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PostSubject: Overtaker (Canon story) 1   Overtaker (Canon story) 1 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 31, 2017 7:45 pm

Arkian literally froze as he held Frosh for a moment. It was quite a comedic moment with Merie's facing lighting up with embarrassment, whilst Arkian's probably would have turned purple with despair and internal screaming. Ah, life, nothing goes as planned, were his thoughts. At least Frosh had the chance to be honest before he probably died. "About that..." he tried to speak, but she sudden broke out, sending Arkian's state of mind into a panic yet he did not lose control of himself. As she yelled out at him, he was just held Frosh in the same position as he did. All of a sudden she ran towards him, heading in for a punch, he could see. He reacted quickly, tossing Frosh into the air and swinging his forearms together to cover his face as he raised on leg and turned to his side while shouting "Your sister's been possessed by a ghost!" as he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, shaking with one leg arched up off the ground like some sort of Flamingo. It took a second later after she stopped. He opened his eyes and looked around at source of the voice. "Eh? What? You're... that girl that I spoke to a few minutes ago..."

Arkian lowered his guard at Sarah's appearance. He was confused for a moment before he was surprised as he went flying backwards into a building behind him, leaving a large crack on the concrete exterior around five meters wide. "Ughh... why..?" he moaned in pain as he falls off the wall and onto the ground, leaving a cloud of dust on impact before he was picked up by his undershirt's collar. He's starting to consider himself luckily for what he was trained for, including taking a hit, but this was almost a new level.
Sarah's protests couldn't really save him now, but what Merie said around him did cause of mental ticks in his mind that irritates him as much as the pain ached through his body as his head hung back, face aimed at the sky as he raised a hand and then his index finger in protest. "One... not... that... stupid... Two... none of this adds up... Three-" His hand went limp again and fell to his side. He raised the effort to straighten his head back upwards to face Merie, gritting his teeth to force himself through the pain. "Hear me out before you end my life."

“Nothing you say can spare you at this point!!!” Merie yelled, knowing fully well that murder was a crime, she pushed Sarah aside causing her to fall on her butt, only her slime cushioned the fall. Merie then quickly ran towards Arkian not letting him a moment to catch his breath. Arkian could slowly see his life suddenly and unforgivingly flashing right before his eyes, as the fist of Merie came ever closer in slow motion. It was at this moment that Arkian knew he had fucked up. Then everything went blank. The birds kept chirping away, as Arkian woke up next to Sarah who still seemed to be in a deep slumber… something seemed off…. Merie was nowhere to be seen.

Arkian shrieked in that moment. He closed his eyes and looked away, hoping her fist would stop this time. It did not; he felt the impact for a moment before everything went numb...
His eyes opened to the sound of birds fluttering and chirping, he rose quickly up, pale with fear and scanned his environment as quickly as possible, the shock of what he saw still acting on his nerves, hindering him from moving around. He blinked and caught his composure, back to a calm yet relieved state, but the sense of Deja vu was with him. "Was I... dreaming?" he asked himself as he raised his hand up his face and feel the phantom pain his senses were still picking up on in his mind. He drops his hand back to his lap and looks to this side, yet he did not even notice the thing on his head until a few more seconds. He looked to his side at the source of light snoring noises, he saw Sarah at his side. He stared for a moment, and realized what happened, yet he wasn't able to quite able to wrap his head around it.
His eyes shrunk, it felt like a bad memory yet he was aware it didn't happen. He was aware this already happened, at least in his head. The sense of Deja vu was very strong with him, he was starting to feel paranoid at what occurred. "Alright! I have to get some things straighten out! First--" he began to talk to himself hastily out of confusion. So many questions but nothing at all for answers! Arkian turned to Sarah and shook her, he shouted under his breath "Hey! Hey you, wake up! Come on, wake up!" As he rocked her shoulders. He was acting with a sense of urgency and awareness compared to last time.
As Arkian started to wake up Sarah a pink blob jumped on his face making it impossible to breath "Just another ten minutes mom, its not like i got work today" Sarah spoke in her sleep, next thing Arkian knew as he was suffocating slowly. Someone came over him, his new "friend" came over and tried to pull the creature loose from his face...  "Come on, wake up already- Ohmmmm!" Arkian was surprised by the slime tackling his face. He fell back to the position he was, on his back as he struggled to get the blob off of his face. Felt like someone placed a mask on his face, or more like a wet pillow  to him. "Mhhmpfff Mmmmm!!!!" he struggled to scream, caught off guard by the slime's surprise glomp to the front. He kept trying to rip it off, clawing into his sides of his face as he tries to the blob but it was just too squishy to get a good grip onto it. At this rate he'd suffocate and pass out, he kept on clawing and trying. With each second going by, Arkian felt a bit less patient, his efforts started to possess more vigor, more raw strength than precision. He was unaware anyone else around him, other than Sarah, but his mind couldn't focus with this slime on his face, trying to murder him most likely unknowingly.
When Arkian tried to pull the pink blob from his face his arms simply sank into the pink substance, getting stuck in the process, Friya tried to help but she ended up having one of her hands sink into the blob as well. She placed one of her legs against Arkian`s chest as she tried to pull herself loose. “what the hell is wrong with this?! Oi wake up Sarah!!!” Sarah woke up screaming “!!!” She took a deep breath “PLEASE NO IM NOT READY TO MARRY YOU YET, I NEED MY PRECIOUS FREEDOM!!!” She blinked for a moment before her face turned bright red, it took her a moment before she realised what was going on. She quickly ordered her blob to release as she was apologising deeply the entire time. Friya fell on her ass as the blob released. “ouch ow” Before Arkian knew it Sarah was crying her eyes out. And some people where paying note to the commotion.
With the blob of pink removed from his face, Arkian gasped for air. "Freedom!" his mind thought, probably in response to a word he just heard while being cut off of oxygen. He wanted to scream it, but instead he just coughed and gagged for a few minutes, he grabbed his throat then the center of his torso with a spider-shaped hand (just his fingers spread out like one). "My god that hurts! Fu--" he turns to Sarah's face, swinging his very close to hers to his surprise. Accidentally. He quickly retreats back from her personal, and pulled back trying to mutter "Sorry, sorry, that's my--" His line of thought was cut off, almost like his air supply almost was. He froze for a second as his senses came back to him. He looked around, noting a few glances in his direction.

"Were these people here before...?" he wondered. He shook his head as Sarah began to hurt. Presumably from pain, he thought. He then noticed Friya, in that order. His eyes went sleek, he situation got weird... He then pointed to Friya and said "You stick around for a moment, I'll need to talk to you in a while."

He then stood up for a brief moment, dusting off the sides of his black duffle coat, ignoring the others around him. He walked slowly next to Sarah, and squatted down besides her. "Something the matter?" he asked in a lightly sympathetic tone.
Sarah held her head low only raising it when Arkian approached her, two puddles of tears had formed each side of her because of her crying “You almost died because of me” she whined, Friya did not seem the least concerned though, and hardly reacted to Arkian`s words when he told her to wait for a moment. She looked at the watch on her wrist before she responded. “All right but make it quick, i have a meeting with someone in a bit” She said with a slightly annoyed voice.

Sarah Kept up her mood as a river had started to form that ran towards the sea. She placed both of her hands along Arkian`s coat and tugged a tight hold onto it. She leaned a bit closer holding her head low. “if there is anything i could do to repay you, name your price!” she said with a sad voice.
Arkian glanced over to Friya when she talked, quickly flashing her a stern look before turning his attention to Sarah again. Arkian looked at her with the best of all the attention he can muster, thinking her tears were something of concern, his eyes glancing to each of her own watered ones and held his breath in suspense.
"You almost died because of me."
Arkian's eye raised itself in response to this. He stopped for a second, shifting his view of her until he eased down and let off an exalted sigh as he relaxed, shaking his head at the end of this in a slight bit of silence. "You had me there for a moment, I thought it was-" he spoke, however was slightly surprised by the grip on his black duffle coat. "Wha--" he said, cutting himself off in the moment as she leaned in. Arkian was a tad bit embarassed at this sudden movement. She offering to compensate him for probably what the slime did eased his mind however. He smiled slightly to himself, pushing her apart from him with a hand on her shoulder. Afterwards he landed a gentle hand on his head, like an adult scolding a child.

"Look here, Sarah," he attempted to speak in a serene and affable voice, "Sarah, right? You most likely shouldn't be saying that to someone just because of what happened here. Something... can go very bad, and easily so." He rose up through the strength of his legs, taking a step back, and another one lightly. "Besides, my life was in danger but it wasn't your fault. You saved from your pet," he assumed. "That much is enough repayment."
He glanced over to Friya, and quickly walked over, "Now if you'll excuse me, as cliche as it sounds, I have some things to talk about to a friend." He quickly grabbed Elise's arm with Friya on board, pulling her aside fast enough for her to have little reaction and slammed his shoulder against her as they turned away from Sarah's view. Arkian, without a calm display gone, yelled under his breath, "Friya, what in the world happened while I was out of commission?!" he grunted at a whipsering level.
Hika-sue~: Friya rolled her eyes before taking a look at the time again, she waited patiently until he was done, talking to Sarah, Sarah herself started to cry again when Arkian forgave her nearly killing him by accident. Or rather her pet, her pet which now was comfortably louging atop of Sarah`s head. The little pink blob woke up from its nap when it heard a terrible scream venebrating from the girls dorms, soon followed by the sounds of a shattering window. By this time Arkian had already pulled Friya by the arm and asked her a question, just when she was about to reply the scream echoed not too far from where they where standing.
Hika-sue~: Sarah was now crying tears of joy rather than fear, or self blame but she cried none the less, Friya seemed concerned, and broke loose from Arkian`s grip. "Now is not the time, i need to hurry pologies!" she said facing both Arkian and Sarah as she stepped back and left in a hurry. "thank godness, im so relieved" Sarah said to Arkian. "i thought you where going to punish me like my brother did, i was so scared, gosh"
Sarah looked briefly in the direction of the girls dorms, while she adjusted her skirt a bit.
"what on earth happened there i wonder?"
She grabbed Arkian by the arm and quickly pulled at him towards the girls dorms withouth a real reason as to what and why, she was just curious i guess.
Arkian's focus on Friya was quickly broken as he realized what he heard was the sound of glass breaking, only then acknowledging the scream before it. He his turned to the direction of the girls' dormitory, fixated on it with an intense open-eyed stare of heavy surprise and attention. He stayed stiff and unmoving as his grip on Sarah's shoulder dropped, even as she ran off in the direction he was facing. He could hear Sarah crying in the back of him. It... was strange. Wasn't there a memory in his "recent dream about the girls' dormitory?" he thought.
He held his breath a bit as the sudden flash of a clenched first moving towards his view... He shook his head and came back to reality, blinking twice to show it and breathing normally again, yet he was still fixated on what was happening at the dorms. He looked over his shoulder and watched to Sarah as she spoke, before turning his view ahead again. "Brother? Like your brother?" ran through his head. But it wasn't time for that now.
"What  on Earth happened there I wonder?" she asked.
Arkian was about to reply with the same thing, "Sorry, no time for a-- Waah-" he was about to say something similar to Friya's words before he was grabbed the arm of his coat and pulled along. He gritted his teeth, wanting to say something in protest, but also wanted to run off after Friya to see what the noises were, mostly because he would respond to such noises as an actual threat in the Academy. He stayed silent and let himself be dragged along at Sarah's pace, his eyes fixated on the view past her, looking at where she was leading him.

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Efreet Spirit of Flame

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Martel Yggdrasill

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PostSubject: Re: Overtaker (Canon story) 1   Overtaker (Canon story) 1 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 08, 2018 9:47 pm

Sarah looked back at alex and smiled not looking where she was heading the girl bumped into someone, Sarah ducked under the flying saucer that had warm soup in it, which now raced towards Arkians face. Jeans suprised face came into view as she fell backwards, sarah on the other hand had ducked on the last second, her facial expression was embarassed and kinda suprised at the same time, she was subjected to gravity after all and her position did not help her problem, she caught her hands around the saucer on the last second before the contents of said saucer flew outwards towards Arkian due to the unpresidented amount of momentum that it was still under. Sarah hit the ground with her back pretty hard, still holding up the plate in her hands. She looked up at Jean who had somehow managed to avoid falling on her bum.
(continuation of the canon story)

Vichi Aviskus - 25.11.2017
Arkian just struck a puzzled expression at her smile. Raising an eyebrow to show he was unsure of what to make of her dragging him along  all of a sudden, as there were still so many questions he would want to ask, though he was unsure of who to ask. But still, Arkian couldn't help to think about that smile. "Such a bright smile she has," he thought to himself about her, "It honestly reminds me of the way she would smile to-" Not paying attention to how he was being dragged, nor where. Sarah's shifting took Arkian by surprising, since she did not release his coat's sleeve, she dragged him down with her as she fell, with soup from the saucer Jean carried flying towards his face. He was pulled down into a leaning pose, holding the balance on his leg however, he accidentally managed to position himself in direct contact with the soup, instead of giving himself and opportunity to arrive.  Arkian was unable to react as well after all, his right sleeve being grasped by Sarah didn't allow him to easily draw it, nor was he conscious enough to rip his arm away from her. Instead he just closed his eyes as soup splashed down onto his face and coated his hair from above, both broth and contents of it. Luckily it did little to harm him, only going to far as to annoy him significantly. He gritted his teeth slightly with his mouth closed, head slightly shaking at what just occurred.
Instead of overreacting, Arkian attempted to keep a calm head, slowly opening his eyes and taking two slow blinks before exhaling loudly before proceeding to shake the contents from his hair. He pulled away his hands from Sarah and wiped his face, keeping his left at his side at all times. Finally he landed off with three blinks before paying full attention around him. "Jean..." he said in a tone of greeting an acknowledgement. "Sorry for... the dish that landed on me." His eyes half opened and eyebrow straight as result of his cooled temper that almost shot off sky-high, his right hand also now at his side was shaking a little, almost folding up as his fingers were stiff as they shook.

SunKnightHikaru - 26.11.2017
To say that she was clumsy was an understatement of the century, and to say that she had "ducked" the saucer would have been a blatant lie, it was more akin to an accident of convenience. Since she had completely lost her balance, and yet here she was. Sarah could not help but feel responsible somehow to the accident that had befallen Arkian. "Arkian are you all right?" She asked grunting slightly in pain from the fall she rubbed her back holding up the now empty plate, Jean quickly picked up the plate having a look of disappointment on her face. "How are you going to repay this" she asked almost glaring at the couple. She had intended to take the soup from the kitchen to her master in the gazebo not far from here. Sarah sweat dropped on her face as she brushed away some dust from thights and bottom. Avoiding the servants intruding glare. She then recalled the sound that was made earlier of broken glass. Before Jean could say anything Sarah had already taken off towards the girl's dorms leaving Arkian behind.

Vichi Aviskus - 27.11.2017
Standing there covered in soup content still soaked into his hair, he glared back at Jean at her "demand" as he processed it while his hair soddened, dripping discolored liquids onto the thick of his coat's shoulders. "Can you... can you not? Like- right now?" he requested in a near tone-deaf, head hung slightly low and raising his hand a single finger between him and Jean. "Tell you what- I'll... I'll make it up to you for whatever I just knocked out. For now I can't just..." Arkian caught a glimpse of Sarah running off without him, he immediately ceased talking and stared at her running off. He let out a deep sigh and dropped his head and shoulders ahead, still feeling odd from the earlier dream. "Just... what do you need from me?" He said, averting his eyes and view of his face from Jean's (supposedly) lifeless-like eyes.

SunKnightHikaru - 18.12.2017
Jean sighed inwardly and pulled out an emerald colored napkin from her pocket, handing him the napkin to wipe off the soup from his face/hair "It does not matter anymore" she said with less and less empathy for every way of the words, she placed the empty plate on the service tray, thats when she noticed that she was missing her clipboard, she looked around puzzled for a few moments before she turned to Arkian. "You havent happened to see a clipboard, its really important?" She took a step closer to our protagonist. Now a mere foot of distance stood between them. Damn if she loses these papers it would be seriously bad. Just when she had gotten so many petitions too.

Vichi Aviskus - 20.12.2017
"Clipboard?" he asked in a surprised tone while wiping his face with the napkin he happily accepted. The next moment he spun around like a cat or dog chasing his tail as he scanned the floor with his eyes for any sort of clipboard, stopping as nothing was seen nearby. "I don't think I anything else fly off the tray, other that the soup from the bowl." He turned slightly pale upon noticing Jean being physically closer to him, not particularly sure about a small sense of danger he sensed. "Well..." he tried to think of something as he raised the napkin to the left side of his hair with right hand. "Where WAS the last place you saw it? If it was on the tray, I don't think it'd fly off on its own... *normally at least...* Maybe someone snagged it?" A bit uncertain with his words at the end as he gave a small shrug towards her. One thing that slowly began to dawn on him, and that was the feeling of childishness.

SunKnightHikaru - 20.12.2017
Jean started to retrace her steps in her mind, from the outside she closed her eyes and got quiet, she stood like that in the middle of the yard with Arkian just a feet away from him still, it had been a good ten seconds, before Jean opened her eyes, as she did so she took a step back from Arkian, her relentlessly cold facial expression dawned upon her once more. "Can you explain to me what you did in the headmasters office 2 hours ago?" She asked her words being stern at best, her expression had dropped a couple of clicks. The tray in her hand suddenly broke in half by the force she had applied to it, her eyes where not visible as they where now clouded by her hair. Her left eye twitched for a second. When the plate fell into the grass and broke into several pieces.

Vichi Aviskus - 20.12.2017
As Jean got closer, Arkian pulled further. Leaning back he squinted at her and started to break into a cold sweat.  "I uhh.... I did--" his response was halted as the tray instantly dented and snapped, Arkian's eyes widended and his nervous smile turned into a VERY concerned frown. "What *exactly* did I do in the Headmaster's- Well: Headmistress's office? I have-- A severe case of anmesia!" He took a few steps back and snapped his right hand, then pointed to Jean for this sudden realiziation. Though it wasn't true, it wasn't wrong either, Arkian was confused when it came to what happened during the span of the day, he sure should have learned his lessons in the past... The past where- "Wait- but really: What exactly happened at the Office, and how did I get in here? And why are you only bringing this up no- **DID I DO SOMETHING DETRIMENTAL?!**" He freaked out slightly, bursting into a panic as he slammed the top of his head then wiped down to his face. "Ohhhhhhhh all of my marbles!" He said as he looked off to the side, in a thousand yard stare as he searched his mind for anything: But there was nothing at all. Not even a slight glimspe or idea while Freiya was in his body!
He quickly turned his head to Jean, with a fast pace he stepped over to her and placed both hand on his shoulders, left hand a bit uncomfortable in an unnatural grip. He stared into eyes, or at least her visable eye not hidden behind her bangs. He spoke with a soft voice to her, with a stern expression upon his face. "Jean," he started off, "What do you know about mind control?"

SunKnightHikaru - 21.12.2017
Jean raised her head causing both of her eyes to become quite visible again, she raised an eyebrow at his word's "Amnesia? You must have hit your head harder than i though, still it does not excuse your actions.... you see you fell from up there I thought you died for a second, fortunately we where able to find your pulse...." she still was not sure how he was still among the living. Arkian started to talk again in a nervous and even freaked out manner. Jean looked puzzled at Arkian letting go of her suspicions for the time being. She glanced around the grass looking for the foremeantioned marbles but she did not see any on the ground "umm are you- alright in there would you like some so--" her words where cut short when Arkian grabbed both sides of her shoulder Jean blinked in response to his word's. "I-i think you might need a doctor, the band is quite popular in the academy but I did not know you where interested, I'll call the infirmary it might be best for you to lie down for a bit..." She placed her hand on his forehead checking his fewer.

Vichi Aviskus - 23.12.2017
While listening to her story as she recalled what happened to him, Arkian gritted his teeth with surprised eyes, taking a gulp of his saliva as he listened on. After he grabbed her and she finished speaking (for the time being) he chuckled and attempted to laugh it all off. "Heh, an infirmary? You think I need medical attention after all this time? Oh come now Jean, I haven't needed once since last fall-" He stopped as she moved a hand to his temple, where he remained silent for a moment with a glance upwards to her wrists and then back to her face. ". . . If you're thinking I'm sick or partially insane from the drop, don't worry, thought it's uncommon for me to be like this, it wouldn't be because of such reasons." He removed his right hand from her shoulder and brushed his hand on his forehead gently away. "Besides, I'm just wondering if I really did do anything insane--" Arkian turned to the side, left hand still gripped on Jean's shoulder, "--like stole or trashed something, or even killed someone..." He said the last part with shoulders dropped and a concerned voice of tone added. He suddenly perked up, his eyes with a sudden realiziation. "*Right! Right!* Jean!!!" he said turning back to her quickly, unknowingly he moved in close, pretty much leaning into her, while with his right hand raised and between the two of them making various gestures to express his speech with fingers bending and his hand swinning around slightly by the wrist.
"I need to get moving-- quickly too," with haste, leaned to the right where past Jean where Sarah had ran off. "I need you to do me a favor- Just this one thing!" he waited a bit for her response, eager to walk off. Before she could respond in a timely manner, he quickly slipped in the rest of his words "Look out for Eliss," he slightly butchered Elise's name out a slight and unnoticed tongue twist, "She's been acting strange and whatever took hold of me's now onto her! And before you ask anything: No I can't stick around to explain! I need to get to the bottom of this and I'll tell you better when I can!" He said to her, staring deeply into her eyes with glee for a moment before glancing back and forth to him and his left hand, still grasping Jean's shoulder. It took a few eye swapping between what he was looking at before he noticed and sighed, ending with an eyeroll as he steped back out of Jean's personal space and grabbed his left arm with his right, ripping if (figuratively) off of her and to his side, in where the grip of his fingertips of her easily collapsed. He took a step back and crossed his right then left arm across each other. All he hoped for from her was a yes, a no, or a simple and short reply before he ran off.

SunKnightHikaru - 23.12.2017
To Jean the words that came out of our protagonist where concerning to say the least, but she listened on none the less, she was not so concerned about whatever was going on according to him, but rather for our protagonist well being. She did not know this Eliss person, according to Arkian she had been acting strange, but according to the student catalogue, there was no student named Eliss. He was acting strange, and talking stranger still, she assumed at this point that her hero had suffered from a mild case of psycological trauma, it was really quite saddening to see him like this. She then made a decision. "forgive me" It tore at her on the inside. Jean formed a fist on her right hand and threw a quick but decisive blow into his stomach attempting to subdue her friend, before he would harm himself, or someone else any further.... The punch connected and our hero quickly lost his counciousness.

However unlike last time Arkian did not wake up on the grassy field outside.

When Arkian awoke he first saw an unfamiliar ceiling, he was in a hospital bed, the clock pointed at 3pm, it was quiet outside in the hall despite the sunlight flowing in trough the half open window. There on a chair next to the bed rested a letter, with his name on it. Several flower vases stood on the table next to the bed with people wishing for him to get better.(muokattu)
SunKnightHikaru - 23.12.2017
Arkian A.

Im sorry if this comes suddenly but i hope your getting better. After the incident you had become quite delirious. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me, and i hope i can still call you a friend after you read this letter. I will pay you a visit again soon and im sure others will come as well.

And im sure Lycoris will find it in her heart to forgive you as well for the tresspassing she is not that akward about being seen naked, she admitted to this herself. As she despises wearing clothing anyway. She just dislikes getting caught by suprise.

Either way im going to have to leave you for now, as my master needs me by his side

Jean A.

P.S Sarah payed a visit too, and stated that she was quiet worried, apparently she saved your life when you fell down...

Vichi Aviskus - 27.12.2017
Arkian opened his eyes, gazing at the hospital ceiling with his eyes half-ajar, dimmed by the light entering the room. Within a few seconds his vision and thoughts cleared, he partially realized where he was as he felt the pillow below his head, the warmth below his arm. He was in his  undergarments; shirt and trousers, guessing the hospital was trying to quickly heah him as he noticed this coat in the far end of the room, folded onto a table for some reason, possibly story convenience...
As his eyes were fully widened he quickly rose partially up, tilted, in surprise at the situation's development. "Where am I?" he asked himself the cliche question out loud as he had risen. His eyes then glazed over the chair next to him after surverying the room; furthest to closest. He was stunned, mouth still ajar and dumbstruck with little memories of how he arrived here (at the moment). After a moment of thinking, he shrugged it off in his head and reached out to grab the letter which he presumed was for him, lying back into the bed as he peered into its contents. His expression was of one who had just losed all his senses and was highly out of the loop; numbed expression on his face.
As he looked through the words, he suddenly recalled what happened, and had dropped his arm to the side of the bed as if his body went limp after reading Jean's signature. Dropping the letter at the side of the bed, and to the floor of the hospital, he missed a bit of letter as he raised the same hand; his right, to his head as if it were in pain. "No, I don't have a headache right now. This isn't a dream..." he thought to himself as he felt like rolling off the bed, however was only successful in moving just his head and neck, turned to the side and staring at the door.

I should leave as soon as I can...

Slowly recovering his strength into his entire body, he moved his legs off the bed and attempted to stand, crouching as he placed his feet and attempted to straighten his back. Instead, the pain kicked in after all this time. Phantom pain, one that was not there yet felt very real. Arkian's senses quickly fell back into disarray as he clutched his senses, falling completely to the floor and curled up into the fetal position. Paralyzed!

Arkian waited there for an entire minute in pain, the shock constantly running through his body and not even getting any better. He was hardly able to move around without the pain getting worse, but to his side he spotted the letter. He felt like his missed a piece at the end, having dropped it prematurely and a bit unvoluntarily. Lying down on his right side, he reached out to it with his hand pulled it closely to his face, quickly passing by the other words to see if he skipped any of the previously read details. He payed little mind to it, eventually getting to the post scriptum(P.S) section. His eyes moved over each word slowly with mild interest. Then again, this time with a mental shock.

"She saved your life when you fell down"

Vichi Aviskus - 27.12.2017
"Saved me?... How exactly did she do that... How far up did I even fall" His mind asked questions as he let go of the letter, leaving it to fall on its edge on the floor then flat on the ground. He felt his mind recovering from the pain, as well as his body regaining strength once more, he attempted to stand once more, eyes fixed on the door as he rose..

Quickly he fell again, the pain slightly more intense than before. How was this even possible?! He felt the pain directly in his liver, once again paralyzed as he feel forward with a thud. His body's adreneline rushed as his body deemed this an emergency, and in all of his naivity he slowly began to panic! His vision began to blur against all odds as he attempted to claw his way to the door way.

"Fuck! I need to get help! Someone! I need help! Please!"

His vision began to twist and contour faster than he could have processed, the light quickly dimmed as the hospital's tiles changed to rough floor stone. Sunny weather outside quickly shifted to the dark night, the light outside in the hallway from its windows disappeared while the walls and ceilings of the room and hallway turned into tree branches, quickly pulling themselves apart as them disappear into nothingness. He was in the opening, lying in a pool of red with screams around him. The pain was still there, getting worse no matter what. He felt like he was on the verge of death and even past that. The description of it sounds dark and on-edge, but the amount of pain he was in felt indescribable at the moment. His head buried into the ground out of pain, he payed little heed to the shift in environment as he raised his head back towards the door, or at least where the door was suppose to be.

"Morphine! Fucking-- ...Morphine! .... I really need.... morphine... mor-"(muokattu)
Clawing his way forward unsuccesfully, his words and advance was stopped by two others lying in front of him. They wore black coats just like his, except with much more professional sleeves, and belt supports strapped around them on their back, chest, crotch and legs. They carried grey and satchels and small packs on their lower backs. They were lying curled up similiar to how he was, in pain and fetal position. Their hairs-moderate and loose, one black and the other blonde; male and female respectively. In eye's view, they might have still been alive... "You two... please..." Arkian cried under his breath as he reached out to them with a bloodied hand. Again he resisted the urge to curl up, shifting his head and eyes up and down before looking toward again to the two, the two who were covered in blood was they lie lifeless in his eyes, gashed and wounds covering them along with the dirt stains on their uniform and hair strands...

CRAAAAK!!! Lightning flashed over the location, illuminate the view that was shrounded in darkness, revealing several other bodies similiar to the two, as well as other well armored figures in metal pieces and varying ensignias on this plastic-texture shoulder pads.

"N-no.... Triss.... Maxim...." He tried reaching towards them, but he was now completely paralyzed. His body ran out of the will to move, his hand dropped mid-reach. He slowly began to ran out of breath during his exasperated breathing, quickly becoming desperate for air... He just layed there, unable to move as blood began to flow from below the two. His head dropped next, lying flat on the ground as he felt blood under him, soaking his hair as well as his cheek. More blood began pooling, mainly from him with the crushing pain coming from the abdomen, around his solar plexus. He heard his breath slowly becoming quieter with each of itself taken....

SunKnightHikaru - 27.12.2017
Among the silence, which was too deep to make you even hear your own heart beating, would be for some people the last thing they would hear, even the little noises, as someone ran past the room in an erratic cycle, probably in panic. Because something followed soon after, but the noises dimmed again after a while, then a few minutes went by and the door narrowed open, they talked in quiet whispers, and true enough two familiar faces showed up. How they where still alive was anyones guess, Jean & Sarah came back, but it was hard to make out their faces, because they wore gasmasks over them. Jean placed a mask over Arkians face as well, a spare one which she had been holding onto."can you breathe now?"` she asked with a worried tone, as soon as Arkian got a breath of clean air most of the horrible things he had seen started to dissapear, Sarah switched places with Jean, quickly she took a place next to the door, Jean watched for any "shadows" that might wish them harm.

Sarah offered to pull Arkian up to his feet, he was not bleeding anymore, this was mereley a fragment of his own imagination. Sarah then explained the cause of his imaginations becoming real, even his heart could have stopped had he imagined it so. This Miasma was quite dangerous.

Vichi Aviskus - 27.12.2017
Even when pulled to his feet, Arkian's vision was still dazed. A gasmark didn't help his breathing, nor would it have helped even before. Arkian's sensed were nil, his head was in a different place rather than reality, evident by his eyes shut and body seemingly limp. He gave no reply to Jean, no reaction to anything happening around him. The shock of whatever he was experiencing seemingly had sent him into a comotosed state, his brain was slowly getting oxygen yet not enough, hence his current state. The masks did even worse for him, with the weak level his respiration was at, the masks completely cut off any sounds of breathing that'd normally come from a mask, even if one's ear were to be placed against it. In Arkian's mind, he was still lying on the floor,  however not in the hopistal floor, no- Instead he was lying in the opening that he saw, on the rock and still bleeding out. Everything was black on both ends; unconscious in both body and his mind. He would not last long without proper treatment at the level this has progressed. Even if it were nothing but his imagination, the effects on his body, whether turned into reality or not by whatever assaulted the air with its energy, was all the more effective on him. The only thing he has right now in his senses is a fleeting memory of noises of shuffling, and from his point of view: being grabbed away from the small hell he just saw himself in...

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