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Yagura Black


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PostSubject: Yamato Shuren: WIP   Yamato Shuren: WIP Icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2015 2:43 pm


Full Name: Yagura Black
Nickname(s): Guardian (of the Rain), Shigure Kintoki (Shower in Late Autumn), Yagura the Wave
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexualorientation: Heterosexual


Height: 182cm
Weight: 75kg
Eye Color: Ruby, Azure
Hair Color: Ashen White
Distinguishing Features: Yagura has several things that stand out of the usual one such is the eye color in his eyes as they differ one is red and the other is blue, he tends to hide these features either by keeping his left eye shut or by holding an eyepatch over his left eye. He also appears to have an unusual hair color which sometimes seems to unsettle others.

Yagura`s body build is that of an athlete, not ripped though his complexion is also very pale, his smooth succulent skin is safe from any blemishes, neither does he have any scars. His body looks like that of an albino. His shoulders appear to be somewhat slanted. His nose is short but sharp. A pair of black glasses are almost always worn. He also appears to wear a black suit with gray stripes. According to sheena it makes him look very professional. He is almost always seen wearing the black suit and a red tie. His adoptive mother always said that the color of his tie matched perfectly with his right eye.

His suit is very special and combat oriented, don`t get caught off guard by his appearence, his suit is his combat gear, it allows maximum movement while also working as a protective suit woven in nanotechnology it can stop a sword relatively easy and even catch bullets though he might get knocked down for a bit. One will usually find Yagura holding onto a lollipop in his mouth. He states that it allows him to think faster and deeper. He takes great care in his hygiene and is even noted to brush his teeth four times a day, however it should be noted that those pearly whites are rarely shown. His hair is kept relatively short so not to get in his way. He has a short ponytail sticking from the back of his head, it reaches down to his upper back. He takes great care of his hair as he rarely lets it get dirty even during missions.

His blood type is O Positive, he weights at one hundred fifty eight pounds and measures at about six feet.


  • Cats
  • Runes
  • Lollipops (Strawberry & Pineapple)
  • Bath houses
  • Diligence
  • Rules
  • Friends
  • Chivalry

  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Nosy People & Especially Nosy Girls
  • Blood Magic: It killed his parents
  • Being late & slowpokes: He dislikes to wait and make people wait
  • Troublesome People
  • People who ignore rules
  • Loneliness
  • Those Optimistic & Naive People
  • Chokolate

  • Losing his younger brother and sister
  • Drowning (Aquaphobia) (ironic as his sword ability revolves around water)
  • Women (Gynophobia)

"Yagura Black" now how to describe this man easiest way would be to call him a Genius, but that would be far from the whole truth, Yagura is calm and collected he pays attention to words spoken, and may notice patters that others may miss in fights and conversations alike. He calculates a fistfight 100 steps ahead in doing so he can control the flow of the battle to his favor. Prediction is his ace up his sleeve, he knows a multitude of concoctions and is very potent treath with his sword in hand, as he has mastered the the wave sword style. He is quite proficient in magic as well, Yagura appears quite attractive to the eye at least for the opposite sex. Unfortunatly Yagura does not perform very well with them especially in a room alone, any keen observer should be able to see this. It is likely that this is some form of experience from the past. He can trust women as long as he does not have to do it alone. Altrough this is not always very obvious, Yagura takes pleasure in training, alone if must.

Yagura possesses a strong body and the best reflexes and stamina of all his famiglia, giving him a natural advantage. When around women Yagura starts to feel discomfort, this grows the longer he stays around, also his fears grow stronger the closer he is to the opposite sex. Girls of younger age do not bother him like Kasai, its likely because he does not concider them a treath. The word "woman" is a taboo, it may have something to do with his inability for social pleasure. Diligence is the keyword here if there is something that Yagura appreciates its Diligence he cannot tolerate people who slack at school or at work. A very complex character Yagura likes to follow rules, even though he was technically a Rogue mage for a few years picking up odd jobs where he could find them, it was events that led to this notion not by his own choice. Yagura has now assigned tasks in mage academy, as he is picky which students he chooses to teach in his classes, as his classes are usually very small.


Orphaned at a young age Yagura was taken in by the Cantanella famiglia in Italy, never knowing the fate of his younger siblings, as luck would have it the family that he became a part of had children of their own, or would have in the future after Yagura was adopted into it, these where however no truths that Yagura knew off until much later. The Cantanella family was very difficult for outsiders to be accepted into, Yagura was no execption. Following years Yagura experienced much Hatred, save for those of his direct family, there was particulary one woman who was very eager to make him stand out in the public, more than once had he been humiliated by her. And he could never understand why. The woman in question was jealous of him and his abilities, she also felt like she had a crush with him, but her feelings where one sided. Since he could never figure her out and she was too stubborn and shy to ever reveal her real feelings.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 30
Magical: 5
Intellectual: 10

Fighting Style:



Items of Significance: Black Glasses, A special Key that fits into any door and that can open any door from anywhere (magical) to anywhere, A special sword that he has gained from his master + two more swords: Senbonsakura + Two nameless swords.

Position: Mafia Cantanella (Former) Student (Former) Currently: Teacher

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PostSubject: Re: Yamato Shuren: WIP   Yamato Shuren: WIP Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2015 3:47 am

Greetings there Yamato Shuren. I am Alekseyvichi, the minor Administrator here who's somewhat in charge of this chat. I am here to review your character application as the rule stats. Here we go!


Pear, at least make sure your character is completely finished before you start using him. We need standards, and I do believe laziness is devouring us as it is doing to the site too.
I will re-review when this is done, Vichi out.

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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Yamato Shuren: WIP
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