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 Class Gudelines

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PostSubject: Class Gudelines   Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:07 pm

Classes Guidelines

Classes are something you may hear mentioned around the site. What are they? Well:

They're first and foremost: some little event to help you. It can be difficult to obtain EXP for your Stats (explained in this post, so, we have created these small Events to help you out.

How does one Join a class? Simple, post in it. Now, obviously, you can't just post once and get the benefits. There are no 'hit & runs'. If you join a class, you have to remain until it ends to gain the bonus EXP it awards you. EXP, that is set and determined by the Host of the class.

What is a Host? A host is one of two usergroups. Teacher or Staff. Teachers are able to host classes as frequently as they wish. And they aren't required to either. That is, any host isn't required to create a class. If a member joins the site as a Teacher or Staff, they are not required by any means to register a class. Hosts also have the power to determine how much EXP bonuses are given to participants in the class (but you obviously wont walk in and get over a million EXP. Site Staff work in conjunction with teachers to decide what EXP is gained). Hosts also decide if you get EXP, beyond that of what was promised. In a few words, Hosts of Classes are their god. Their word is law.

How frequent can classes be? Up to the host. They can have it once a month, once a year, once a day. They can have it as frequently as they want, and aren't bound by any schedule at all. They could decide to do it once a month, then change to once a day, then decide to just do it whenever they feel like it. It's entirely up to them.

Classes are just what they sound like. Little things held by Teachers and Staff to help you.


Differences between CP and AP Classes are simple. CP classes have a larger maximum limit as to the number of students that can participate in it. CP classes will also give average EXP rewards to those to participate.

AP classes, however, will have a very strict, very low maximum limit of students that can join it. The trade off, is that AP classes give substantially more benefits. Whereas a CP class may give 20 EXP for joining it, an AP class would give maybe 40 or 50; twice as much or more. Please keep in mind however, the limits of the EXP you can give. For a class directed at Students (like most classes are), CP classes usually don't reach into the range of 100 EXP as a reward, and will usually cap out at around 15 to 20 (in a single stat), or 5 to 10 (in more then one stat).

AP Classes have a slightly less strict restriction on them, as they're supposed to be harder, giving challenges to the students to overcome. They will usually cap out at around 35 to 40 (in a single stat, or 15 to 20 (in more then one stat).

(To help you calculate what EXP you should give to your students in your class, try to use this image to help you!)

(On another note: Classes do not have set rosters. Characters that may be in one class on one day, may not be in it the next time it is held. Classes are usually a 'First Come-First Serve' kind of deal. Students cannot lock in their places for an upcoming Class or type of classes. This is to keep characters rotating and the bonuses spread throughout the site. There is a special item in the Shop that will function this way, however it can be expensive...)

(Staff & Teachers gain half of the bonuses that Students do: If students got 10 EXP for the class, Staff & Teachers get 5. The trade-off for lower EXP gain, is that Staff & Teachers aren't limited as to which stat to put it in. It can go in any stat they wish.)

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Posts : 214
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PostSubject: Re: Class Gudelines   Sun May 04, 2014 1:44 pm

Class Lists

This guide will also have a list of all classes that will be held. Keep in mind, that these classes can ONLY be held by Staff & Teachers, and that they do not happen every day (unless listed that they do).

CP Classes
(Teacher Name) - (Class Name) - (Date/Frequency of Classes) - (EXP Gained)

  • Carstairs, Alexial - Introduction to Weapon Usage & Training - Random/5 hour IC class - 10 EXP to Physical and Intellectual
  • Serena - Close Quarter's Unarmed Combat 200 - Random (2 Pages at least [40 posts]) - 20 EXP to Physical (Limit of 4 Students)
  • Martell, Yggdrasill - Summoning 027 - Random/2 page goal[40posts] 20 Exp to Intellectual, 20 Exp to Magic (Limited to 5 students)
  • Barric Wildryder- Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat- Meets once a week/ 2 page goal (40 posts)- 10 Exp to Physical (Limit of 4 Students)

AP Classes
(Teacher Name) - (Class Name) - (Date/Frequency of Classes) - (EXP Gained)

  • Carstairs, Alexial - Training 102 - Random/possibly once a week/2½ page goal [50 posts] - 60 EXP to Physical (Limited to: 2 Students)
  • Aboddon, Jinkx - Introduction to Defense Against the Dark Arts - Meets once a week/5 page goal - 25 Exp in Magical, 15 Exp in Intellect (limited to: 6 stuents)
  • Aboddon, Jinkx - The Art of War - Meets once a week/5 page goal - 50 EXP in Intellect (limited to 6 students)
  • Barric Wildryder- Advanced Unarmed Combat- Meets once a month/ 5 page goal- 65 Exp to Physical (Limit of 2 Students)

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Class Gudelines
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