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PostSubject: Ariko (Student)   Ariko (Student) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 12, 2017 12:29 am


Full Name: Ariko Usuziniragi Kouradake Shinjiki Raito
Nickname(s): Ari
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race/Species: Human (To his knowledge)
Nationality: Japanese (To his knowledge)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



Height: 5'6 1/2 or 168.91cm
Weight: 148 lbs
Eye Color: Amber (different shades of red depending on angle), Random (Random situations)
Hair Color: Grey/Silver

Distinguishing Features: Besides having grey/silver hair at his age which many would spot immediately along with his amber eyes that changes its tone to shades of red when viewed at different angles and his distinct 3 scars along his cheek, he also often carries a red bandana/large ribbon along with him regardless of his present outfit. For more formal occasions, it's usually tucked away. Depending on the weather, he will also wear his bandana in different ways: Unfolding it to cover more of his forehead when he's exercising or when it's cold if he doesn't have his hat or wearing it as more of a ribbon on hotter days where he's just chilling. He also has beaded wristbands that actually weighs a hefty bit; the metal clangs distinct from more normal wristbands.

Ariko is a very unique boy. Due to constant conditioning, his skin is also very coarse and rough though can quickly get soft and child-like when his body goes into a "recovery" phase. He stands at 168.91cm tall and his hair is messy a bright grey under normal lighting but could glow into a silver when under direct light. His face is usually always smiling or dumb-founded at things with complex thinking required.  His eyes are very unique in the fact that while normally a unique amber-like colour, it can shift colours very easily with usually red showing up more due to angle changes. However it has been known to change very quickly as well; sometimes even into a purple. His body has many and multiple scars across it but is not noticeable unless one runs their fingers along the areas slowly. His muscles are very defined and while isn't bulging to the point of absurdity, is very well maintained yet sleek. Even when relaxed, his muscles are able to be seen and even hard with no flex. His body lacks any common fat that most people would associate with the lazy teenager. He is different from most boys that he obscures most of his muscles and tries to make it so people don't think "Muscle" the moment they look at him, along with the fact that he makes it so people think he's smaller than he actually is.

Ariko has a common style he wears; his brown jacket being one associated with him the most. The inside of it has a simple Magic Circle that is mostly for decoration. The jacket is loose and easily flutters in the wind while sometimes even looking like a cape. Another common dress attire is his red bandana/ribbon. It is unique that it feels comfortable in practically any form; rolled up to be more of a ribbon or folded out to be a more traditional bandana or even a small-scarf. He also usually wears very weighted beads as a bracelet, with one bracelet weighing around 2.5 lbs and two on each wrist.  

For more "formal" attire, he has a Martial Arts gi that's mostly white with black and silver accents. The shows that comes with the Gi is similarly coloured and has a padding for the feet. The spot where the heart is has a very unique symbol of his family in a customized Kanji that looks to be a piece of art by itself. The belt is black showing Ariko's high status within the dojo with gold accents along its edges.


  • Food: Especially Ramen. If it tastes good, he'll eat it almost indiscriminately. However due to his strong animalistic-like sense, bad food would taste especially bad.
  • Fighting: Ariko is a natural fighter; everybody that has met him ever would know that. He's been born into it and is pretty much the only real ability he's trusted with for many people. He deeply enjoys the thrills of combat and the adrenaline rushes it brings along with it.
  • Dancing: It's basically just a form of fighting without hurting people. This philosophy about dancing allows Ariko to ham it up at parties and dances. His style of dancing is more akin to breakdancing and the like rather than anything formal. The speed of his dances gives him the same thrill as combat to an extent/
  • Honour: Ariko follows a fairly strict honour system from his dojo. Ranging from no bullying, to picking fights with opponents lesser in strength, always having courage in battle whilst always trying to help others.
  • Friends: Ariko likes connections and bonds with people and adamantly tries to get on people's good sides (Albeit sometimes with naivety)
  • Cooking: A surprising like. Ariko, due to his extremely high senses is very good at making up good-tasting food on the spot. While not as good as avid or regular-basis cooks, he can get the job done in a pinch especially when considering he has never had any formal cooking training. He only likes cooking because it causes food.

  • Torture: This is basically the exact opposite of honour and goes against all of Ariko's moral principles. The ONLY time he's seen doing this is if he's in an absolute bloodlust. Should any of his friends or even strangers get tortured unjustly is more than enough reason for Ariko to step in.
  • Doctors: Their medicine tastes horrible and they're the carriers of the demonic needles.
  • Homework: HOMEWORK!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dust: Due to his abnormally sensitive senses, dust is particularly annoying to Ariko as they cause his nose to go haywire. While it can be called Asthma, it isn't as severe and only serves to annoy.
  • Headache: On an average of two or three times a year, Ariko will get a Headache. He's much more tired during these days and is always mildly annoyed. While he retains his personality to an extent, it pains him that he is unable to do what he loves.

  • Needles: They break the skin and inject... something into you. Could it be a virus, disease, or even other living creatures!? He has this fear due to his natural instincts that tell him to avoid the suspicious pointy object, especially due to his time in the wild.
  • Death: This is a more subconscious fear rather than a normal one. While Ariko is capable of charging into battles with no fear and could care less about the concept of death as awhole normally, sometimes someone's death that he knew more personally could trigger something subconscious within Ariko; A deep mental scar.

Ariko is a very bombastic person to say the least. He prides himself in his combat abilities and is basically the definition of courage. In any occasion, he is not afraid of standing up and doing action even if he's the first. This quality of him makes it so he's very straightforward with people that goes against his morals such as stuck-up parents who thinks they control their children. Another trait he has is that he is a very open person to which almost anyone can talk to which in turn also means he's a loud person. It isn't hard for him to make friends and to remember them even after long periods of time. He has a very happy-go-lucky outlook on life and is generally a very happy person even in the face of sadness. In the spite of his happy personality, the back of his mind is very analytically driven (Mostly using his moral compass as a guide). This makes it so he is capable of adapting to emotional situations and make everything better with his happy personality. Also due to his moral compass, he is a very loyal person and surprisingly takes the bonds between people very seriously. In spite of this however, is that he has a total lack of traditional common sense. He is one of the first people to come on to someone's mind when you say the phrase "Breaks traditional conventions". This also lets him to be a very dramatic and good actor due to the fact that he's had to memorize and display his martial arts abilities many times in his dojo.

Ariko however displays a lack of "intelligence". Anything that's complicated and requires a higher education is something Ariko would probably be dumbfounded about and only should it involve combat does he get higher and more complicated subjects which is his other trait; a natural edge for combat. He is able to analyze and quickly adapt to combat and as such might sometimes make him fidgety should someone sneak up on him without warning. This trait to do quick thinking during combat allows him to be pretty ingenious with unorthodox attacks and strategies that end up working.  

He doesn't judge people harshly for their mistakes or keep grudges easily and is very forgiving. Due to his life long conditioning, he takes injuries a lot more lightly than most people would ever be comfortable with. On the flip side, he is also very much competitive and is a philosophy of his to give everything you all and even to go beyond your maximum.


Ariko has a long line of mages with the stronger members of his line being immensely powerful. They all have something in common which is the fact that they were all mainly physical fighters and they all had a zeal for it. Ariko was born into the art of Martial Arts and is like his many predecessors, very adept at it. From a young age, Ariko always questioned where his mother and sister had went while he trained away. He and his father had a very friendly relationship, with friendly spars and injuries to the both of them being the norm. He easily got a high ranking within his dojo. Ariko has had a fairly easy life with his family being a fairly rich one. His father over the years slowly had to spend less time with him due to his other business however.

Now unlike most children, Ariko never actually went to a formal school and instead focused more on his fighting ability and had a limited formal education from worried masters at the dojo. At the age of 11, Ariko had a morbid curiosity of how it'd feel like to camp out alone for a long time like the shows on TV. He then stole one of the Butler's Motorcycles and rode out with only a Katana, his jacket and the bandana.

He returned casually at the age of 13 and a half with a large smile like he had before. His zeal and curiosity had sated his lust for self improvement for the time but swiftly wished for more. His father then introduced Ariko to the actual world that was kept away from him with the wish of his mother: the world of magic. It was then that Ariko swiftly received an invitation to go to Mage Academy. Although he would've not accepted for a year and a half.

Before he left, he was given a large luggage with seals and literal chains keeping it closed and was told to never open it unless absolutely needed. It was passed off by his father as "Just another trial" to see if he has the self-restraint to keep his curiosity out of his duties.


Physical: 18 (C+35)

Magical: 17 (C+19)

Mental: 10 (D+12)

Fighting Style:
Ariko is an extremely powerful Martial Artist and has a very refined yet wild fighting style. He's trained in many styles but mainly specializes in quick and powerful strikes while dodging/redirecting most attacks. The normal style he fights with is limited in direct defense due to specializing in the speed department, negating the need for a very solid defense. Under defensive/protective circumstances, Ariko would adopt a circular-like style which involves lots of circling and is akin to dancing if slowed down. This defensive art has many flips,locks, and throws that uses the enemy's attack against them. Ariko is able to interchangeably and quickly shift between these two styles quickly. Ariko is also known to be very capable with weapons; from bladed to staffs to Nunchucks. He prefers short ranged weapons like daggers or swords. While he is capable with a staff-weapon, he has lesser skill with longer ranged weapons such as any spear weapons and little to no skill with heavier style weapons.

He also has experience with dealing with other Martial Arts that are not a part of his unique family's style, such as Zui quan or the Northern Praying Mantis. While he is able to replicate these other martial arts well enough, he isn't particularly good at them and would more often not just revert back into his own fighting style because he's more sluggish with uncomfortable forms.

Ariko while fighting is very aware. He has high reflexes as well as a good situational awareness, although sometimes can overcompensate his battles which usually results in self-harm. While he is able to manage at mid-range, he has little experience in terms of long range combat. This honed fighting style runs on mostly muscle instinct; polished over his lifetime. For this he is also slightly twitchy and quick to jump into combat without thinking things through.



Blood Type: O-

Items of Significance:

  • Sheathed Blade: Ariko always carries with him a sheathed weapon completely covered in leather strips and chains. The Sheath itself is black with cyan blue tribal-like markings around it. The actual blade does not show up at all and is banded together with the sheath at its hilt with said leather strips with extreme tightness. Ariko's father told him to never unbind the blade and as such Ariko usually uses it as a bludgeoning weapon or gives it to someone for safekeeping while he goes in hand-to-hand. Right now it also is encased in luggage covered in sealing symbols and spells.
  • Bandana: Ariko is always seen with his red Bandana. While not even he knows the significance of it, he describes it as "Just right".
  • Motorcycle: This is Ariko's personal motorcycle. Capable of going speeds upwards of 136 mph and a very stylish gold and yellow paint job with dark black accents, along with its very powerful engine. The sides of the front can open to reveal small storage compartments from when Ariko travelled a lot. This motorcycle is customized and is well worth a lot of money. Right now its current location is back at the dojo's garage.

Position: Student


"If the future is bathed in Darkness, then I'll pierce its heart with my own Darkness!"
"Who was that? Were they mean to you? if they were, can I break their legs?"
"I'll clear this fight with a climax!"


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PostSubject: Re: Ariko (Student)   Ariko (Student) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 02, 2017 9:38 pm

Great character you've made, but before I can approve your application there's a few things we need to you to brush up and change so please bear with me.

We'll start with the easy stuff first! The simplest thing is that we would like you to clarify your position better. Rather than just student, please include that you're a first year.

Now let's get a bit more in-depth.

While reading your app I had a problem with the power and skill set of your character. He seems a little too powerful for his grade, and to be honest; frankly his age as well. We did however take into account your trade off of intelligence for this while grading.

Your Likes and Dislikes

I actually REALLY enjoyed reading these, I thought they were amusing and honestly quite refreshing in comparison to the usual we see in apps; they made me laugh. But when it comes to Ariko's likes it seemed as if you were describing things he was good at rather than things he actually likes. Which is not what we are asking for in this section. Also while I am on the subject it almost appears the line between "good" and "mastery" has been blurred and Ariko appears to be a master in everything he's good in; not just good. Please clarify this a bit better for us. Thank-you!~

On another note your cooking like is perfectly fine, keep it just as it is.
Food and Honor are also fine as their exempt from the "good" category I mentioned.
Your dislikes and fears are perfect~


"Ariko is an extremely powerful Martial Artist and has a very refined yet wild fighting style under normal circumstances. He's trained in many styles but mainly specializes in quick and powerful strikes while dodging/redirecting most attacks. The normal style he fights with is limited in direct defense due to specializing in the speed department, negating the need for a very solid defense. Under defensive/protective circumstances, Ariko would adopt a circular-like style which involves lots of circling and is akin to dancing if slowed down. This defensive art has many flips,locks, and throws that uses the enemy's attack against them. Ariko is able to interchangeably and quickly shift between these two styles quickly. Ariko is also known to be very capable with weapons; from bladed to staffs to Nunchucks."

Overall we have an issue with this and other portions of your combat section as you appear to be equally skilled in every form of combat except for magic; including a general proficiency in weaponry.

We did a side by side comparison and you'd decimate any third year in a fight and only be beaten with somebody slightly below the level of Alexander or Martel in the physical combat category, which is somewhat unrealistic for your characters position. Even if you spent all sixteen years of your life training there's no possibility Ariko would have as much mastery over physical arts and weapons as you have mentioned on-site and in chat. For example Anderson Silva at the age of fourty-two only knows around four to six styles. (Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wing Chun, Judo, Capoeira, Taekwondo). Only four of which he used on a regular basis as a fighter, and not even a black belt/rope in all.

We do have a few more things we have issues with, but for now we would like you to focus on this. Arkian and I will talk to you when all three of us are on later. Your character is awesome but has the potential to fall into a Gary Stu, and we don't want that to happen because he's awesome.

Thank-you for your time.
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