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 [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]

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Riley Cassidey

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PostSubject: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:21 am


Full Name: Riley Fiona Cassidey
Nickname(s): Fee, Riles, Cass, Demon of the Irish Isles, Number 99
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Faerie (Water Nymph)



Height: 5'2''

Weight: 100 lbs.
Eye Color: aqua blue
Hair Color: white/pinkish
Distinguishing Features: Riley is a seemingly ordinary girl in most respects, though on the back of her neck she has a tattoo with the roman numeral for 99, the number she was given instead of a name all those years ago. Her hair is surprisingly long. She doesn't like to cut it, so she often just braids it to keep it from getting in the way. Her eyes, which are aqua blue, can change color when she is upset or is experiencing high emotion. When this happens, her eyes turn ice blue due to her water nymph blood. Because she is a half-breed, her power is quite unstable, thus making her a threat the Magic Council was sent to take care of and neutralize. She also has the roman numerals for 99 tattooed on the inside of her wrist. A bar-code imbued with magic is on her shoulder.

Riley is a short girl about 5'2'', weighing 100 lbs. Her figure is thin, but athletic. She has a good amount of muscle on her, but you wouldn't guess by looking at her. Her hands are scarred slightly, rough feeling because of her training and use of her fists when fighting. Her eyes are aqua blue, but they do have a tendency to change to ice blue when her emotions are heightened and riled up. Due to her water nymph blood in her veins from her mother, she has smooth skin, aside from her hands, and is quite beautiful despite not thinking of herself as such. Her hair is a white/pinkish color, often looking more white than pink. The strange color is again because of her faerie blood in her veins mixing with her human one. Despite her strange hair and eye color, she has not learned to glamor herself like others of her race have. This is partly because of how she was raised and because her mother and father abandoned her as a child. Her hair is long since she does not like to cut it, and is usually in two loose braids hanging over her shoulder while the rest falls down her back reaching almost to the floor. She has bangs that hang slightly in her face most of the time as well as some pieces of hair that flip out on either side of her head. When fighting, Riley puts it up into a ponytail behind her. Her ears, because of her human blood, are normal round ones. Riley, since she is Irish, has an accent that is slightly thick. However, since she was moved around alot, her accent has lightened to a sort of British/Irish mixed accent. Her voice is light, but when she is acting tough, which is 90% of the time, it holds a cold and sarcastic tone to it. She has three tattoos in total: a roman numeral 99 on the base of the back of her neck, which is in simple big letters; a roman numeral 99 on her wrist, this one smaller, but still clear in it's writing; and a magical bar-code on her shoulder that she tries to cover up, but can't really do it without having long sleeves.

Riley prefers to dress for comfort rather than fashion, though there are some times that she will actually dress up if she is given a good enough reason. What she mainly wears include black cargo pants (sometimes the color changes), tank tops or long sleeved tops when around others, and either flats that fit snugly, or running shoes with short socks. She likes to wear hoodies too. This is so it's all the better to fit her recording devices which are disguised as cute stuffed animals or key chains, inside her pockets. She doesn't like to wear anything on her head except for headphones that encompass her whole ear. Often times she will put them on to ignore those around her and lose herself in the music. When fighting, Riley likes clothing that doesn't get in the way, so sweatpants and tank tops are usually her training attire. Since she is a brawler, she likes to wear skin-tight short leather gloves that protect her hands and hide the 99 on her wrist. A way she hides the second 99 on the base of her neck in the back is to wear a choker with an ancient elvish symbol meaning "freedom". It was given to her by a man who looked too kind to be any sort of threat when she went to England for a mission for the council. A weird habit she has in clothing wise is the strip of tight stretchy durable fabric she always wears around her right thigh. This is from her being used to carrying a gun and knife holster there, but since those are frowned upon being carried around willy-nilly, she is forced to just wear that strip of cloth tightly around her leg since that causes her some measure of comfort.


  • Fighting - Seriously, this girl can go through and entire day fighting and she'd be happy as a clam. Her one true passion and she always goes down kicking and screaming. It's only when you find her just standing around listlessly that you know something is wrong.
  • Cute stuffed animals- Despite her rough outer exterior, she loves cute stuffed animals, though this love is a secret from most everyone.
  • Her 'big brother', whom she only keeps contact with through letters. She misses him terribly, but the council keeps them apart to use them against one another.
  • Reading- But only when she has downtime. She enjoys romance novels with a bit more 'kick' to them. Smut novels, honestly.
  • Playing with her knives
  • Solitude- This actually is meant to mean when the council leaves her alone and there is 'radio silence'. She is not a fan of the council because of what they did to her, so time away is wanted.
  • High places - if you ever need to find her, go someplace high up.
  • Swimming - The water calms her and it's probably because of her water nymph origins.
  • Fighting dirty - She has no qualms about fighting dirty if she must. Every risk must be taken, of course.
  • Magnus Rune - A member high up on the magic council that is Riley's adoptive father.

  • The Magic Council - Again, because of what they did to her, what they made her become, she finds no love for them in her heart.
  • Being left alone in the dark- When she was a child, and the magic council took her, they locked her away in a dark room within an old church to await her 'training'. She was afraid, but they only made it worse.
  • Being seen right through - She hates it when someone comes up to her and tells her that they see her on the inside. It makes her feel vulnerable.
  • Feeling vulnerable - Why do you think she puts up such a tough front?
  • Sweets - You will never catch her eating sweets. There is a darker truth to this dislike.
  • Weaklings - To go further into this, she dislikes anyone weaker than her because in her experience, the weak fall.
  • Idiots- This just means that anyone who acts less than smart around her will not get her most patient side.
  • Loud noises- While she is used to them, she really dislikes high pitched noises and loud banging sounds.
  • Being looked at for long periods of time- Seriously, she'll think you are a creeper.
  • Spiders and large insects- They creep her out and scare the hell out of her at the same time.
  • Shadowy places and really just dark places in general- This means dark rooms, alley ways, buildings, etc. This stems again from being left along in them as well as being punished by the people who trained her by being thrown into dark rooms with awful creatures and being forced to kill it in the dark by herself.

  • Being thrown back into the "Pit" (pet name by the inhabitants), a Magic Council approved facility where they train all of their special ops agents. It is not a nice place to be in the slightest. She had been in this facility for 10 years ever since they took her at the age of 7.
  • Falling from high up. This is mostly because when she was being trained, she was dropped from high up as part of her "agility test".
  • Losing her 'big brother' and Roxy, for those are the only friends she has.
  • Being locked inside a room or building with no way out.

To think that Riley is a normal girl is far from the truth. If anything, she is at least on par with most grown adults when it comes to being messed up. Her mind has been ripped to shreds, sewn back up, then ripped up again. Over and over again. Ever since she was taken by the Magic Council, she hasn't been right since. She is a girl who does not laugh at the right things. This means that normally she will laugh at others when they are hurt or something negative happens to them, all part of her training. Loyalty means nothing to Riley, something she has never had in her line of work, so she doesn't expect anyone to be loyal to her. Riley looks harmless, but that is all part of her cover as well as her greatest asset when against an opponent. She'll use it all to her every advantage no matter what. How she expresses herself depends entirely on who is around her at the time. For example, when she is around the Magic Council, she expresses no emotion whatsoever and talks in a cold tone for a majority of what she'll say. In front of teachers and students, she'll be snarky; sarcastic and biting as well as sassy. Riley doesn't 'love' anyone, for love is the force that destroys a person, at least she thinks that. However, should you catch her around someone she trusts to the point of her lowering her 'mask', you'll see a side of her that isn't normally seen. At that point, she'll be more fluid around that person rather than staying solid like a statue, impenetrable and unbreakable without extreme force. The main expression of Riley Cassidey would be one of a cold fire, burning bright, but cold as ice itself.

She doesn't mind the attention she brings to herself with her personality. While she doesn't revel in it, she'll roll with whatever is thrown her way. She's like water, both dangerous and harmless at the same time. Due to the instruction she received from the magic council, she has been trained as an assassin and as such has such a personality that molds to the environment around her. There is a catch to this, however, when at the Academy where she has been placed on her next assignment, she adopts a tough outer personality that tends to get a bit chaotic at times. This does not help her own mission since she is to gather information for the council about the academy while she is there. Riley has an endless amount of sass with a snappy comment ready on the edge of her tongue. Respect comes very faintly to Riley. Respect her, and she'll respect you back, she's pretty simple like that. One would think that Riley would know that she is being cold, cruel, and dangerous, but she just doesn't care, or really understand her actions are bad. To her, that was just how she was raised. To take a darker turn with this part of the application, Riley is fully capable of ending someone in cold blood merely because she was ordered to do it. She'll play games with you till she is bored, then she'll do with you as she pleases to get the situation back to the way it needs to be. Riley will pick fights whenever she pleases, preferring that to actually interacting with people normally.

People and Riley do not mix. Due to her training, she's able to stand back without causing a scene, though she'd rather throw punches and cause a riot. Fights give her a thrill she needs to give herself a deep sense of pleasure. She'll hold that back if she needs to gather information, however. She is quick to temper, and won't hold back if she is enraged. She'll call others by nicknames she finds amusing or to help her remember faces. Sometimes she'll just use the last name if she can't find a nickname right away. Her mind is sharp, so she'll always remember a face, just not a name. Her quirks are few in number. Her first quirk is her love for romance novels, the smut kind preferably. She's not shy when it comes to that stuff, so if she's a bit upfront, that's why. She also has a love for stuffed animals, keeping a stuffed lamb in her room that her 'big brother' gave her. It was meant as a joke, but she holds on to it because it is the only thing her 'big brother' gave her. She named it Lassie, but not after the dog. (lol) She enjoys high places. If she can find a church bell tower, she'll be there to think. There is just something about a church she finds calming; she doesn't believe in god, but there is still some part of her that hopes there is a slim chance her soul can be saved (most of the time she is a realist). She is also an over-sharer with whatever she's feeling or thinking, though she is careful to keep her mission under wraps. She also enjoys to just dive into a body of water and float, enjoying the water around her. She enjoys solitude, so she can be found by herself sometimes in quiet places. She is also able to take naps anyway, but don't try to wake her up because she will flip you and pull a knife out on you if she has one on her. A negative quirk about her is that she doesn't like to be looked at for long periods of time, it just unsettles her. She also likes it when people use her name, her real name and not her number, when referring to her, though most people do not know her by her number. Despite her tough and cold outside, she is scared of spiders and large insects, jumping away rather than taking them out. Silence also unsettles her, so she has a habit of humming when she's by herself.


Born on December 2nd, 2014, Riley Fiona Cassidey was born to Lyrica Daughtry, a water nymph, and Collin Fitzpatrick, a human. She was born in Dublin, Ireland within a small village of faeries. Lyrica Daughtry was a young water nymph of the Irish Faeries, she was a frivolous young girl of the age of 35 who's only thought was to just play within the rivers and lakes of the Irish Isles. She had long flowing white/pink hair and blue eyes with a small form of that of a 18 year old human despite her age of 35. Collin Fitzpatrick was a hard working machine worker who had been born with the 'sight' because of the small drop of elven blood within his veins. He had short brown hair with green eyes It was a cold spring morning when Collin took a long walk to cool off from his shift before he took the long walk back home. He passed by the same river that he usually did, going to the water's edge to scoop up some water. At the same time, Lyrica reached towards a small crystal she had spotted in her playing. Their hands touched, a spark flowed through both of them making them both look up at each other. It was like wildfire at that point with both human and faerie. Collin spent most of his free time around Lyrica, who in turn waited with bated breath for the moments she could see Collin again. Collin and Lyrica wanted to be with each other forever, but the village elders did not like a human so close to their village. It wasn't until after a couple months that Lyrica became pregnant with Riley. Collin had no idea of Riley's conception due to the elders of the faerie village preventing him from seeing Lyrica any further.

That was when things took a darker turn. Riley was born in the town of Dublin, Ireland where Lyrica died during childbirth. The elders of the village didn't want to be burdened with such an unstable half-breed child, so they abandoned the young baby in an old church with nuns and a priest. The priest that raised her like his own daughter was named Father O'Malley. The nuns named her Riley Fiona Cassidey, raising her along with the other orphans within the church. She was raised like a normal child, though she had a rough and tumble personality. She was playful, perhaps too playful with her wild emotions. Years went by and she played and learned like any other child, leading a relatively normal life until one day, her 7th birthday, the day the nuns found her...the magic council sent a representative dressed in a clean pressed black suit with red accents. He looked like those rich men that Riley sometimes saw adopt an orphan or two from the church. She stood by and watched as the man, his hair was shaved close to his head with bright green eyes talked with Mother Superior Rosen. She looked uncertain, but then looked down, then back up at the man. She nodded once and beckoned to Riley. She came because nobody said no to Mother Superior, not even Father O'Malley. "Riley, my girl, this man here wants to adopt ye. He says he's been lookin' for a little girl just like ye." Mother Superior said in a quiet voice. Riley looked up at the man, a rebelious look in her eyes, which he countered with a suppressed sly smirk. It seemed off, it seemed like he was suppressing his true self to Riley and everyone at the church. However, paperwork was drawn up and Riley was adopted by the man from the magic council who's name was Magnus Rune, a man who is high up on the magic council himself. For safe keeping, and until arrangements were made, Riley was locked in her room till Magnus was ready to take her to her new home.

She was brought up from then on in the magic council's special facility called "Haven", a name that is rather ironic considering it is not meant to be a place of peace. Magnus brought her there to train her, to use her hidden physical abilities to the magic council's use. Over the next ten years she trained under mentors and teachers, learning high level academics and fighting techniques to do the missions that the magic council requires of their agents. While in the facility, and while not with Magnus, Riley had no name, only a number. Her number was 99, and it was tattooed on her skin as well as barcoded on her shoulder with magic to keep better track of her in their computers. Riley grew up twisted, seeing Magnus as a father to her, her true father instead of the man who threw her in hell. In some ways, Magnus sees Riley as his daughter, and keeps her close to better use her and twist her to his ways. She'd do anything for Magnus Rune, anything he asked. She grew to have twisted desires, likes, dislikes. She hates sweets merely because they were used to kill her friend who was a shapeshifter after he had rebelled against his training when he was forced to kill his own familiar, a magical winged rabbit named Rufus. Quick and easy, that is what they said when they gave him the sweets. Riley won't touch them now because the fear of them killing her is still in her head playing over and over again.

It's now 10 years from the time she was adopted and taken in by Magnus Rune and made into a skilled warrior. The Magic Council has been looking into the Academy for quite some time, so they have sent Riley in to investigate into it and keep tabs on it. She has been placed as a student prefect though she is much stronger than some of the teachers, and some of the staff as well. A trained assassin sent to school with mere children? Was the Magic Council insane? possibly. Riley is a rough customer who loves to fight and loves a good riot. Beware the half-ling girl who comes in with a smile, but can put a knife in your side faster than it takes to unsheathe it. Riley Cassidey has descended upon Mage Academy with a maddening grin and quick wit. Should you face her, may the gods have mercy on your soul.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 20
Magical: 10
Intellectual: 15

Fighting Style:
~The Assassin~
Riley was trained to be an assassin from the moment she was thrown into Haven, the place were all of the Magic Council's agents go to train. Number 99, as she was called within it's walls, was one of the best and brightest, though nothing could be said for her instability of her powers and her personality. She is calculated in her movements, able to think things through when she is in assassin mode. She uses silencers on her guns and takes down her targets with both force and quickness. While she does not use magic often, or really at all since she is mainly a melee fighter, she makes up for that in both intelligence and physical stats. She uses armor and hand weapons instead of swords and bows. Move fast and hard against the opponent, never falter, and timing is everything; those are some of the things that are pounded into her brain from Haven's teachings. When she wants to be, Riley can be stealthy to take down her opponents. Mentally, as an assassin, she is unable to feel shame for what she is doing. She thinks that what she is doing is for the better of the magic council, though she hates them. It's also mainly due to Magnus Rune's influence on her mental physche. Death for Riley is just another walk in the park for her, she cannot feel for those that feel it's embrace.

~The Brutish Brawler~
There is another side to Riley that many know within the academy. Riley loves to fight, and thus has been dubbed as a brute and a demon by those that have fought her or even just seen her. When she fights within the academy, she plays only by street rules, which are pretty much no rules. She fights hand to hand, using her body to take down whoever she is fighting. While she is fighting as the brute, she tries to draw out the battle as best as she can without harming her opponent to the point of her not being able to fight anymore. Fighting like she does for fun is a game for her, she does not care if the other person lives or dies, only that she has fun. It brings her joy to fight, so she does not care what it does to those around her, only how it makes her feel. She'll fight through any physical ailment no matter what.



Items of Significance:

Position: Student Prefect (Magic Council Agent #99)
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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:34 pm

Another application from our dear Sheepy~ And, like the others, I myself am not seeing any glaring problems.

Now, to my knowledge, you plan to make this character with a position of Prefect, but with the power of a Staff, correct? Just want to get this out of the way before I calculate the stats for her.

Care to Click? =D
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Riley Cassidey

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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:52 pm

Yep yep! If you so please Naro. ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:02 pm


Well then, here are your stats:

I shall await your next reply, Ms. Sheep~

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Riley Cassidey

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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:18 pm

I am alright with these stats. ^-^ I also wanted to know of I could make her a guardian?
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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:04 am

Yes, she may be a Guardian if you so wish it. And if you're okay with those placement of stats, then, I'll give my Support for this Application to be approved.

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:53 am


Lazy and tired so no colors or anything sorry. ..
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PostSubject: Re: [student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]   

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[student prefect] Riley Cassidey [done]
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