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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian A.   [Student] Aviskus, Arkian A. Icon_minitimeThu Aug 31, 2017 5:49 pm


Full Name: Arkian Anix Aviskus
Nickname(s): Ark (Arc).
Age: Twenty Years Old (21).
Sex:  Male.
Race/Species:  Human.
Nationality: Unknown Eastern European Nation.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



Height: Five Foot Ten. (5'10" ft.) / One Hundred Seventy Eighty centimeters (178 cm.)
Weight: One hundred and fifty four pounds. (154 lbs.) Seventy Kilograms. (70 Kg.)
Eye Color: Aquamarine Blue.
Hair Color: Deep Black.

Distinguishing Features:  Arkian's appearance is noted by his shaggy black hair that covers his head and overlaps with his outfits' collars. Apart from that, his rarely colored illuminating eyes that easily reflects lights in a way similar to cat eyes. It is also noticeable that Arkian keeps his hair and face free of objects, commonly leaving his hair unkempt unless in dire need or for formal occasions.
His apparel is one that commonly stands out, wearing what would be described as 'loose clothing' commonly consisting of materials such as cotton and wool, his attire usually covers each and every inch of his body, save for his head on most occasions. He prefers his clothing to carry the least amount of aesthetic patterns on his attire unless they aid in a form of camouflage.

Arkian's stands at approximately at five foot ten in height, weighting around one hundred and seventy four pounds. He has fairly light skin due to his neglect of sunlight with his long attire and indoors schedule. He has black shaggy hair that reaches the base of his neck, which he makes minimal but eventual effort to retain its length. Despite his origins, Arkian resembles an eastern Caucasian person in terms of facial structure. It is defined as 'diamond shaped' with features of almond shaped eyes and straight-edged narrow nose bridge. Arkian's teeth are nearly as sharp as carnivorous mammals to accommodate his main diet of meat. In terms of health, Arkian's body is adequately resistant to illness and physically moderately fit, with his body mass index falling under normal classification, Arkian has a light frame that easily displays a toned figure. His limbs are slightly longer than the average person; this physical trait is hardly noticeable without measurement and comparison. His body is without much scars due to his ability to heal unnaturally fast, save for a circular light purple scar around his entire left elbow due to previous injury of his personal life, along with small cuts below his eye sockets and above his cheeks. For unknown reasons, his left forearm moves in mechanical manner, able to only constrict or extend the grip of his hand, and rotate in a machine-like fashion, hinting to others that it might be a prosthetic.

Arkian's outfits are very diverse and have evolved over his experiences to reminisce about his past and honor a person, cause or event in his life. Arkian previous wore a variation of the student outfit at the academy during his early years of enrollment, consisting of a white overcoat and grey undershirt and black leggings. Along with that he would wear leather shoes, coupled with white socks. He commonly carried around a satchel bag over his shoulder to carry his necessity, along with a steel scabbard and a shortsword around his hip on the left side, fastened to a leather belt strapped around his torso and waist. Arkian refers to this previous outfit as "Civil" after he started applying names to certain attire.

He has a similar outfit, updated with better sized clothes and higher quality materials which he wears for formal events. He instead hauls around his bastard sword on a strapped adjusted onto his shoulders rather than a shortsword on his belt. He also wears black dress shoes instead. This outfit has been dubbed "Socialite" by him.

After a few years of enrollment and being unable to graduate to a new year, Arkian began to dress in a familiar –to himself - black attire upon promotion to the next grade.
This outfit, known as "Empire" consists of a black duffle coat worn over a grey sweater and black cotton pants. His coat extends to the lower sections of his femur/thighs, effectively covering the upper legs allowing him to conceal anything satchels and weapons strapped to the leg and up. With this outfit, he would wear ankle socks and a pair of reinforced safety boots. Around it, he swears a black web belt with a sliver head around his waist, with two satchels at his right hip, slid and locked onto his belt. He carries around his weapons either with its own sheathes and straps on his back, improvise with any straps or such, or hook it onto his belt in the end if the weapon possessed a ring at the bottom of the handle. His common weapon of choice is a bastard sword, carried by him on his back with its own sheathe and tied onto him with belt straps around his torso diagonally and across his hip. Under the loose sleeves of the coat, Arkian carries a concealed knife strapped onto the posterior of his left forearm. He wears this outfit as his default choice of clothing because of its durability and comfort, usually walking around with academy with it for his classes, and usually on missions on warm or cold regions. In the case of hot temperatures suddenly developing, Arkian would put the coat into his backpack, if any, and roll up the sleeves of his sweater. Otherwise he would ditch the coat entirely.

Another of Arkian's outfit, named "Wanderer" if made up a tan-colored overcoat with its sleeves folded at his elbows. With this, Arkian wears a tan undershirt, yet wrapped his forearms in dark green cloth to cover them before wearing brown leather gauntlets over them. His leggings more loose than the others and are tucked into shin-high padded brown boots with fur cuffs. The outfit is meant to emphasis the dexterity and agility, as the outfit provides little protection against any physical or elemental force, save for the overcoat, gauntlets or boots themselves which offer only little resistant to blunt force and small sharp objects. His carries a small knife strapped onto the left side of his belt in front of him for quick reach, with a mid-sized sheath located behind the back of his waist, holstering a single-edged blade, presumably a dagger, with his handle aimed outwards to the right. His sword would be carried around on his back, with leather straps, the blade’s handle aimed up to the right. Any other weapons carried by him would be loaded into a backpack, provided his carries on, or carried with their own or improvised sheathes in place of his other weaponry. Arkian uses this as an alternate outfit for field work in warn or hot areas (the latter would involve him without a coat), or intending to travel lightly for any mission where speed the core focus and combat is unlikely, such as scouting missions.

In the past, it was rumored by two students that Arkian wore an unknown outfit. Due to the lack of information, it is uncertain if it did ever exist. The only hint that anyone would have to go off of would be a sketch of a random outfit in Arkian’s room which was ‘borrowed’ by a particular student, and the word “Conqueror” written besides it.


  • Weaponry – Arkian takes a great interest in the study of weapons crafted through the eras. His interest and past training lead him into deep studies of weaponry, allowing him to easily identify them and their usage. His favorites originate from the time period of the middle ages, and are descending from European and Oriental cultures.

  • Literature – Growing up for Arkian was mostly been with him being alone, before this Arkian was instructed in basics of what he would be required to know if he were to enroll in the Academy, including the alphabet, reading, and basic mathematics. When left alone to fend for himself while in the Academy, Arkian grasped his ways of self-sufficiency through books, though his favorite of all were entertaining books about fictional settings and heroes from afar. As such, Arkian has a great appreciation for anyone with the creative talents to make entertaining fiction, and has somewhat become critical in how it’s done, out of said appreciation.

  • Carrots – Arkian greatly enjoys carrots despite mild and general distaste for vegetable. Eating the taproot of the vegetable, he prefers them to be colored usually orange and tough to chew. He prefers them raw when washed, and treats it it as any other vegetable when cooked using common methods. Despite his love for them, he still prefers meat over carrots, but has no problem with both in one sitting.

  • Pastel – Arkian has a great fascination with soft and light colors. His favorites of artworks are generally paintings made with chalk of light colors, finding them expressive and pretty. He often stares at the clouds during dusk and dawn, admiring the skies and sunrise or set.

  • Cuisine – Arkian’s self-sufficiency is not without reward. Living alone and paying heed to the world of cooking through reading materials, Arkian took to his kitchen and experimented during his early teenage years. He found he was very good at guessing when meals were ready, and developed a genuine love for it as his mental library of recipes evolved. Though Arkian does not love eating in particular, he will rarely stand down an opportunity to mix ingredients and make meals.

  • Affability – One thing Arkian would choose to admire about a person’s character would revolve around their honor and self image. However those qualities rarely compare to his admiration for a person’s ability to be friendly. Arkian deeply values one’s ability to be kind to others, and anyone who shares a deep comradeship or displays it will have beyond have earned his utmost respect and be seen as an aspiration to him.

  • Knights – Arkian’s original idea and aspiration were the modern portrayal of knights, moving him to pursue knowledge in various codes of honor, notably chivalry. Despite maturing and having a more clear sense of reality and better judgment, Arkian still holds the ideals he learned as a child close to him, and generally forms his self-image in regards to being a knight. Though Knights are rarer and vastly different in modern times, Arkian can look past any biases he has and give his best and most respectful attention towards anyone bearing Knighthood.

  • Nobility – Arkian dislikes those associated with any of the royal families or from minor nobility. He initially shows great distrust and lack of respect towards even those associated with royalty. Even after forming a positive relationship, Arkian will still display signs of hatred towards the like, favoring them less and sometimes refusing to help.

  • Demonic – Due to past experiences on the foul sides of violence conflict, Arkian shows great animosity towards anything revolving around the corrupting potential of magical energy, possessing a great bias towards the destruction and neutralization of anything related to it. He will not attempt to compromise the well-being of anyone in the process, instead seeking to resolve the issue without unnecessary losses.

  • Fanaticism – Regardless of how noble or worthy a cause it, being overly devoted will eventually bring one closer to great obsession of it, and eventually lead to blindness of the original idea and failure to acknowledge the general message. That is Arkian’s take on fanatics, with Arkian has a past full of various lunatics, he genuinely believes one should not go too far in devotion to anything, as it will eventually cause self-harm and most likely make them a danger to others.

  • Manipulation – Arkian’s code of honor is based around honesty towards his allies and bystanders to achieve what he desires. This doesn’t mean he won’t tell a lie or refrain from telling at all to avoid circumstances he does not want, but Arkian refuses to blatant deception in other to lead others along him instead of standing beside them as equals in regards to his ideals. As such, Arkian will hold others in contempt and exercise cynicism against anyone who has used malicious manipulation on him or anyone he is aware of.

  • Chaos – Preferring for everything to be in order and information to easily be exchanged to highlight and situations, Arkian abhors the idea of being unorganized and unprepared for a situation, and being able to understand the situation or even for it to be lost more to panic and unease. Though he is aware their occurrences are unavoidable throughout his life, moments like these tend to put Arkian under stress, as it harms his psyche in addition to the knowledge that unnecessary problems are being created, thus extending time of the general issues.

  • Suffering – One of his deepest of hates would be seeing a sentient creature, capable of emotion, to bear the fate of unnecessary prolonged pain and agony. Being some of the hardest parts of Arkian’s life and all his decisions he had to live through, Arkian prefers creatures and people not to suffer, and intends to do whatever he can to ease any pain and save what is possible, and avoid unnecessary harm against his foes unless they warrant his full ire.

  • Electricity – Unknown as to how Arkian developed this, he possesses an intense fear towards the sight or sound of uncontrolled and freely flowing electricity. The sights and sounds of electrical sparks, lightning, and even electric magic results in instances Arkian would freeze completely or frantically flee the scene depending on the severity. He still enjoys modern technology unaffected, yet feels unease at any digital simulation of electricity.

  • Poisons – Generally fearing any chemicals that can alter the body in negative ways, and even destroying necessary bodily systems needed, Arkian is highly afraid of poisonous chemicals. In presence of various venomous creatures, Arkian will keep his composure and treat it as any other animal, any animal attempts to attack him with venom, or if any types of poisons pose a threat of affecting him, Arkian will become extremely defensive and try to leave the scene without bloodshed or harm caused.

  • Conflict – In an encounter, when there is always the possibility for initial discussions and a peaceful resolution, Arkian fears that any actions can easily bring around conflict. As such, if the opportunity is presented for a peaceful path, he will try his best for relations remain that way. To clarify, Arkian fears conflict breaking out during times of peace, however he is not above partaking in conflict itself, and if the situation calls for it, he himself will initiate a fight if he feels that he or his allies have been wronged.

  • Obsolescence – As someone who intends to establish himself into society as a Mage, Arkian has decided to work his best in order to be contributive towards society and ensure that its people are safe, and the best choices are chosen for its people, which is one reason he trusts the Magical Council’s systems and their objective decision making based on statistics. However, Arkian holds a very unusual and borderline illogical fear that Mages will eventually become a thing of the past, much like the old Knights. Because of this, Arkian is willing to take necessary steps to ensuring Mages remain a part of society, hoping to aid the systems of magic in making sure it flourishes with as many members as possible.

  • Ineptitude – One of Arkian’s greatest fears is to be inept in fields he deems valuable to him knowing, and his intended actions. Because of this, Arkian greatly sympathizes with the many people who have failed in their journeys, as well as various people termed “Inept” in regards to magic. One of Arkian’s worst nightmare and more horrid of memories would be him being stripped of magic, therefore unable to any of his powerful abilities.

Growing up with only a few parental figures, and a lack of permanently assigned parental personnel, Arkian turned to the word of fiction and literature during a mental state of solitude at the Academy. His books and novels mainly compromised of the feats and bravery of honorable and well respected men, both fictional and non-fictional, leading him to develop a personality akin of his personal favorite heroes. His personally eventually developed to accommodate his believe, shaping his behavior to be kind, respectful and indiscriminate towards others in other to uphold a self-developed code of honor, originally based off of the ones followed by western European knights, or at least the ideologies and beliefs that were pushed into popularity by the world of modern literature and mediums.

Prior to current events, Arkian’s personality was very reclusive and unconfident towards social interaction. While he still possessed his beliefs and a code of honor, he had possessed poor self-esteem and would degrade himself and his abilities on a personal level to the point of pity. He spent many of his time admiring social butterflies and more prosperous individuals around him, however he would attempt to remain unnoticeable and feel threaten by the presence of others due to constant harassment of his poor academic and physical achievements. However due to certain scenarios that took place over half a decade, Arkian altered his personality, and was able to freely pursue his own beliefs with passive confidence.

Arkian is easily described as modest, well-mannered and somewhat considerate from another’s perspective. To others he generally tries to convey a sense of mind unreliability yet undying but unsworn loyalty. From his experiences, he’s learned to keep a cool head and remain calm even non-dire situations, he can easily hold his temper in almost any social situation, even when it turns to light violence. He executes casual tasks with a hint of clumsiness and the mindset of a simpleton, whilst still attempting to maintain a friendly charm with others. He eventually changes his attitude towards others individually, based on their own personality, in order to better communicate with them on a personal level to help establish a friendly bond.

However, the majority of his actions are very much intentional and consciously decided by him. Arkian’s abilities and skills, as well as his experience during past events, has made him very hardened, observant and coordinated. Arkian is extremely skilled in using high hand, displaying a high level of dexterity he refers to as “Sleight of the Hand”. Occasionally, intent slip by his mind, thinking out loudly his in-depth analysis of situations and clues as well as any notable occurrences around him from all senses. Because of this, Arkian is easily resourceful if allowed to proceed as he commonly sees fit. He is unshaken by various stress-inducing situations, allowing him to remain calm and concise with tasks under pressure. Arkian’s trait he tends to display purposefully is a dislike for bloodlust of any sorts.



Arkian's history starts at the Mage Academy. With no recollection of his past, parents or heritage, his earliest of memories are vague to him, remembering only him being instructed by a few vague individuals of his identity which he carries today. Put under the Academy's care under the classification as "additional cargo" under a mission document. Any other details about him were either destroyed or redacted in the existing documents. Originally, he was temporarily supposed to be kept at the previously abandoned dorms, which was left after modernization efforts. However it was later established that it would become his permanent location of stay until further notice.

At the age of 10, Arkian was enrolled into the classes of the Academy, while mainly being supervised by various staff members as personal tutors under the command of high ranking academy personnel as a means of rehabilitation into society amongst other individuals. However, progress showed to be poor, as Arkian's weak socialization skills and lack of initiative as well as tact slowly resulted into him being generally viewed as an outcast to his peers. Seeing this, various staff members suggested he indulge himself into various hobbies, mainly those of literature, to avoid him developing a horrible sense of morality. He was provided various stories and novels, with occasional text books to help with his common and some intermediate knowledge.

As a year went by, Arkian eventually developed a minor personality, yet very shy due to his lack of confidence from previous attempts of socialization. Because of this, he was rarely able to interact with others, and developed great admiration for others which near-flawless socialization skills. Despite his efforts, three years have passed since Arkian had been enrolled by staff choice, yet he showed hardly any progress in his academics and magic while mild in his corporeal classes, it was not enough to leave the academy staff members satisfied. As such, support on Arkian was eventually dropped, leaving him with mandatory amenities and permissions of a regular student. The loss of support from the staff members did not matter much to Arkian, however it left his mental state in vulnerable position, causing him to have extreme loyalty towards those he trusts, all while making him extremely cynical to others, making it extremely difficult for him to trust anyone at all. Arkian’s inspiration and role models were a few of his upper classmates, whom were deeply admired by him though he never communicated with them.

Despite his predicament and attitude towards others, Arkian was soon dragged into an obscure group on the route to his dormitory through one of his admired classmate who was the top performers of the second year students. The group mainly operated in Europe, and was working on destroying a long-term coup by a coalition that was close to its completion, setting back their enemies’ progress while both sides were working to keep the conflict completely anonymous from anyone than themselves. Arkian’s skills were evaluated, but were severely looked over due to the initial impressions he made on the upper ranks of the organization. He was equipped normally and relied mainly on his teammates for combat and assistance, equal to being a spare member of the group. Though his involvement was viewed as a joke, it was not until a botched operation in a disguised village a few kilometers off the Oder-Neisse line, the event Arkian’s innocent line of thought and allowed him the freedom and initiative to better his skills and seek out vengeance. A year had passed, and Arkian managed successful executed one of the enemy commanders, Arkian had returned to the Academy and completing his first year with passing grades, allowing him to move onto the classes of a second year. Though resigned, Arkian returned to the organization with his specific sense of duty still intact despite fulfilled.

Throughout the next three years of his life, Arkian undertook various missions for his organization while enacting a mutual agenda. He was able to communicate with various sources and experience hands-on training in various fields, as well as had performed quick and stern studies of necessary skills for his jobs. During this, Arkian personally witnessed the demises of the other enemy commanders with his own eyes after facing them and their various talents. The organization managed to stir up internal conflicts and unrest which worked against the groups associated the enemy coalition, allowing the organization to stage their ending act. In a final assault, Arkian’s unit which he now led was tasked with the stealthy infiltration and sabotage of the enemy forces, allowing the organization to even the battlefield for themselves and the success of their troops. When the last enemy commander fell, so did the coalition they had all formed. Remnants of the coalition scattered into the various nations of Europe. The organization Arkian was a part of was decimated from their recent assaults, it quickly started to crumble with a few members resigning, and even fewer surviving to the end. It was unknown as to what the final blow to organization was, however the organization was quickly taken down and finished before they could execute an ulterior motive. Afterwards Arkian returned full time to the academy once more, this time being the last he would see of his organization. This his goal achieved, Arkian was able to come to terms with the various losses he faced. Though various years had passed, Arkian was free to pass onto the third year of the academy, with his new goals in mind.



Fighting Style: Arkian’s fighting focuses on uses of evasive maneuvers, quick strikes, parries, and heavy hitting precision spells. Despite his awareness of danger, Arkian will commonly wield bladed weapons that require solely one hand. His fighting style is developed enough to allow him to wield even longsword in combat with great finesse, however any heavy and bulky weaponry are out of his reach. In a melee battle, Arkian’s weapon of choice by default his blade, differing with each of his uniforms. His attacks are based off of fast arm movements, as well as practical yet stylish attacks such as twirling the handle around his forehand to quickly recover from a string. Though his attacks may seem wild and reckless from outside view, they are swift, precise, and hard-hitting. Arkian’s low usage of armor against physical weaponry has lead him to train on quick target acquisition and. This allows him to intercept any weapon swung his way and to be quick enough for him to gauge an opening. His only weakness in melee scenarios would be his inability to deal with far heavier weapons than his own, as well his low potential for blocking as he commonly utilizes only a hand’s strength, and two-handed blocks only slightly increase this potential.

When unarmed, Arkian's hand-to-hand combat fighting style is built around various military-level types, however focused on neutralization rather than pure lethality. Arkian utilizes mainly grapple-type attacks, akin to using Judo-styled throws where the opponent's weight and momentum would be used against them. Because of his predicaments, Arkian's unique version of his technique utilizes one arm in combat, for both striking and grapples, preferring to dodge rather than block or absorb blows with his agility.

In range combat or evasive scenarios, Arkian would utilize moderate acrobatic abilities, as well as rolls and cover to avoid impact with enemy spells. If the opponent attacks with ranged abilities, Arkian would prefer to keep his distance and have as much time to avoid any attack as well as out-range his opponents. If the enemy has closed distance and intercepts him with high speed, whether with physical combat or a ranged ability, Arkian will attempt to quickly move around them and their strikes before attempting disorient their movements while retaliating with magic-based attacks of his own. Because of the nature of Arkian’s main offensive spells, Arkian’s ability to laying down suppressive fire is impractical, requiring a small amount of time to charge for each attack, as well as a short deliberate cooldown to avoid strain on his arm.

Arkian’s tactical sense is to use an enemy’s weakness against them when the situation calls for it, and the end result of the battle legitimately matters from an objective standpoint. As such, against any true foes Arkian faces, he will attempt to use the enemy’s range against them, attacking melee using with long-range abilities while engaging in close quarters combat with any range combatants.

Arkian's general principle for his abilities and combat is so attack preemptively when possible, and alternate between an offensive and defensive aspect in his style, striking only when an opening is presented, and reverting when the opportunity has subsided or been claimed.



Blood Type: A+
Items of Significance:
Position: THIRD YEAR STUDENT (9 years)

"Woah the- Gahadha- Yok'- Da herti- Ah...." -Arkian x Floor Rolling

"Gyakh!" -Arkian x Face-to-Tree

Original Arkian:


That's all for now.

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian A.   [Student] Aviskus, Arkian A. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 01, 2017 8:14 pm

Hello! My name is Akreious and weeeee already had this conversation in chat. Since one of the most headache parts of the app is gone (The stats), I can safely say now that there is more than enough detail for me to give my full Approval

Have a good day and get roleplaying.
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