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 Kannagi, Oshizu (Incomplete)

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Oshizu Kannagi

Oshizu Kannagi

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PostSubject: Kannagi, Oshizu (Incomplete)   Kannagi, Oshizu (Incomplete) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 22, 2018 11:40 pm


Full Name: Oshizu Kannagi
Nickname(s): Shicchan
Age: Eighteen
Sex: Female
Race/Species: Magically-Inclined Human
Nationality: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



Height: 4 Feet, 10 Inches (5 Feet, 3 Inches with Heels)
Weight: 90 LBS
Body Type: Petite
Eye Color: Light-Blue
Hair Color: Snow-White
Blood Type: B Minus
Birthday: February 14th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthstone: Amethyst

Distinguishing Features: Scar over her left eye. She does not hide it and wears it proudly.

(All descriptions are torn from the RWBY Fan Wiki: Here. I did not write these paragraphs! They are edited where needed to fit this application!)

Oshizu is a pale skinned young girl with pale blue eyes and long white hair pulled back into an off-center bun tail and pinned with an icicle-shaped tiara. A crooked scar runs vertically down her left eye.

She wears a thigh-length strapless dress with faint color gradation from white to pale blue at the hem. A small piece of black lace sits in the front of her neckline and the hem of the dress is scalloped and stitched to resemble snowflakes, with layers of white tulle under the skirt. Over this she wears a bell-sleeved bolero with the same color gradation as her dress from shoulder to wrist, lined in red and with a ruffled collar. On the back of the bolero is her family Crest.

She also wears a small apple pendant on a silver chain and thin, rectangular silver earrings. Her boots are white, wedged heeled and higher at the back than the front. They have a small silver decoration across the top of the foot and are lined in red. A thin white sash is tied around her waist with a pouch attached to the back.

Her modified academy uniform consists of a white, double-breasted jacket with black piping; cuffs and buttons over a white, pleated full skirt with black lace trim. She also wears a pair of white, thigh high boots with black heels and lace-topped black stockings.



  • Rebelling - Doing things that her parents don't enjoy her doing. Such as attending a public school.
  • White - A color that she's grown to love, even though her parents completely agree with it, she can not find it within herself to part with the color.
  • Singing - Taking lessons her parents had set up were a surprisingly joyful way to get away from her predetermined life.
  • Work - Coming from a hard-working family, her blood boils when laziness is about and no work is being done. She has to always be doing something.


  • Control - Her life being decided for her, she does not enjoy anything in her life being controlled, nor does she like to do what she's told.
  • Loneliness - Despite her outward reaction to just about every person she meets or doesn't meet, she has been alone her entire life. Only her parents were there for her, and they controlled her from the moment she was born. She desperately needs friends.
  • Being Powerless - Tieing in with 'Control', she doesn't like not having the power to change and control her own life. Even with the small freedom she has and her time away from her parents, she still feels very vulnerable.
  • Ghosts - As childish as it seems, even to her, she does not like Ghosts. Though she knows they don't exist, she cannot stand them. She also has problems with scary movies, music, and places.


  • Graduation - One year away and all of her hard work is paying off. If she graduates, it increases her chances of getting into a prestigious academy. Most importantly, it will be far away from her home and family.
  • Marriage - Though a very down-to-earth person, Oshizu is still a young woman with normal dreams. Starting her own family is one of her life goals.


  • Singing - The lessons from her childhood have carried over into her adult life, and she is quite fond of music, writing songs, and performing them before an audience.
  • Reading - Very like a girl of her type, she enjoys reading at any chance she gets.


  • Laziness - There is always work to be done!
  • Dull Colors - White being her favorite color, she loathes dark and dull colors, such as black, grays and browns.
  • Loud Idiots - Morons who can't keep their voices down. Especially when she's trying to read or study!
  • Tight Spaces - Possible phobia, but she doesn't like small areas or suffocating places. Such as crowds.


  • Scar - When she was young, Oshizu had an accident involving stairs and a table. Her left eye has a scar running down it. She does not hide it, but she does dull the color with makeup.
  • Attitude - Due to her controlling parents, Oshizu has developed quite the attitude. Her attitude and appearance have earned her the Titre 'Ange des Neiges'.
  • Phobia - Two possible phobias. One is certain, the other hasn't been diagnosed quite yet. She is afraid of Ghosts and small, cramped or suffocating places.


  • Singing - Quite repetitive now, aren't we? But, emphasizing this isn't enough. She loves to sing. It is one thing that hasn't been controlled for her.
  • Fencing - Quite an odd talent, but one nonetheless. Various classes and hours have been put into her fencing abilities. She has not competed, but she has enough talent to be impressive for her age.


  • Phasmophobia - Fear of Ghosts. She is unsure as to how she has developed this fear, but she suspects something to do with her father's love of scary movies.
  • Enochlophobia - When she was young, perhaps two or three, Oshizu got lost in a large crowd on a business trip with her parents. She was found crying and hiding in a corner an hour later and has refused to go into crowds without one other person with her since.

As her life was decided for her, Oshizu has become somewhat of a rebel. Any chance she can get, she tries to go against what her parents tell her, or just outright ignores their orders. Her appearance has even been affected by this, as her hair is worn in a ponytail to the side of her head, although the rest of her clothing and otherwise appearance is very balanced and matched. She talks very little of them (her family) but will not stand idly by as they or their business is mocked by anybody of any rank, race, age or gender. As such, everybody is equal in her eyes save for criminals who shall forever remain as the scum of the earth.

Because of her controlled life, she was and is very lonely. Strict parents and tutors could only provide so much company, so she began to build the icy wall around her emotions and true self. Her initially cold responses and attitude towards everybody is a possible psychological sign that she is unused to the concept of true friends, and not just commandments and false pleasantries. As time goes on, however, those that remain by her side long enough will find a very warm, kind-hearted girl who will open up to them and in return be a great friend. She will, however, remain a bit abrasive and strict. It's just in her nature now.

Her attitude has also earned her quite a few names, the most frequent of all being 'bitch' and 'bitchy'. She is very irritable and confident in her studies, but has enough humility to acknowledge her flaws and need for further education and 'social exercises'. As such, she often comes off as arrogant to others, and a 'know-it-all'. But a know-it-all that is entirely capable of making best friends out of acquaintances.

She is far more studious than most of the student body at the high school. Whereas her classmates may have half a notebook of notes, Oshizu has made a copy of each and every page and written her own questions and comments to each note. Of which, she will research and find answers to and proceed to write them down once more.

Despite her attitude and 'bitchy' personality, Oshizu does, in fact, have a humorous side. She has a set, neutral face and scowls more often then she should, but she is capable of fun and can smile and laugh just the same as other people. She enjoys board games but is not very good at them. Especially if they involve chance and luck.





Fighting Style:

Very fast and lithe, Oshizu is very quick on her feet and her mental prowess allow her to form strategies on the fly. However, her lithe form comes at the cost of physical capability. She cannot run for long distances, lift moderately heavy objects for more than a second or two at a time, and becomes winded relatively quickly in lengthy combat. As such, she will attempt to end confrontations very quickly, or without much physical effort. She relies very heavily on Ice-based abilities and substitutes for Fire-based ones when need-be. She has been known to mix in Alchemy with her fighting; as her unique ability allows her to form shapes in the air with her magic, creating matrices and formulas to perform Alchemy. Because of this ability, she has memorized and practiced a few versatile Alchemy Matrix to use on the fly.

Her weapon of choice is any type of Rapier, however, she has had extensive training in greatswords, and though she does not have the physique to wield one, she knows how to use them well. In unarmed combat, she is sluggish but retains her agility. Due to her lack of physical strength, she is unable to deal any crippling blows through any technique involving physical exertion, but she can still fall back on her impressive magical prowess. In an event where she must use a heavier weapon, she can augment her physical prowess with Alchemy and/or the proper application of Magic in her body.

(Just cus you don't have one yet, will convert when you decide on one~)
Worst to Best (E - S)

Physical Capabilities: D+
Mental Capabilities:A-
Magical Capabilities:B+
Size of Magic Pool:B



Items of Significance: The tiara upon her head. It was the only gift given to her by somebody she wasn't directly related to nor was hired to teach her.

Position: Student
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Kannagi, Oshizu (Incomplete)
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