later point in her story when she opens a second weapon slot.
  • coding by looseapbs via rp_tutorials

    RP Template:

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    PostSubject: Re: [Student] Isabelle "Jazz" Dolce   Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:35 pm

    Alright, a second character then?

    Then we shall cut through introductions because you already know me Mr. Quinn.

    Now, I'm actually not seeing any problems with this Application. Your weapon choice is unique and interests me greatly. It will have to be something I keep my eye out for when you put up it's Application as a weapon.

    (on a side note, the design of this template is quite nice~ My regards to the creator~)


    (You're not just limited to your 45 points either, you can edit whatever you wish until final Approval, just, once again, be sure to inform myself and whoever else decides to grade this Application)

    Care to Click? =D
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    [Student] Isabelle "Jazz" Dolce
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