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 A wish for a Heart. (Private)

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: A wish for a Heart. (Private)   Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:08 pm

Unknown Date

It was the first time since her education to become a nurse, that she had had ideas of her own, a wish if you will. This was more than a decade ago, a decade worth of isolation, the time was 11:05 PM in the late evening less than hour till midnight. She passed the giant library, and the campus, the dorms. She soon arrived at the med labs, she passed them and took a right, several sisters came around and gathered, an empty fireplace stood there in front of the group, Jean pushed the far wall of the fireplace and the wall shifted, unlocking a hidden door, behind it revealing a set of corridors and steps that seemed to continue endlessly, the group entered and soon scattered, it was dark inside, the trapdoor closed behind them as it shifted shut behind.

Jean took to the left and headed for the stairs that led down, as she did so torches lit up along the stairs to guide her way into the clone labs, she walked down the stairs for a solid five minutes, before she arrived at a massive door which blocked her path, it was narrowed open far enough though to allow some dim lights to escape the clone labs. She entered the labs for the first time since he was around, normally she only walked out of this place, her head held high. But not today.... today her reasons for coming where.... different.... There was always an operator one who made sure that everything ran smoothly in the labs.
Many glass pods stood in the room that curved around itself, the rotating stairs in the middle the ceiling above reached high above, and below. With hundreds if not thousands of pods waiting in standby mode both above and below them.

The main computer right before her, there was another clone just like her operating it, though she seemed too preoccupied to even notice her. One pod rose up from the floors below like an elevator, quickly unfreezing and releasing steamy fluids onto the floor once the Pod had opened, a pale looking carbon copy of herself stepped out from the Pod still attached to wires and life support, each popped loose on their own as the clone walked away wet as a fresh fish out of the sea.

From one of the side computers a monitor was blinking with red warning lights. Download corrupt sequence, main generator is offline The clone that was operating the massive computer moved away from it, to work on the newly appeared "problem" she worked there for a couple of seconds, moving her fingers so fast one could hardly seem them at all. She then stepped away and headed back to her old position around the main computer.

She typed on the keyboard for another minute, not even looking at the keyboard, before noticing Jean who was approaching the main computer. So you finally decided to show up, 669 or should i call you Jean Archer?

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: A wish for a Heart. (Private)   Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:54 pm

"Is it ready?" jean asked It will be shortly, t-minus 1minute Will this hurt? I would not know, but it might kill you, you sure you want to proceed?

There appeared to be no apparent hesitation in her body language I can`t... how can you kill that which is already dead? She did not look at jean and continued to push the buttons on her keyboard. Activation in T-minus 10 seconds...Nine...Eight...Seven..Six..Five..Four..Three..Two..One-
One one of the side screens a dark monitor lit up in green... Jean took a few steps forward, with her hand reaching out towards the monitor, she hesitated for a second with her fingers curling up a bit. She quickly ignored her insticts and placed her palm on the monitor, the other girl kept pushing buttons on her keyboard, seemingly not the least worried.

A sudden sprung of a rather strange sensation came washing over her like a flood, her heart pace fastened, her once dull eyes widened in shock, what was this odd tension in her chest, this gut feeling? she noticed that her eyes where dripping wet? she was... bleeding? the pain in her chest was unbeareble, in comparision to this her physical abuse that she had endured over so many years was nothing, she stumbled backwards and fell on her back, was this really... was this her desired heart?

Her left hand that had covered her mouth fell on the glass floor, as she felt her heart pounding harder and harder she gripped the fabric of her dress with her right hand over her heart, where the pain was the most intense, altrough she was crying tears for the first time, she was also smiling for the first time, then her heart beat stopped, her eyes where wide open staring off into the ceiling. She looked like an angel.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

Posts : 68

PostSubject: Re: A wish for a Heart. (Private)   Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:43 pm

Jean`s lifeless body lied there on the cold glass floor, it took several seconds for her clone to turn to face Jean, she looked sideways before she reached out to her helmet. However before the clone could touch the helmet Jean`s body suddenly flared with an electrical jolt, Jean`s body shook violently for a few seconds, her body was tattered, and smoking due to the lightning that her body had emittered.

She quickly caught the clone around the wrist, with an intense glare she stared at lily. Hands off... Lily`s wry smile widened slightly, before she kicked her across the back and sent her flying towards the opposing wall just across the room, the kick was powerful enough to bend the reinforced door that was lying behind her. You broke the contract, so im afraid i will have to delete your memories of this place After that everything went blank....

Jean woke up outside the fireplace, staring at a familiar ceiling she felt an intense pain emanating from her waist, her head and most of all from her chest. She sat up hugging her chest the tears refused to give, she weeped loudly in the night.

She hated herself, her memories from her past lives came flooding back to her causing the pain in her chest to grow more intense.

~Flashback~ Rustling trough his files the scientist called for his assitant. I asked you to help me with this, we need to catalogue these files They spent the entire afternoon working in the library searching and clearing up old tomes. It was not until they took a short break, that Hibiki`s sparked into conversation.

Jean do you know where your heart lies? Jean placed her hand on her chest mmmh maybe, there is a heart down there, but that`s not what i was asking Hibiki pulled forward his arm, and gripped it into a tight fist. This is where the heart is, that is what i belive... Jean tilted her head in slightly confirming what Hibiki already suspected. If you where the only person in this world, your heart would not be anywhere, you will understand one day what i mean... im sure of it


"Are you all right?" Hibiki asked, bleeding heavily while leaning against a wall, he coughed blood. Jean nodded withouth raising an eyebrow. I see, that`s a relief, could you do me just one final favor? i know im dying, the wounds are too deep and i have lost a lot of blood, even you can`t save me... kill me, Jean, could you do that... Jean did not move. Hibiki coughed more blood while his smile widened slightly, they remained like that for a while before he drew his last breath, his head tilted down. His hand that had gripped around Jean`s wrist dropped to the ground.

~flashback ended~

Jean bit her lip and smashed her head into the floor once along with her fists, it only eased the pain in her chest for a brief moment, then she cried till morning. Two students came walking along the path to the canteen for their early morning breakfast, they where chattering happily together about their classes and the games they played last weekend and other personal things, they stopped talking when they saw a maid walking towards them, both boys stopped in their tracks unsure what to think. Hey are you all right? One of them asked? though they could not see her eyes, as they where covered by her long ragged green hair that seemed out of place, it was no longer tied into a pigtail, her tattered (burnt?) clothes did not encourage confidence that everything was all right and yet they boys did not utter a single word after their first. As though they would have seen a ghost.

For the maid did not respond...

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: A wish for a Heart. (Private)   

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A wish for a Heart. (Private)
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