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PostSubject: Izaya Kogami [Staff]   Izaya Kogami [Staff] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2015 12:02 am


Full Name: Izaya Kogami
Nickname(s): Kurai
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 193.04 cm
Weight: 78.4715 Kilograms
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: A charming, yet deciving smile seems to always placate his face.

Izaya stands at 6'4 and weighs in at 173 pounds. With brown hair and matching eyes, he is truly a sight to behold. He carries himself with pride in his stride and makes sure that whenever he speaks he speaks softly, having never once raised his voice to anyone Izaya is regarded as probably the most respectful person of his generation. With his constant studying it's amazing that he himself is ever seen or spoken too without a book in front of him. He has a certain Aire, demanor if you will, that simply speaks volumes about his personality. A gentle, kind hearted man who wouldn't harm a fly if he didn't have too. But not to be mistaken for weakness, his mercy and kindness only extend so far and he is known to raise spells against those who would threaten him or those he cares for.


  • Manipulation
  • Controlled Chaos
  • Ramen

  • Magic Council
  • Mages Academy
  • Civilization

  • Being Found Out
  • Being Betrayed

For Izaya Kogami, his words fears are to be betrayed or found out by the Mages Council. It is why he keeps so very few friends and makes sure to keep them very close. He tells them nothing they don't need to hear, nothing he can't manipulate and twist to fit his grand Goal and to mask his true intentions. The Magic Council and Mages Academy are nice ideas, but they propose too many laws, too much Civility. To be truly free, there must be Controlled Chaos, and a God to which to rule this Chaos. Through manipulation and deceit, Izaya has gotten to where he is today.

But, that isn't to say every Eventual-God doesn't have their own favorite snacks, For Izaya, Ramen is by far his favorite thing to eat. He would never be caught dead while he was at the Academy not eating Ramen for Lunch and Dinner and a lot of it. Not a single day passed by where he didn't enjoy his Ramen, Shrimp and when he could, Sake. But he never drank much Sake, never wanted to spill his true intentions or be found out by those who would seek to betray him. Ever a watchful eye did he keep on those around him but always had a smile on his face and tried his best to 'charm' those around him.


Izaya Kogami grew up in the city of Tokyo, His Mother had died during childbirth and so he was left to be raised by his Father. From a very young age, Izaya learned the world was a cruel mistress and would take that which you would hold most dear in the blink of an eye and not even realize it had been done. Because of this important lesson, Izaya learned of his Father's secret very quickly. Izaya's Father, was a mage, but not a legal one. His Father aimed to break those rules which society tried to force-feed them, he aimed to toss the entirety of civilization on it's head and was preparing for this eventuality. Because of this, he taught Izaya the dark magics of their line, taught Izaya the true meaning of life and what it truly meant to have freedom. Together, Izaya and his Father studied and researched in secret. They weren't legal mages, neither of them had a licence to practice magic, any slip up even the slightest mistake, could cost them everything. So they had to be careful with their movements and with what they found and how they transported whatever they found. Relics, Shards, Ruins, Remnants of days long past. Evil magic, Dark magic, Angel magic, Demon magic, Everything they found they had to keep a secret that it'd been discovered. They couldn't practice in the open nor in the city, so they moved. Far away from the city of Tokyo, to the smaller city of Numazu.

In Numazu, they were new faces. Nobody knew them, nobody cared about them... They could practice a lot more than anywhere else and still keep it secret. It was simple, really, if anyone found out... They captured them, stuffed them inside a coffin and used their life essence to fuel their magics. Of course, they had to be careful, If those who hunted illegal mages discovered this signature of their magics it was all over for them. So they kept their spells to a minimum, only using them when it was absolutely required or for educational purposes. In public, they guised themselves as harmless street performers performing magic tricks to earn money, in private, they were anything but. It seemed like a perfect life style, they collected vast amounts of Relics and Shards from ancient times... But that's when it began to go down hill. About 4 years after they moved to Numazu they heard something outside, it sounded like lightning but... the sky was clear as day. But that's when it happened, the door was blasted off it's hinges and cloaked figures stormed into the house. At the time the two were in the basement, but they knew what was happening. Together, they fought their way outside, for Izaya it was his first time dealing with them but for his Father? Who knew. But as they fought their way out, they swapped turns casting a lucrative amount of spells, swapping between each other to give the other time to ready their next one.

It wasn't easy, but when they managed to escape to the outside, they found themselves surrounded on all sides. His father was a very powerful S-Class Mage, one of the worlds most powerful. But the mages that surrounded them, they were powerful in their own right... And far outnumbered them.


His father said as he held his hands up and began chanting, Izaya knew what to do. Channeling his own strength, he erected a massive dome barrier around him and his Father, but Izaya was weak compared ot these mages... If they truly wished they could destroy that barrier with ease. At best, it served as a C-Rank, but Izaya was sure these Mages were at least A if they came after Father like this in such numbers. But for some reason, they didn't break it down. Instead they sat there and watched, content with the fact that they outnumbered them... However as his Father stopped chanting, the space around him and his Son began to distort and they all began to launch a surge of spells towards them. Izaya was far too young at the time to understand them, but he caught sight of several of them. Izaya himself, was cloaked and he was fairly confident these men didn't know what he looked like or his name. But as the spells neared, he heard his Father say something.

"Boy, Listen well... Wherever you end up, stay hidden... Stay safe, I WILL find you!"

Izaya's eyes opened wide as he turned to see his Father simply... Vanish. No, Izaya's Father didn't leave him, instead he must've cast a very powerful Teleportation spell on him because he had no idea where he was. But his Father? He took every single A-Rank spell but... Kept standing, wave after wave of spells were launched at him and he continued to resist, while he took down no small number in the end... There were simply far too many spells for him and eventually, he was killed. Their relics, their artifacts, all taken. And Izaya? In an unknown place. He couldn't risk using magic, not right now. The police would be on high alert now and they likely would be able to track the spell and find him... He had to move. So he did, Izaya began to run as fast and hard as he can. He didn't stop, he couldn't stop, if he stopped he was dead. Hours past, his lungs burned as he ran and ran and ran until he couldn't anymore. He collapsed, he could see cars and a road in the distance... But his body refused to move and he fell unconscious. The next few days for Izaya were a blur, slipping in and out of consciousness and the only thing he could remember was chanting... Soft chanting, and an elderly womans voice. Wolves, lots of them... and... Hot water.

When Izaya finally came too almost a week later, he was weak and hungry. He'd eaten when he could, according to the woman, but he didn't eat much. This woman? She was an elderly woman, must've been in her early 90's with how old she looked, and she was in a small tent-like structure. When he finally left another 2 days later, it... was a teepee, she was an Indian. As he scanned the area, he could see wolves surrounding various other teepee's including hers. They numbered in the dozens if not hundreds. He stayed there, however, as the lady had offered to take care of him until he could venture out onto his own. Was this women a mage? If so was she a legal one? He could very distinctly remember the chanting, it was a spell... But what of the police? If she was an illegal mage then they'd assuredly come for her. But as he questioned her and she showed him around their village, she regailed accounts of the Mage Academy, the teachers there... So she was a legal mage? Did she not know who he was? When she asked of his parents... He wasn't sure whether to tell her the truth or not, he told her his Mother had died giving birth to him and she responded with that his Mother gave her life, so that he might have his... To celebrate her passing rather than mourning it. And when she told her of his Father, how... he wasn't really sure where he was, or where his Father was, she had nothing to say to it. Merely that he was free to stay here as long as he wished.

It was here, in this village, that he learned to commune with animals. Not speak to them, not understand them fully, but he could read them... He could communicate on a small scale with them. He learned of powerful Magics, Magics that could restore life but came at a steep and heavy cost. Magics that could cure any ailment, Magics... that could cause any ailment. This woman, she was a legal mage yet... She taught him so freely of these magics. It was as though she herself was a teacher at his... 'Mage Academy'. With how well she could recall these things, it was astounding she was so old. He learned of all sorts of magics, Enchantments, Teleportation, Dimension shifting, shape shifting, you name it she could recount a tale about it. It truly was astounding. But despite this, years went by and nobody came looking for him. It seemed, the Magic Police must've taken his Father from him as well. He told not a single soul of what truly transpired, but instead let his hatred lurk and manifest inside of him. He let the darkness grow as he practiced his manipulation, practiced getting what he willed to come to being. Servitude, bondage, control, imprisonment. He would learn all he could about the world, and then make the world suffer as he did.

But he was smart about it, he didn't lead onto any of his plans as he learned the Powerful Magics of the Elders and Shaman of this village. He manipulated this village into teaching him how to conquer anything he wished even if they didn't realize it directly or teach it to him directly. Most of their spells he came to realize were weak ones, low level ones. Probably D or C class, but he knew there were far more powerful spells out there. There was one, His father told him about, It had control over the very life force that lived in everything. Destruction Magic. Magic so powerful, even the weakest spells could level cities. But for the S-Class spells for this, he needed something far more powerful... Something currently out of his reach, he needed the energy of an Angel or Demon. If he was to reshape the world, He would need to ascend, to a position far above all else, to that of a God. But this would require many, many years of studying and he'd need the ability to keep his presence hidden from prying eyes. He would need powerful Spatial and Dimensional Magics to cloak his prescence from spells and hide himself from the eyes of those who would seek to watch his movements. For this, he needed to become stronger. He needed to go to that Academy. That Academy held everything he needed to know, It held the vast wealth of information that was required and forbidden. But the Shaman woman told him that one didn't simply go to this Academy, it was invitation only. By now, it'd been almost 8 years since he had left his Father and he'd grown quite the amount. His appearance had changed, he was almost 18 now. And that's when it happened, out of nowhere a Mage appeared in the village and his initial thoughts were to attack, but he didn't. Nobody else was hostile towards this man and even the Village Elder greeted him with open arms, that's when he overheard the words "Mage Academy". This man, he was from the Academy! He HAD to go with him... This man HAD to take him to this Academy. But he couldn't force him, that'd be too obvious. But then again, Izaya needed do nothing. For it wasn't long before the man approached him, explaining to him why he was here... Izaya, was to attend this Academy.

From his words, it didn't seem like an offer... It was more of a demand, but Izaya made no mention of this. He simply smiled and nodded, agreeing to his 'offer'. This was perfect, Izaya would be going to the one place that would seal his future. Izaya was a new face, a new name, Nobody knew who he was or about his past. He told those at the Academy the truth of his mother, that she'd died during childbirth. But he knew not where his Father was only that he was left alone a long time ago, nobody questioned it... nobody argued. Everyone simply, accepted him. While he attended the Academy, he studied everything he could about anything he was allowed too. He made no trouble, he made sure the academy saw him as a Shining Example to all Mages. But deep down? He was plotting, planning, manipulating, scheming and lying. He studied everything the Academy had available to the public... But the more dangerous things? Destruction Magic, Death Magic, Demonic and Divine Magic, he wasn't allowed access to these records. It was annoying, it pissed him off inside... But he made no mention of these things, never said anything about any of them to anyone. Instead, he merely read what was made available to him and even that... Was enough. It wasn't much, but it gave him the idea's and principles behind the magics. He was right, to turn society on it's head, to make the world suffer as he had... He needed to enslave an Angel or Demon, an insurmountable amount of them... He needed to become a God. But to do this, he needed to become more powerful. So he studied harder, trained harder, he did everything he had too to become more powerful. It wasn't hard for him, he had previous training and a lot of it.

He rose quickly and the years at the Academy passed by fast, It wasn't long before he graduated and got his very own Mage License. And now, he could practice for... 'educational' purposes without fear of the Magic Police. The very laws they'd setup to stop people like him, people who hated the world, from rising to power... Were the same laws that just allowed him to do that. For his entire life, Izaya had followed under the guidelines of someone else. Izaya had learned and studied, made friends and enemies, lied, coercied, cheated, scammed, manipulated, defied and denied everything that would've prevented him from getting to where he was... He had found a loophole in the Mage Council's 'Grand Laws' and exploited it to it's fullest. But now what? He needed to learn more about Death and Destruction Magics. But that would be tricky, they were forbidden by the Council so getting the information he needed was nigh impossible without attracting their attention to such a degree that would expose his plans. He needed to infiltrate the Council, he needed to become a member of the Council. He needed a seat of Power, one that would make it so others overlooked what he did. But, to become a Council Member? That would be tricky in-it and of-itself.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Combative: B
Protection: C
Tactical: B
Accursed: A

Fighting Style: Izaya uses his font of knowledge on spells against his opponents, Rather than simply barraging his opponents with spell after spell he uses their own spells and turns them against his opponent. His specialty for magic is Spatial Manipulation, that is, turning an attack quite literally around to attack the one who sent it.



Items of Significance: A long katana-like sword that is noted by Izaya to be a family Heirloom.

Position: Mage

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Well, Midnight was too lazy to put up his Approval post, so, I guess this will count as his too.

Anyway. I'm not finding any problems with this Character. So, I'll approve it as well.


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