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PostSubject: Ririnasu Bibinasu   Ririnasu Bibinasu Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 7:13 am


Full Name: Ririnasu Bibinasu
Nickname(s): "Smiley"
Age: 17
Gender: ...Masculine...?
Race: Human, Cursed.



Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features: Perhaps the giant, grinning mouth on his abdomen counts as 'distinguishing'? His body's shaded-black color? The fact that he has no feet? The mask he wears at most times of the day, surely. Or perhaps his choice in attire, which is normally a set of shadowy robes.

Heaven forbid you stand before this... thing. Although not terribly imposing by height or width, Ririnasu has many other 'quirks' that allow him to stand out in a crowd. The most notable of these features is the fact that, from head to toe, his body is shrouded in a dark shadow. This, as unnatural as it seems, never goes away; Even in the middle of the day, on a sunny beach, surrounded by mirrors, the shadow remains. This shadow is actually an aura; It emenates approximately four inches outward from his person, and seems to engulf anything he wears as a result. Placing your hand flat on his chest, for instance, would result in it being swallowed by the shadow for the duration of that close encounter.

More unique to his body itself, however, is his mouth. No, his other mouth. Yes, he actually has two; One on his face, and the other on his stomach; Both of which, by the way, are capable of speech. This in and of itself is a bit... well, weird, but rest assured that Ririnasu typically keeps to himself, or otherwise avoids having a reason to open that mouth; To his good fortune, when it's closed, the lower mouth is almost invisible. Almost. Anything consumed by that lower mouth goes... somewhere. Even Ririnasu isn't sure exactly, but it can't be to his stomach, as it is a bit higher up than the mouth, which is located closer to where his belly button would be. Food for thought.

Ririnasu has no visible feet to speak of, which is odd when you consider he is quite clearly moving 'along' the ground, not floating above it or any such thing. The truth behind his 'legs' is a bit of a debate; There's clearly something there, but half of the time his lower body is so amalgamated into the shadows that it's hard to tell just what is.



  • Eating
  • Watching others (Teachers, Students, et cetera) go about their lives as if he's not there (so stalking, basically)
  • Tragic romance stories with happy endings

  • Superficiality-- The idea that people would judge others based on looks alone.
  • Being told he has to 'wait until breakfast/lunch/dinner' to eat something.
  • Being looked at with disgust, contempt, or disdain.

  • Never having his curse broken.
  • Small, dark, quiet spaces that he can't escape from.

The general theme behind Ririnasu is not to judge a book by its cover. Seriously. It is one of the quickest, simplest, and most damning ways to get on his bad side, no matter who you are or what your circumstances are. See, a person like him... a 'human', who has experienced both ends of the spectrum in terms of being 'judged' by looks alone knows how devastating that experience can be, and doesn't like to imagine other people-- much less himself-- going through it. It's too painful; Literally, for him it is.

He'd much rather be on his own, to be honest. Ririnasu is a solitary creature, raised by watching others from a distance and mimicking their behaviors. This makes for a fun mixture of street smarts, book-wise knowledge and naivety that probably wouldn't exist in any child or man raised with or around a dedicated guardian... Sadly, Ririnasu doesn't, and never really did have one of those things. What he does have is the ability to learn very quickly from mistakes, as well as a willingness to make them; A benefit of never being raised by a guardian is that he was never punished, or discouraged to do anything he wanted to do. So he just sorta... does whatever he wants to do.

Despite his appearance, as well as his upbringing, Ririnasu isn't a bad person at all. On the contrary, he's actually rather kind. He plays with woodland creatures and enjoys long walks through the darkest depths of light-less hallways, and he's an avid reader no less. Getting to know Ririnasu could yield fun times, as he actually enjoys mischief a bit, from the classic scare prank to the more complex 'get someone to drink a love potion by mixing it into their food, and observe the reaction'. It's just a matter of getting to know the man behind the monster, as it were... which many people are hesitant to do. This causes a bit of a conundrum when you consider that Ririnasu himself is a bit slow to trust others, and quick to shun someone he perceives to be judging or using him because of what he is.


Let me tell you the story of Ririnasu Bibinasu, and the cursed family. Once upon a time, there was a rich, handsome man. The rich man loved everything beautiful, and bought everything valuable. He had 100 beautiful wives, and 100 valuable treasures, but one evening, he was visited by a dirty, unattractive woman. The woman asked him for nothing more than the chance to prove she would be a better wife than his 100 other wives, but the rich man did hated anything that wasn't beautiful, and disregarded anything that wasn't valuable. "Begone, ugly creature", said the rich man. "I only want beautiful things in my life". The woman was chased away by he and his beautiful wives, and told never to return. With her last words, the woman called out a vengeful curse upon the man. "You will live 100 lives, and your children will live 100 lives", she swore, "and you will never find true beauty. You will every life even uglier than the last, until your are no longer human."

Some time later, the man fell ill. He called for each of his beautiful wives to help him in his weakness, but for all of their beauty, they lacked any other talent. In despair, he offered all of his 100 treasures, but could not find any doctor who would help him. Soon, the rich man's hair fell out, and his skin shriveled. He was no longer the handsome man that his beautiful wives had married, and they decided to leave him, and take his 100 treasures. Alone, ugly, and worthless, the man regretted his actions towards the dirty woman, before passing away. No one would come to his funeral, and so his life went on as nothing more than a fleeting memory.

Yet the woman's curse persisted. In his next life, he lived as a lowly and dirty man. In the life after that, he lived as a diseased and famished man. Lifetime after lifetime, his life grew worse and worse. In every life, he forgot the woes of his last life, and lived in quiet, unsanitary solitude. In one lifetime, he could barely be called human; He had lost his legs, and his skin grew as black as coal. He sought out an oracle, and spoke to her of his woes. She told him of his curse, and his past lives. The man, filled with woe, asked if there was any way to free himself of this curse, to which, the oracle told him that if he were to one day find someone who could see the true beauty in his heart, and he the beauty in theirs, perhaps the curse would be relinquished. However, in that lifetime, the man never found anyone willing to look upon him, and died once again.

Let's skip ahead a few lives. Ririnasu Bibinasu, born of a mother who, at birth, was so disgusted of what had come out of her that she left him be in an alley corner, lived the earliest part of his life in the shadows. Literally. The curse had so deeply taken him by this point that he no longer looked human, just as the dirty woman said. Over time, he simply learned to watch other humans, in the pursuit of 'becoming more human', which is and has always been a hope of his own. However, eventually he once again came across the very same oracle that he'd met in a past life, kept alive by some magic. She wept for the child, and though she could do nothing for him, she referred him to an school for people 'just like him'; People who were different. People who could, hopefully, help him to break his curse, before it was too late, and he truly did lose his humanity.

Thus, Ririnasu applied, and was eventually accepted, as a member of the Mage Academy. With his... 'unique' talents, he thrived in an environment that welcomed difference, and was eventually made a prefect in his second year-- an honor he secretly covets over everything and anything else in his life.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 10
Magical: 20
Intellectual: 15

Fighting Style:
Imagine fighting a monster. Yeah, that's basically it. Ririnasu himself isn't the most physically powerful opponent, but the danger he brings to the battlefield comes in the form of his inhuman form and capabilities. The curse inflicted upon his body grants him magical prowess comparable to some monsters, from manipulating parts of his body, such as his tentacles, or his lower mouth. In particular, his mouth is a very dangerous portion of his body; What goes in, no one knows where it goes. Ririnasu assured the staff that he can 'spit out' anything he happens to accidentally 'swallow', or even anyone, but neither has been tried or proven. Generally, however, his 'combat' abilities involve either stalking others, or just scaring them enough to the point of their losing the will to fight. After all, a prefect should strive to not hurt his or her fellow students too much... right?



Items of Significance: N/A

Position: Student Prefect
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PostSubject: Re: Ririnasu Bibinasu   Ririnasu Bibinasu Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 5:47 pm

Hello Mr. Smiley! My name is Narry, and I'll be grading your Prefect-class application today. (Along with one other staff member who will join at a later time!)

Well, this is certainly a unique Application! I can honestly say that I didn't expect any of this to happen! =D Not that it's not good: I actually really like it.

For the most part, you have Details that are numerous and good enough to qualify as a Prefect (almost a teacher!).

Normally, I would ask for more about your Fighting Style... but I honestly can't think of anything to ask ^^'' maybe I'm hitting a bit of writer’s block...

But anyway, I digress. Here are your stats:


Ririnasu Bibinasu AunLAG5

Care to Click? =D
Ririnasu Bibinasu Zffhu
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PostSubject: Re: Ririnasu Bibinasu   Ririnasu Bibinasu Icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2014 5:18 pm

Hello!! My name is Midnight, and I'll be the second staff member grading your Prefect-class application!

This application is really good! Definitely good enough for a prefect! I really have no other words to say other than that!


Congratulations! Your application has been APPROVED!!
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PostSubject: Re: Ririnasu Bibinasu   Ririnasu Bibinasu Icon_minitime

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