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Dave Strider


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PostSubject: Dave Strider (COMPLETE)   Dave Strider (COMPLETE) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 9:34 pm

Since I'm sure ya'll are super interested as to who I am. I figured I put up the bare bones of this. Sorta like a preview while I work on actually doing the writing.


Full Name:  Dave Strider
Nickname(s):  Dave
Age:  16
Gender: Male
Race:  Human


Height:  5’10”
Weight:  154lbs
Eye Color:  Red
Hair Color:  Pale Blonde
Distinguishing Features:  Numerous scars across body, constant use of sunglasses, swagger level off the chart.

Dave Strider has incredibly angled facial features. High cheekbones are dusted with freckles just barely darker than his sun-tanned skin. His nose has a soft turn upwards and the bridge is very defined all the way to the tip of the nose. His jaw is long, defined and turns up sharply into his ear. His eyes, though, are the most stand out feature of his face. Almond shaped, surrounded by long dark brown lashes, his irises are a very vivid shade of red. He goes out of his way to hide this fact though by wearing aviator style sunglasses at nearly all times (He was taught that it was for his own good).

Dave's bone structure is incredibly prominent in area, namely his collarbone and hips. His shoulder and collarbone are littered with the same freckles apparent on his face. His body type is very thin and he has a lot of trouble with muscle build up. The muscle he does have is very long and, when flexed, very apparent. There is very little fatty tissue on him. The muscles in his core and legs are incredibly strong, his legs very obviously more built than his arms.

Scars cover quite a bit of his body. A result of relentless training, each one has a story. Most of them are accumulated on his back, waist, arms and hands. Most are simply long pale lines along his skin, since most were caused by blade. Very few are obviously cratered, most are thin and raised. He has one that is painfully obvious and much more serious than the rest. A six inch gash on his right shoulder blade, mostly pale white scar tissue it dips into his skin, instead of being raised. It is smooth and soft to the touch and quite sensitive to Dave when touched.

Clothing wise Dave enjoys fitted clothes, most of his attire consisting of skinny jeans and converse shoes. His wardrobe rarely varies much.


Music- This has been a hobby that's been important to Dave his entire life. This was something his guardian introduced to him and was one of the only non-violent things that united the Striders' together. This hobby mostly consists of mixing beats; though he does enjoy the occasional attempt at free-styling. This is something he can do on his downtime and at this point doesn't require too much effort to do, simply coming up with cool or at least entertaining combinations of tracks.

Sparring- Dave has had a sword in his hand since he was a young child. Sparring has been a part of his life for almost as long. Sparring with his family, as this point, isn't something he has to stress about. It's a familiar way to get his mind off of other things because it is something that, no matter how used to it he is, needs his complete attention. This is how he keeps himself in shape physically, and also how he keeps up his agility. His usually sparring partners are his brothers because they share similar fighting styles.

Photography(art)- Though not the best at it Dave finds this ironically fun. His camera is one of his prized possessions. Though his photography doesn't go much farther than selfies and hipster-y pictures of park benches and Starbucks cups. His artistic tendencies also pass over into the world of traditional art. This manifests almost completely in his obscure webcomic, which describes the misadventures of two bros who are really just too cool.

Collecting Dead Things- This has just been a little thing Dave has done for as long as he can remember. He finds it both fascinating and a little creepy seeing preserved life like this. At any time it is possible Dave will hit up places where he might be able to get his hands on a dead, resin-encased creature.
Dealing With Problems- Dave would much rather just ignore anything that's wrong. Having to confront problems makes him incredibly nervous and quite insecure. He will push things that could be troublesome to the side and forget about them until he literally can not leave it anymore. This can make or break things for him (it is part of the reason he is so reluctant to wield magic.)

Puppets- Having grown up with two people who had an affinity for the incredibly creepy puppets Dave has grown a distinct disdain for them. As he grew up it became more and more creepy to him the extent of the number of puppets in his apartment. He will avoid them like the plague if possible and may have a tendency to flip out in long-winded rants if left in their presence.

Cold- Having lived in the South for his entire life, in a poor household with very little AC... Dave is almost completely used to hot air. Cold weather is almost debilitating to him and he is incredibly sensitive the any temperatures below 60..
Death- This fear relates to both himself and anyone close to him. Though he has a fascination with dead things this only includes things that were already dead. The idea of losing something/someone close to him is one of the most terrifying things that Dave could think of. This keeps him for doing a few things either to keep himself safe or to keep himself from having to see something that could very well scar him.

Falling Short-Dave is terrified of being a disappointment. This is part of the reason why he will not do things that could potentially cause a lot of trouble for him. Because of low self-esteem this is a fear that rears its head quite frequently even if it has no logical reason too. If there is a chance that he may fall short in an endeavour he is more likely to simply ditch the plan.

Dave comes off quite differently than he actually acts. He wears a mask in an attempt to hide his insecurity and to come off as a little bit more cool than he actually is.

Dave likes to play up a cool demeanour. Where he acts purely through irony. This demeanour involves being stone faced, showing very little emotion. Aside from being something that happens throughout his family it's always been an attribute that Dave has associated with 'cool'. It gives him a more mysterious appearance, or at least he likes to believe it does.

The other important part of this demeanour is an indifference towards everything. Another aspect of being emotionless and appearing cool is seeming to not have an opinion or any strong views on any given thing. Even if Dave feels incredibly strongly about something he will skirt around the topic or simply turn it into an anecdote.

All this being said this does not keep Dave from rambling. Dave loves to talk just for the sake of hearing his own voice. He has a tendency to fall into long metaphors or similes that can go on until the original purpose of the rant is skewed. This rambling is not limited to metaphors and the like but often consists of at least one.  

In reality Dave is a very nervous, very self-conscious person. He doesn't particularly enjoy speaking with other people and he finds it very hard to actually properly interact with new people. He finds it much easier to speak to people when it is through a medium like text or IMing.

That being said he is an incredibly friendly person. He cares way too much for his own good and the only way one person would be able to get him to do something that would otherwise cause him problems is to mention the fact that it is for a friend. Dave doesn't often act like it but, chivalry is definitely not dead.

Dave is prone to tantrums. While he tries his damnedest to keep a cool, stoic face; it isn't incredibly hard to completely shatter it if on good terms with him. He, around friends-- and in moments of extreme emotion-- will yell, make faces, laugh like mad or even cry (for reasons that are actually un-ironic).

Dave, in all, is a relatively complex character that, through writing, will show a lot of development. Dave's entire development is based off of building relationships with people and being pushed to move forward by said people.


Being born to an incredibly poor and unstable family, Dave had a very difficult childhood. His parents split up when he was very young and left her two boys with their young father. Dave was barely two years old and his brother Dirk was nearing four. Apart from knowing that their mother moved to the other side of the country, they knew very very little about that side of the family.

He grew up in a small apartment with a singular bedroom. He and Dirk shared the room. Their dad, whom they referred to as 'Bro', slept on a futon in the living room.

Bro, being only 19 years old when Dave's mother left, was barely sure what he supposed to do to take care of these small boys. Having grown up in a rather odd household himself and no longer having any connect to his parents, Bro treated his boys' strangely.

To Bro it was important that the boys knew how to defend themselves. Bro had a interest in blades and taught his boys how to use them as well. Both Dave and Dirk got their first swords at a very young age.

Magic affected Dave life from the beginning of his life, without really being aware of it. Bro owned a doll, a doll that never left the older Strider's side. A doll named Lil' Cal. This doll had strong hypnotic power, a connection formed when making constant, direct eye contact with it. Being aware of this fact it was important to Bro that both Dave and Dirk wore sunglasses at all times in the house. It ended up being a trait that all three of them carried forward for the rest of their lives.

He had been training with blades since he was young and was no amateur when it came to wielding one. He, like the other Striders', was incredibly athletic. But he had his fair share of wounds to show for it. While always being a little easy on the youngest Strider, Dirk and Bro never relented unless it was clear that Dave was done. The other two had a considerable amount more stamina than Dave did.

When Dave was thirteen he discovered that he himself had some sort of magical prowess. Like his brother Dave's power awoke in a dream state. Becoming vividly aware of the fact that these powers exist and becoming aware of the fact that he can control these powers when awake as well. Dave loved the feeling of having power.

Dave quickly got used to the idea of having powers and played with them constantly. His older brother being incredibly nervous with the fact that they had these abilities. Bro seemed less worried, and less surprised than he ought to be.

Learning that he was not the only one with powers of this sort was a very amazing thing to Dave. He found out that his powers made him a 'Knight of Time'. The ability to fight with time. was how it was described to him.

Within the next few years Dave grew more and more scared of his own power. The ability to distort the fabric of time and change things in a moments notice became too much to chew and quickly got out of hand. While he had always tried to be careful, there was only so much he could do at such a young age and things inevitably went wrong, leading to a small pile of very dead Daves.

From the age 16 on he has been terrified to use any sort of time manipulation. With time he has come to realize that maybe this wasn't the sort of thing he should be playing with so willy-nilly.

This was the reason he and his brother decided it was in their best interest to enrol in MA. Needing a stronger grasp on how to control without going overboard.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical:  22
Magical:  15
Intellectual: 8

Fighting Style: Dave fights almost solely with a blade. While he does have the capability to use temporal magic he chooses not to, lacking a firm grasp on the entire concept of 'time'. He has approx. twelve years of training with a sword, having had one in his hands since he was a small child. He is very precise with his actions and very quick to match. A Strider should always be able to harness the ability to move in the blink of an eye.

Dave is purely offensive, not doing much in a way of standing his ground. This is a fallback for him but this headlong rushing into battle is his way of counteracting the hesitation that accompanies fighting.


Items of Significance:

  • Shades - These gold-rimmed aviator style Raybans were a gift from a friend. They were a prop from a movie set and probably cost a pretty penny but he was never told how much his friend paid for it. They rarely if ever come off his face, they help a lot with his self confidence and actually make it quite a bit easier to be the cool person he likes to claim to be.
  • Shitty Katana - This was the first weapon he was given by Bro. It was horrible quality metal. While still sharp and effective in sparring it would not be able to hold up in a serious fight. He could tell just from looking at it that it wouldn't be too long until the blade gave way and snapped.(see also WEP)


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Dave Strider


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PostSubject: Re: Dave Strider (COMPLETE)   Dave Strider (COMPLETE) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2015 11:36 pm

IC Post Preview:

gdi forumotion eating my code.
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PostSubject: Re: Dave Strider (COMPLETE)   Dave Strider (COMPLETE) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2015 8:14 pm

Yeah XD Forumotion doesn't play well with coding~

I'm not having very many problems with this character. The idea of Temporal Magic is potentially overpowered, but, we can just pay special attention to your spells and abilities.

I will support this character for approval.

Your calculated stats, are:

Dave Strider (COMPLETE) AunLAG5

Care to Click? =D
Dave Strider (COMPLETE) Zffhu
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Dave Strider (COMPLETE)
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