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 [Student] Verin Chrono Null

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Verin Chrono Null


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PostSubject: [Student] Verin Chrono Null   Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:59 pm


Full Name: Verin Chrono Null
Nickname(s): Ver
Age: 14 (Looks around 8)
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 4 foot 2 inches
Weight: 98.3lbs
Eye Color: Red (Sometimes Green)
Hair Color: Blond
Distinguishing Features: Red Tribal Tattoos, Changing Color Eyes

Verin is a very short boy for his age and is commonly mistaken by most to be only eight, but carries himself like a child his age. Verin is commonly seen wearing a black and red suit under a cloak colored in dark forest colors which can be used like a sleeping bag, along with that he is a small, but thick, tome which he constantly reads like a mad man. Another feature of Verin is that he doesn't have well defined muscles except in his legs, but they still wouldn't stand out against an average joe. As for the rest of Verin's body it lacks any image of muscle, but Verin doesn't seem to mind.

For Verin's most noticeable traits, those would be Verin's red tribal tattoos and his red eyes. Verin's tattoos cover both of his cheeks then connect on the back of Verin's neck and then end on top of his right shoulder blade in a spiral pattern. As for Verin’s eyes the reason they are an anomaly is because they sometimes change colors to green with snake like pupils. The change seems to correspond with two things, the new moon and how insane Verin is acting. Usually Verin’s eyes will turn green most of the time around the new moon, but never around the full moon except if Verin is acting very insane.




    Running Out of Reading Material

Verin is in short lazy with eighth grade syndrome and somewhat of a god complex. Verin‘s mind is constantly on overdrive and every second he gets he'll be trying to get rid of his boredom by finding something more interesting to do. It’s due to this way of thinking that Verin is an extreme bibliomania and usually gets away from boredom by reading books. Along with his love for books, Verin also loves the Autumn season to an abnormal degree and sleeping. The reasoning for these two abnormal loves is because Autumn makes Verin feel warm due to the bright colors and he likes sleeping just because he is very lazy.

Though Verin is mostly a carefree person mostly he does have a few dislikes and fears that people can use to shut him up mostly. Verin’s first dislike is a dislike of math, though instead of shutting Verin up he'll probably just throw a fit. As for his other dislikes, Verin will completely shut up on the spot out of just pure dislike for them and fear also. The two things that will freak Verin out the most is blood and running out of reading material and since most people don't like blood in the first place it’s easier to just get all reading material in a ten foot radius away from Verin. Once Verin realizes that there is nothing to read near him, he'll go still and be completely silent. Also Verin has a dislike of spiders, so get one near him and he'll probably go quiet.


For Verin’s entire life he had been treated like a piece of trash on the road, constantly being ran over or blown away. At birth Verin was already pouring out his magical energy at an amazing degree, so much so that his mother was left comatose for two weeks afterwards. It was because of this that Verin’s family treated him with so much hatred, only raising him to the age of three then which they gave him to an orphanage. Even though the orphanage was supposed to be a new sanctuary for Verin, it was even more of a hell instead. Verin wasn't treated like a normal human, instead he was locked away into a small room to protect the other children. Luckily Verin just so happened to get lucky, inside the small room with him was practically a small library.

It was due to these books that Verin developed a fear for running out of reading material and became a bibliomania. Well by the time he was four Verin had already learned to read and speak just through sheer will alone. By the time he was five he had already finished reading eighty percent of the books in there with him and a few months later he only had one book left. The book was entitled How to Control Magical Energy Output for Beginners. It was due to reading this and practicing it that Verin was able to leave the small room only three years later.

Now that Verin had his magical energy output under control he wanted to be able to form it into actual magic, not just produce magical energy. At first he he tried creating a gust of wind by himself, but after many attempts all he got from it was nothing, so after finally giving in he decided to try looking through the books he had read over again for any clues. Well low and behold there was actually a book that Verin had read, it was just that he didn't understand what it was saying when he was reading it. The tome was a small one, but it contained many pages on basic elemental magic. Well after reading it and practicing Verin was already thirteen and was skilled with magical attacks by then. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, Verin received a letter saying this, “We hereby humbly invite you to the prestigious Mage Academy.”


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 5
Magical: 30
Intellectual: 10

Fighting Style:
Hit the weak point till they're dead, this is Verin’s way of fighting. Beat fire with water and water with grass, everyone has a weak point, so why not make it easy and exploit it. Physically Verin is very weak in most departments except for stamina which is barely higher than the rest. Meanwhile in the magic department, Verin has a nice amount of magical energy to draw on and it’s somewhat potent with a good amount of control. A nice thing to compare Verin to is a foot soldier that has common sense to a degree and has an AK-47 with a lot of extra magazines on him. As a foot soldier he lacks a good defense, power, or speed, but has the ability to swarm and has the most rapid fire power. To Verin being able to swarm the enemy with it’s weakness at a range is better than shooting shots that leave an opening or being too close to the enemy to get hit.

Unique Ability
As for any unique trick up his sleeve, Verin has Insanity Drive. Insanity Drive is a glass cannon, allowing Verin to go on a juggernaut run while losing any sort of control. When used Verin loses any intelligence or control whatsoever for pure ballistic magical power that almost never runs out. Along with this more magical potency there is also an increase in speed and agility. The limitations of Insanity Drive is as simple as the effects of it, the use of Insanity Drive is that it can only last for a short while or Verin will have permanent mental effects placed on him.
(3 posts from Verin until Insanity Drive's effects come into place, 5 posts from Verin is forced stop and mental problems come into place)



Items of Significance:

Forest Cloak: A cloak dyed in the colors of the forest that was made by Verin using leather and cotton. the cloak is large enough that Verin can wrap it around himself and sleep in which he does often.

COMP: A red portable game system that Verin constantly has with him and uses it’s emailing functions as a replacement for a phone.

Assorted Books: Being a bibliomaniac Verin has an assortment of books on him to read, as for the genres most of them are fantasy.

Position: Student (First Year)
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Verin Chrono Null   Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:08 pm

I'm not finding any problems with this application, Verin. You meet minimum requirements in all areas, so, you have my Support for this application.

Your stats are:

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Verin Chrono Null   Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:58 am

I too will support your application, having looked it over, seeing nothing really wrong with it your application after about an hour of reviewing in total. Narry has also done his part of the job (Hail Narry... hail... actually no, what-) and I'm just here to approve your character.

The stat setup was rated using a made system by us, and doesn't seem like we'll get much things different, but you never know.....
Anyway, I give my not-so grand support to the application as it MORE than meets minimal requirements for a student-application.

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Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Verin Chrono Null   

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[Student] Verin Chrono Null
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