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Kazuma Tenjouin

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PostSubject: Kazuma Tenjouin (Done)   Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 4:51 am


Full Name: Kazuma Tenjouin
Nickname(s): Kazu
Age: 300 (Appears to be about 26)
Race: Tengu (Avian Spirit)



Height: "6.1"
Weight: 168 LBS
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blackish
Distinguishing Features: In his Tengu form, he has a slightly larger nose, and large, feathered, Raven like wings. Gaining the Ability to shapeshift from his Kitsune mother, he takes three separate forms when times call for it. A human form, which subtracts his wings, and his nose becomes slightly smaller, a raven, and a black fox. Due to inheriting an ability outside of his species, these are the only forms he can take.

Kazuma is tall and lean just like his brother, sharing the same peachy complexion. But he looks a lot more dignified, and his face is a lot more serious looking than Kasami's in any given situation. They share the same, violet colored eyes, but the hair is where they become the definition of fraternal twins, his being a blackish color rather than silver-white like his brother's. His hair is also normally swept over his right eye, while Kasami's sweeps to the left. He stays in shape by running together with Kasami every morning.

As for the way he dresses, Kazuma tends to dress properly. His tie is usually always tied correctly, though at first he had a lot of problems learning how to tie a tie (And admittedly, he sometimes still has problems doing so), his suit is always buttoned up to the collar, and he wears plain white dress shirts under the blazer. He tries to keep himself lint free, especially when it comes to black suits. He also wears a pair of glasses, though Kasami knows he doesn't need them since he's got very good vision.

In his raven form, he dons deep black feathers, though his eyes remain violet colored, rather than turning red or even coal black. (Similar to: This)His kitsune form is just like his brother's, except they differ in color. While his brother has a white coat of fur, he carries a black one, and he doesn't have the markings on his face like his brother does, instead, the red markings rest on the sides of his neck.

In his Tengu form, his clothes become as his brother's do in his Kitsune battle form, resembling those of monks, and he as well carries the same beads of the forest they were born in, just in a different color. (Reference: Here)


  • Quiet time. Unfortunately, he doesn't often find the time for quiet thanks to his overly noisy brother. And they share living space.
  • Kasami. Despite how annoyed he acts around him, he cares deeply for his brother and would protect him no matter what.
  • Books. You'll normally find him reading one if he isn't teaching a class.
  • Enchantments, he likes to perform them as much as he does teaching them.
  • He enjoys tea.
  • But he also has an eye for sweets, but he tries to make that less obvious.
  • Sweet smells. He'll like you more if you smell nice. Then again...wouldn't most people?...I'm sorry... How often do you shower?

  • Loud noises- He doesn't enjoy fireworks or parades as much as most people do. He was raised in a quiet forest. Thankfully, having Kasami for a brother at least taught him how to deal with some loud noises.
  • Disrespectful students- Want to throw airplanes in his class? Want to talk over or talk back to him? That's cool, but you'll find yourself talking to the headmaster every day.
  • Small spaces- Be confined if he must, but he doesn't like it, and tends to get more irritated in tighter areas.
  • Being questioned about his shapeshifting. You don't need to know why he can do it, and you certainly don't need to know wht his brother is a Kitsune!
  • Prying. He doesn't like people trying to delve too deep into his past.
  • Snooping. Seriously. Don't do that.
  • Cold foods. While he likes sweets, he doesn't enjoy extremely cold food such as ice cream.
  • Kasami's pranks. Exactly how old are they now?

  • Fire. He and Kasami share this fear.
  • Losing his brother or letting him down.
  • Dying and leaving Kasami alone. That idiot can't take care of himself.

If there was one way to describe Kazuma, he is very calm and level headed most of the time. The man doesn't lose his cool all that easily, and will often assess a situation rather than charge right into it. He is a deep thinker, and tends to most of the time be engrossed in thought, so if you can't capture his attention at first, just keep trying. Just don't hit him, and don' anything Kasami would do. He will cut you He thinks things through and doesn't often raise his voice above normal speaking level unless the situation calls for it.

He's quiet, and prefers to do quiet things, unlike his brother. He likes to read books, take long walks to think, anything that doesn't involve a whole lot of bustle. He likes to observe those kinds of things from afar, rather than be smack dab in the middle of them. The bad thing is...he normally is thanks to his twin, so he's learned to live with it to a certain degree. But he might seem just a bit more irritated than usual at these kind of events.

He is very sharp, and picks up on things quickly, and he can usually tell when something is amiss with someone, but won't ask about it unless they bring it up first. Though he's willing to help other people through their problems, he's very closed off, and often gets angry if you ask him anything about his past. Kasami is usually the one who has to explain that Kazuma doesn't like talking about where they came from.

Since he seems so serious, he may be a bit hard to approach sometimes, but the serious mask he wears now only started after the death of his parents. You'll find he's not that bad if you talk to him, but approaching him is usually the problem with most people. Though his students could tell you he's fun when he wants to be. But he lets his students know there's a fine line between the time to work and the time to play.


Relationships between the Tengu and the Kitsune spirits were always forbidden. But it was such a love that had developed between Atsuki, a young Kitsune spirit, and Anhara, a Tengu Spirit. They had fallen in love by chance, and though they knew they couldn't be together, they wanted nothing more. So one day, they fled, far from the Clans of the Kitsune and the Tengu. It was a secluded forest they found, a long ways away from their clans, but they called it home, and settled down together in an unofficial marriage that bonded them together. They both became connected to the forest, and became the spirit guardians, of the forest they had named the Mayuki forest.

It was but a few years later that they bore two children, twin boys. The first was a Tengu boy, defined by the tiny wings on his back, his nose being a bit longer than the other. The second was a Kitsune, born with tiny fox ears and a tail to match. Little did they know that it would be these children that sealed their fates. But for the mean while, they just enjoyed having them, being around them everyday. The boys were almost never apart, these boys whom they named Kazuma and Kasami. They were taught about the ways of their forest by their father, and they were always told that one day, they would become the forests guardians in place of himself and their mother.

Kasami was always mischievous, and was often scolded by his mother for pulling pranks on his twin. But there was a feeling Kasami loved most. Flying. He was jealous that he didn't have wings like Kasami, and loved it when his father would take him flying. But his mother taught him that being a Kitsune wasn't a bad thing either, and there was no shame in being a Kitsune and not a Tengu. He was taught that they happened to be a lot quicker than Tengu, and this was especially true on land.

When the boys turned one-hundred, their powers began coming in. Though Tengu couldn't normally shapeshift, because of his mother, Kazuma was able to Shape-shift, just as Kasami, but he was more limited. While Kasami could take more forms, and have a much easier time with it, Kazuma was limited to only a few forms. But while their mother taught Kazuma about shapeshifting and controlling his fire manipulation, their father taught Kazuma about fighting using his wings and the air, in particular the feather fans he had passed down to him.

Though they lived happily for the next 150 years, the time came where the Kitsune and Tengu clans had found where they were hiding. All the training that the boys had been doing to hone their powers attracted them. Making a temporary truce, the Tengu and Kitsune clans worked together to set the Mayuki forest ablaze and spread it to the entire forest. Anhara and Atsuki urged their boys to run, escape the forest, and though the boys wanted to stay and defend their forest, their parents refused to let them stay. And so they ran. They'd wait for their parents to come out, but they never would.

A few days later, the boys returned to the forest, back to where they had last seen their parents. But the entire place was burned to the ground, and the boys could no longer feel their parent's presence in the forest. When the forest had died, with it went Anhara and Atsuki. Kasami found one of his mother's earrings on the ground and placed it into his own ear. Kazuma gew a lot colder, a lot more serious, now saddled with the responibility of taking care of his brother and himself, being the more level-headed of the two. It was a few years later, a few years of wandered, the boys found mage academy, where they would study and eventually become students. Nobody there was to be the wiser, that the two were the product of a forbidden fruit.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 5
Magical: 15
Intellectual: 25

Fighting Style:
Kazuma thinks everything through as he fights. Intelligence is something he relies on most during a fight. He'll assess a situation carefully, although a lot quicker than his brother can. He'll try to figure out the opponent's angle and attempt to dismantle advantages as soon as he can, if at all possible. He mostly stays quiet during fights because he spends a majority of them thinking.

He is a distance fighter, and due to his low experience with hand to hand combat, he tends to stay as far away from the opponent as he can get, but he knows that doesn't make him safe. Many fighters are nimble, able to close distances quickly, so he tries to be as fast as he can, but as a Tengu he relies mostly on his wings. He tries to hinder the movement of his opponents by creating wind storms, but they don't last for too long at a time and he has a small window of time before they settle.

The second thing he relies on are his dual enchanted fans. The Tengu feathers that they are made out of make it possible for him to access his wind magic. Using this he can create blades of wind that can harm an opponent, also giving his wind a bit more power, making it possible for him to push enemies back or throw heavier objects at him. He rarely does it but when needed he tries to fight with the little hand-to-hand combat he knows thanks to his brother, but this is usually a last ditch effort.

His method of escape is usually flying away. He'll try his best to deflect projectiles using wind, but this doesn't usually work on heavier metal ones. If his opponent can fly too, he normally attempts to use his wings, usually powered by an enchantment, usually to temporarily blind them so he can get away in life or death situations.



Items of Significance:
Mayuki Beads- These are the beads of the forest he was born in, worn most often in his Tengu form. They are said to offer a bit of the protection of the forest.

Myabe Duo- A pair of fans made of tengu feathers that he often uses during battle to help create both gusting winds and harming blades of wind. Passed down from his father.

Position: Teacher, teaches Enchantments.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Tenjouin (Done)   Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 5:47 pm

Hello Ms. Apple. I am Nary and I'll be grading your Teacher-class application today (along with another member of the staff that is yet to be decided).

I like your Application so far, and there is quite enough detail to pass as a Teacher-class application. I actually saw no problems with it myself, so, we can move straight onto your predicted Statistics.


With that, I'll support your application for Approval.

Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) AunLAG5

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Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Zffhu
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Tenjouin (Done)   Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 4:54 am

Hello and a full salutation and polite greetings Apple-san, I'll be accepting you Teacher-application for this character and as my statement was given the other sibling. This application meets the standard criteria and uses our generally issued format. Given clear and sufficient information I can see this application/character/teacher is accepted, my support is given and Naro will reply soon making the acceptance official. Also, since this is the second character, I'd like to state: Nice job on the twins, they have an interesting history and I'm interested to see how they interact with each other in RPs.

-Aleksey, Head Moderator.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Tenjouin (Done)   Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 5:04 am

Very Well.

Ms. Apple. Your application has been graded and supported by two staff members. This meets requirement for APPROVAL.

Welcome to Mage Academy

Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) AunLAG5

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Kazuma Tenjouin (Done) Zffhu
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Kazuma Tenjouin (Done)
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