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 Yui Yanagi [Complete]

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PostSubject: Yui Yanagi [Complete]   Yui Yanagi [Complete] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 13, 2017 10:28 am


Full Name: Yui Yanagi
Nickname(s): YuYu, The Magus of Crystal
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race/Species: Pure-blood Human
Nationality: Japanese
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 167cm
Weight: 58kg
Eye Color: Ruby
Hair Color: Silver

Distinguishing Features: Despite her different hairstyles she likes to keep it loose very often, her hair is sometimes kept tied down into a braid in that of a ponytail or two. It only boils down to whatever she prefers at the time, if she feels like spending more time than usual or not. Or if she even has the time, before classes start. In the case of a braid, a black ribbon can tie her hair into place.

Because of her unique magic Yui lacks any formal weapon combat training aside from fencing, her form of attire is usually seen as that of a school uniform, but has been witnessed to wear ice armor when entering combat situations. Her armor is light but surprisingly sturdy, perfectly fitted to form around her curving body, in which she enjoys wearing stockings underneath. Along with a lance and shield to accompany her on her travels.  

Her grades overall are above average, she studies hard and knows her history almost too well... Her magic is a combination of Wind and Water. But she appears efficient enough with healing magic as well.

When wearing her pendant, Yui is unable to use any magic at all, therefore her pendant is a strong seal, at the moment she is forbidden to leave the school grounds at least until she has learned to better control her magic, she studies in private classes at the moment. And always under constant scrutiny of the magic council. She is rarely seen without a maid or two following her lead, and when she is alone they are not far behind.

These features are rather peculiar and should be the first things one sees when observing her character, complexion, hair color, eye color etc. There are no visible scars at least any that are visible when she is wearing proper clothing, it is to be noted that her body shares a pair of scars going across her back in a X cross shape. Aside from this no blemishes or marks, freckles or tattoos cover any part of her body, it appears pale white. Her ruby red eyes often catches the attention of those that pass by her (either that or her assets) Her silver colored hair appears long and runs down for the better part of her character all the way down to her thighs, and she is usually a matter of debate wherever. Her body structure has been neatly laid out almost as if someone carved it out and molded it with their hands, to be akin of  that of a godess.

She likes to wear her school uniform, even though it appears slightly too small for her, perhaps it is why she likes wearing it. She also likes to keep it open for this specific reason, saying that if she tried to button it up she would have to be afraid of either ripping it, or not being able to breathe, and she likes to breathe. Her name and files are not on paper.



  • Honesty - She admires honesty in people, and strives to keep no secrets to others.

  • Diligence - She admires people who work hard, whatever that may be.

  • Learning - Being a quick reader, and quick at learning things in general she is a book worm, but also has great knowledge in martial arts.

  • Pain - She is a masochist a seeker of pain at heart, Yui ❤️ pain, Only verbal pain however she cannot feel physical pain anymore. Not since childhood has she felt pain, her heart aches from time to time, this venebrates within her soul and gives her anguish which she both hates and relishes.

  • Music - Singing or using an instrument, these are both viable uses for the play of music, Yui prefers to sing but never before an audiance.

  • Arrogance - She may seem quite Arrogant herself at times, but that comes with the power she wields, however she is quite levelheaded when facing an superior opponent, she does not shy away from asking for help, or even running away if the opportunity presents itself. Disliking arrogant people is second nature to her, especially if they are weak.

  • Tight spaces - Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape, and being closed into a small space. It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often times results in a rather severe panic attack.

  • Crowds - She dislikes Crowds because it gives her discomfort even stress, it gives her discomfort because her personal bubble gets broken, and it also goes under Tight spaces/Claustrophobia.

  • Warm Weather - She feels out of place in hot weather, and she dislikes to sweat too. Her normal body temperature is 31 degrees celsius under normal circumstances, which has something to do with her magical abilities. She would have a strong fewer at 37 Celsius.

  • Technology - Any tech has a habit of combusting randomly in her care, be it a phone or an elevator.


  • Spiders - They are scary and hairy and have eight eyes what else do you need? She is terribly scared of spiders, once when she was reading a book, a spider landed ontop of her head, traveled down her forehead, her brother found her gurgling foam on the floor.

  • Freezing - Afraid of freezing civilians/potential friends, which is why she distances herself from society.

  • Elevators - Same as under technology.

She may come off as an extremely distant, calculative person, who appears quite mature. This is merely a shell to guard her heart from betrayal. Yui detests drunkards and says that all people that drink that foul drink get corrupted no matter how pure their souls are. In the off chance that she gets drunk Yui`s personality flips 180 degrees either side, she can become either a grumpy drunkard, sad drunkard, playful drunkard or the like. This has never been witnessed by anyone since she has never been drunk before just slightly tipsy. When Yui decides to put her trust on someone, she finds it extremely easy to convey her feelings to those people, she may even confess her secrets to those few people she decides to trust. Being the epitome of independence, Yui makes millisecond decisions on the go, usually with a simple solution to the problem.

Yui can make irrational conclusions on a notion, weather someone writes a letter, tells her something, or makes an implication, she can easily misunderstand and make it something more akward in her silly mind. In her country there is a general rule, if you happen upon a royal woman in her birthday clothing you are to marry that woman no matter who that might be or suffer the conciquences.

Once a bond of trust has been made, however. Yui will trust these people with her life, they can find no better companion, no more loyal than a knight pure of heart. She is truly a friend till the end whatever that may be. And finally Yui has a bit of a case of Masochism, apparently a quirk she picked up on her time in the ACC, yes she likes people inducing pain on her, verbal only though as she is immune to physical pain, only her heart that aches.


Yui was born in a small village in Japan, because they where very poor however her parents did not have enough money to keep her, and as she was not their first child, they abandoned her in the woods still just a baby, a woman found her, hearing her cries, having just lost her own child to a disease, she took care of her, fed her and in time Yui came to call her mother. Yamaris her mother told her she was not her real mother, and that her husband had died in a war a year or so ago, Yui did not care they lived a happy life.

They lived a life of comfort, even though Yamaris did not look like it she was a wizard, (a powerful wizard equal to that of a teacher in MA) She would not have to worry about money ever again. One day being six years of age, Yui got really sick, and even though Yamaris knew what was wrong with her she could not help her. Within her tiny body held  limitless possibilities for the future, and yet now her body was working against its god given nature.

She was suffering from MO or Magic Overload. Which was fairly rare in its time, her body was simply creating too much magic for her small body to hold. So to solve this problem Yamaris consulted the ACC to save her child she left her only daughter in the facility, it was very painful to endure the tests. Unknowingly however Yamaris threw her daughter to the lions den, the Academy for Cursed Children was an institution maintained by a cultist organization in secret, their "tests" where inhumane to say the least. Yui endured these various tests for months that amplified her magic abilities rather than suppressed them but in such a fine tuned way that she would be better able to control her powers when she grew older. One day Yui escaped the facility using the very magic she had been taught to use, she walked a long way home, but as she came home she was greeted by a strange sight. Her mother was not alone, she was all well and healthy but that was not the problem, there was a boy, no... two boys living in her home.

She jumped to conclusions, her mother had never intended to come back for her, maybe she had always wanted boys anyway, maybe she even knew about the methods in the ACC. Yui was broken, she made a decision and went back to the facility, so she could become stronger to extract revenge on her mother. Yui endured the tests and surpassed everyone`s expectations, one day the drive core that tempered her body reversed due to Yui dedication it caused a massive explosion killing off most of the cultists. Yui left the ACC or what was left of it, she was given a necklace to control her powers in the ACC since they did not think she would leave anymore.

Several months later she was adopted into the Spanish Royal family when they found her dying on the side of a street, she was not adopted immidietly off course, but when they witnessed her potential powers flaring out of her tiny body with such intensity, had the royal house already decided. She would truly be a divine apostate, upon the world either for balance or chaos.... good or evil, it was their job to teach her the rules of the world, and it was her job to pick the right path.

As time passed Yui learned a great deal of things, navigation, close combat, fencing, etiquette and so forth. She was a quick learner as her family found out, and they where all very proud of her. Yui grew into a fine young woman and on her 18th Birthday became an official member of Mage Academy, barely had a week passed and she was already studying with the privacy of her own classroom teacher.

It happened just a few moments ago, i witnessed this man, a prince they called him, he didn`t look like a noble prince to me though, not like my brother, this supposed "prince" spoke poison into my ear, embarrassing us "real" Royalties... enough about that though, what caught my eye was a group of people, they looked different. I would not go that far as to call them "interesting" but a notion none the less.

I should have said something, but i hesitated, at this point it does not matter anyway i will be reprimanded for acting that way, but my master.... no. My king is a fair leader, kinder than any man i have had the pleasure of witnessing. Other than perhaps my brother......



Fighting Style: Yui has a rash and straightforward fighting style, yet somehow manages to be graceful in her attacks, she utilizes a variety of close combat techniques, and altrough she is capable of deception she rarely utilizes it, at least one to one. When worrying about others however this strategic mind might come into play. When getting serious Yui removes her Pendant of Absolution (also known as The pendant of Absolute sealing) This pendant that keeps her pool of magic in check, will then run rampant as if she had no control over her magic at all. It can be seen pouring out and freezing anything she touches at this point. When Yui releases this limiter her fighting style changes once more, all she has to do is touch her opponent and their body parts are frozen solid. However freezing a person solid does not instantly kill them, they are however in a vurnerable state and can easily be shattered. Her magic revolves around Ice/Snow. When touched the icy touch freezes a limb, part of a torso solid in mere seconds, however unless she is able to touch again the frozen parts don`t spread and can be unfrozen by pouring hot water onto the frozen parts of the body.



Blood Type: O+

Items of Significance: Pendant of Absolute Sealing/Pendant of Absolution, Sword of Justice, Silver Harmonica

Position: Student 1st Year

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PostSubject: Re: Yui Yanagi [Complete]   Yui Yanagi [Complete] Icon_minitimeSun Jan 07, 2018 7:24 pm

I Approve this App, I wish this Character good luck in her future adventures.

[Alexei(Vichi) here, speaking through Chronus's account. Hello all. Anyways: I sadly can't accept this app in its current state, needs a bit tweaking so nothing's bit. The app itself's acceptable as long as these small details are fixed.]
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PostSubject: Re: Yui Yanagi [Complete]   Yui Yanagi [Complete] Icon_minitimeSat Jan 13, 2018 1:07 am

Hello there, Alexeivichi here. Coming at you once more with a review for Yui:

Alright, first off let me say the application's significantly decent. Having done a full review, I don't have much to scrutinize for, other than a little bit of writing error here and there, but they're either corrected or don't really matter at this time. Another thing I'd like to touch on is that since she's not our current "threat" or powerful Relict we've been waiting a bit for, I guess there's no reason to hold her up to high standards nor to keep staff highly involved in her, but she is never the less important to the coming story. Anyways, I approve of this application and as such, with the two-staff approval required (Chronus and Alexeivichi) being passed, this application is hereby:

ACCEPTED. Feel free to roleplay with her in her current state or remind us if you want to make any small changes to her.

An important note: I'll need you to work on her weapon in a separate application.

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Yui Yanagi [Complete]   Yui Yanagi [Complete] Icon_minitime

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Yui Yanagi [Complete]
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