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Kasami Tenjouin

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PostSubject: Kasami Tenjouin (Done)   Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 4:47 am


Full Name: Kasami Tenjouin
Nickname(s): Kasa
Age: 300 (Appearance is about 26)
Gender: Male
Race:Kitsune (Fox Spirit)



Height: "6.1"
Weight: 170 LBS
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Silvery-white
Distinguishing Features: In his Kitsune Form, Kasami has white fox ears and a long white tail, both the same color as his hair. He can take the forms of various women, from beautiful young things to old hags, even young children, and he loves to abuse this ability. His other form is a white fox with red markings splayed across his face. He has a final form that only appears in the heat of battle, changing both his hair and clothes to a different length.

Though he is 300 years old, Kasami looks about twenty-six no matter how you slice it, as does his brother. He's got bright violet colored eyes, silvery-white hair, and a peachy complexion. Both his ears carry two piercings each, and his longish hair is normally hanging over his left eye, some people find it attractive, others annoying. He wears it that was because he likes it and can't really be bothered to care what others think about it. He's tall and lean, and he spends an average amount of time running each morning before class.

He often wears suits, but not like his brother does. Tidy isn't his style. His tie is always half-tied, his buttons are always undone down the way, 1-2 at a time. His shirts underneath are normally fairly outlandish, consisting of diamond patterns and other weird things. He wears a few chains around his neck, and unlike his brother he does not have the ability to transform into a human unless he is taking the form of a female, so his ears and his tail are always visible. In the midst of a battle he can take one more form, featuring longer hair, and his clothes change, making him look similar to a monk (reference: Here

As a fox, he is rather small, and too small to actually do anything as far as battling. His eyes are more narrowed and he has red markings that dot his face, which would tell anyone with a brain that he isn't a normal fox. (Reference: here


  • Ramen Noodles
  • Shapeshifting in order to trick people
  • Pranks
  • Teaching others about the wonders of shapeshifting
  • Rain, he especially likes running in it in his Kitsune form. He likes it when his fur is wet
  • He has a thing for pretty women. Thankfully and mostly thanks to Kazuma, he restrains himself around female students.
  • Kazuma. He'd do just about anything for his brother, and the two happen to be very close despite constant bickering and exchanging wisecracks.
  • Sunset. He enjoys the cool colors.
  • In his fox form, he likes to lounge around on people's laps. And by people, he mostly prefers pretty ladies.

  • When Kazuma scolds him. Darn that's annoying.
  • Spicy foods. He doesn't like the way they slide down his throat.
  • People starting problems with his students.
  • Though he wishes, he can't become intertwined in a relationship with a student. But he doesn't like rejecting women, student or not. It makes him feel terrible.
  • Don't ever mistreat a lady in his presence.
  • When his pranks backfire. This most commonly happens with Kazuma.

  • Losing his Brother.
  • Fire, he and Kazuma alike share this fear. This is a bad thing considering he is also a fire manipulator. However, he is not as afraid of the fire he controls as he is of the fire he does not.
  • Being hunted. It's a common fear within Kitsune Spirits, embedded in them because of what they are.

If there was one word to describe Kasami, it would be mellow. He's a fairly laid back kind of guy who doesn't let too much bother him. He likes to relax most of the time, and the most work you see him doing is in class. He's a fun teacher, and enjoys joking around with his students when it is the proper time too, and...sometimes, even when it isn't the proper time too. It all depends on the say and his mood but he's fairly chilled out all the time, and its pretty hard to phase him.

He's very stubborn, believing that he's normally always doing things the right way, and because in a way he lives in his twin Kazuma's shadow, he  tends to be very defensive of the way he does things, not wanting to have people think he's any less intelligent than Kazuma. He's intelligent, because he is the spirit of the fox, but his goofy nature tends to make him look a little duller than Kazuma.

He's also a prankster, and he loves pulling pranks on others. It's a habit of his that he can't seem to shake. He dislikes it when they backfire, but he can laugh for hours about it if they are carried out correctly, though normally they always backfire when he's dealing with Kazuma, and that sometimes makes him mad.

Kazuma is very kind, and he's always there to help his students when they need him. Kindness is sometimes a mask he wears as well, his fox side making him sly and a tad manipulative, and with the right kind of atmosphere he can get his way, working with his natural manipulative side to do so.

He's goofy. That's the only way to put it. He cracks a lot of jokes and pulls a lot of pranks. But he can be serious if need be. Not as serious as Kazuma, but serious enough that he can assess a situation without acting like an idiot...for a short amount of time.


Relationships between the Tengu and the Kitsune spirits were always forbidden. But it was such a love that had developed between Atsuki, a young Kitsune spirit, and Anhara, a Tengu Spirit. They had fallen in love by chance, and though they knew they couldn't be together, they wanted nothing more. So one day, they fled, far from the Clans of the Kitsune and the Tengu. It was a secluded forest they found, a long ways away from their clans, but they called it home, and settled down together in an unofficial marriage that bonded them together. They both became connected to the forest, and became the spirit guardians, of the forest they had named the Mayuki forest.

It was but a few years later that they bore two children, twin boys. The first was a Tengu boy, defined by the tiny wings on his back, his nose being a bit longer than the other. The second was a Kitsune, born with tiny fox ears and a tail to match. Little did they know that it would be these children that sealed their fates. But for the mean while, they just enjoyed having them, being around them everyday. The boys were almost never apart, these boys whom they named Kazuma and Kasami. They were taught about the ways of their forest by their father, and they were always told that one day, they would become the forests guardians in place of himself and their mother.

Kasami was always mischievous, and was often scolded by his mother for pulling pranks on his twin. But there was a feeling Kasami loved most. Flying. He was jealous that he didn't have wings like Kasami, and loved it when his father would take him flying. But his mother taught him that being a Kitsune wasn't a bad thing either, and there was no shame in being a Kitsune and not a Tengu. He was taught that they happened to be a lot quicker than Tengu, and this was especially true on land.

When the boys turned one-hundred, their powers began coming in. Though Tengu couldn't normally shapeshift, because of his mother, Kazuma was able to Shape-shift, just as Kasami, but he was more limited. While Kasami could take more forms, and have a much easier time with it, Kazuma was limited to only a few forms. But while their mother taught Kazuma about shapeshifting and controlling his fire manipulation, their father taught Kazuma about fighting using his wings and the air, in particular the feather fans he had passed down to him.

Though they lived happily for the next 150 years, the time came where the Kitsune and Tengu clans had found where they were hiding. All the training that the boys had been doing to hone their powers attracted them. Making a temporary truce, the Tengu and Kitsune clans worked together to set the Mayuki forest ablaze and spread it to the entire forest. Anhara and Atsuki urged their boys to run, escape the forest, and though the boys wanted to stay and defend their forest, their parents refused to let them stay. And so they ran. They'd wait for their parents to come out, but they never would.

A few days later, the boys returned to the forest, back to where they had last seen their parents. But the entire place was burned to the ground, and the boys could no longer feel their parent's presence in the forest. When the forest had died, with it went Anhara and Atsuki. Kasami found one of his mother's earrings on the ground and placed it into his own ear. It was a few years later, a few years of wandered, the boys found mage academy, where they would study and eventually become students. Nobody there was to be the wiser, that the two were the product of a forbidden fruit.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 10
Magical: 20

Fighting Style:
Kasami's fighting style is very direct. He'll stall for as long as possible in order to see what his opponent's fighting style is, but if that isn't possible, he'll try to learn it as he goes along, see where someone's power and weaknesses lay. That being said, he will sometimes resort to the kind of trickery that you'd expect in a fox spirit. Decoys, normally those he makes from leaves using his Kitsune magic are often used when he fights, he tries to distract his opponent so they won't see where he's coming from next.

Kasami is a fire manipulator, and his fire is two different colors. In normal kitsune form, the fire is an angry orange, the kind of fire you would usually see. He is extra cautious in using it due to his fear of fire, but he not only uses it to attack, but will also use it to guard himself from projectiles if the need calls for it and the said projectiles will easily burn away and won't cause danger to him. (Say, metal projectiles which could just become extremely hot and further harm him as they come through.

In his battle form, his fire is more intense, a bluish white fire. This fire is a lot hotter and a lot worse if you are hit with it, and in this form he tends to cut the tricks and get straight to the fighting. He'll try to corner you, however, it isn't a very good idea to back a fox into a corner. Try to stick him in between a rock and a hard place and he'll fight as hard as he can to get out of it. In a last ditch effort, he'll most likely revert to his four-legged form after releasing a cloud of smoke as a means of escape.



Items of Significance:
Mayuki Beads- These are the beads of the forest he was born in, worn most often in his kitsune battle form. They are said to offer a bit of the protection of the forest.

Myire Stud- A stud made of Garnet that he wears in his right ear. it isn't enchanted, but he wears it because it belonged to his mother.

Position: Teacher, Teaches the art of shape shifting, offered to students who both carry the ability naturally, and those who do not.
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PostSubject: Re: Kasami Tenjouin (Done)   Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 6:02 pm

Time to grade your second application Ms. Apple!

And you haven't let me down~ =D This application is just as good as the other one (expected). So, the only thing for me to do is calculate your stats, and wait for the other staff member to approve.


I will give my support for this application's Approval.

Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) AunLAG5

Care to Click? =D
Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Zffhu
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PostSubject: Re: Kasami Tenjouin (Done)   Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 4:52 am

Hello and a full salutation and polite greetings Apple-san, I'll be accepting you Teacher-application for this character and soon the other. This application meets the standard criteria and uses our generally issued format. Given clear and sufficient information I can see this application/character/teacher is accepted, my support is given and Naro will reply soon making the acceptance official.

-Alekseyvichi, Head Moderator.
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PostSubject: Re: Kasami Tenjouin (Done)   Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 5:06 am

Very Well.

Ms. Apple. Your application has been graded and supported by two staff members. This meets requirement for APPROVAL.

Welcome back to Mage Academy

Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) AunLAG5

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Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Zffhu
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PostSubject: Re: Kasami Tenjouin (Done)   Kasami Tenjouin  (Done) Icon_minitime

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Kasami Tenjouin (Done)
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