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 [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix

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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:23 pm


Full Name:  Aviskus, Akrian A.
Nickname(s): Arc
Age: 19 (October 31)
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human


(Yes, I know the full image of his body was poorly done, cut me some slack, I’m still learning art! >_<)
Height:  168 cm
Weight:  54 kg
Eye Color:  Cyan; Sky-blue
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features: Cyan eyes (Exotic), Hair color changes depending on Weather. His canines are longer than his other teeth as well.

Arkian is approximately at a standing height of 168 cm (about 5.4 ft) and weights about 54 kg (119 lbs/pounds). His pitch black hair, literally smooth as silk, covers most of his ears and somehow curls in-front at the sides of his face around his mandible, as well as covers his forehead complete and hiding his eyebrows sometimes.

He always wears a black coat, constructed out of Kevlar and with a polymer zipper with a metallic appearance, covering what apparently is a cloth-based brown tunic that covers his entire torso and arms up to his elbows, and for his leggings he wears long cloth pants, extending even down towards his ankle but usually tucked his boots. Speaking of his boots, they are made out of reinforced leather, and the sole is constructed out of heavy rubber. His attire is basically that of a medieval peasant of old Europe, reflecting his country’s life as non-royalty.

(Oddly enough, Arkian literally almost always wears a pair of camouflaged cargo shorts, even in baths due to his unique way of thinking and execution of ideas.)
Under his coats in his duty attire/attire for combat, he wears a black utility belt around his tunic, made with a sheathe for a small knife, a pistol holster, pouches for either magazines/ crossbow bolts or throwing weaponry, and three satchels for storing any useful items, such as herbs, potions, gems or a small valuable item, and so on. He has a pouch strapped around his left thigh to keep a reserved blade as a backup if by chance his belt is detached and unable to be retrieved without difficulty.

On his casual days, he is usually seen without his coat, and wearing a simple leather belt instead. However, he still has his pouch strapped onto his leg as precaution.


  •  Meat and Junk Food - Arkian prefers a carnivorous diet, being unable to stand even the taste of most vegetables, he enjoys the flavor of cooked meat or oily meals.
  • Animals - most notably Feline and Canines, but ultimately Dragons which he took a strong interest in and he'd daydream of having a pet dragon from time to time.
  • Science, Mathematics and Languages - Though he isn't initially the 'smart' kind, he really enjoys a lot of academic subjects as well as learning the way how others speak to each other around the world.
  • Equality - Arkian sees many people around him as his equal, exception being his teachers and such. He doesn't like to see others be treated differently for just a minor difference. In basic, he likes the absence of discrimination.
  • Allies - Arkian'd rather have friends and comrades than foes and enemies, finding it more enjoyable to hang out with someone rather than be hated by them.
  • Weapons and Explosives - Arkian grew up around a lot of books and video games, pretty much a lot of them were about military-grade weaponry, in which he took an interest in things that made loud noises, were destructive and caused a bright scenery.
  • Technology and Engineering - Growing up around a lot of books and being shunned by his peers and some teachers, he took an interest in things that were complex and operated in with sophisticated machines.
  • Art and Music - He learned to be appreciative of 'talents' of others, most of others, and will look at a good piece of art or a great piece of music which wondrous eyes.

  • Discrimination and Prejudiced - In this eyes, everyone deserves a chance if they haven't done anything wrong, and just being yourself and being hated for that isn't something Arkian would stand for, but rather against it.
  • Harm to Innocents - Arkian understands how everyone else lives their life without justification for them to be hurt, and he knows the feeling of pain. He doesn't wishes for anyone to experience it, and wants everyone to know true joy, not torment.
  • Sufferance - Arkian knows the feeling of lacking something that is wanted very badly or needed, but having to do without it. He tries to make the best for everyone, and wants them to have a good life.
  • Betrayal - Backstabbing is dirty, and no one likes being stabbed in the back by someone whose trusted. Though he would do it if it was needed, but Arkian doesn't like to break the trust and relationship he formed with others.
  • Immorality - If someone does something and thinks they're 'above the rules', it's just plain ignorance and disrespectful to everything people did to make these rules.

  • Death - Arkian knows death is a cruel fate, and wouldn't want to experience it unless he gets old and his time is up. He doesn't want to lose anything in an unnatural death either, saying goodbye isn't as easy as it sounds...
  • Hurting or Angering Others - Arkian doesn't like to hurt someone unless he has to. It's simply because he doesn't want to make them sad, or more so, get on their bad side.
  • Dilemma - When someone isn't at a balance, Arkian might jump into a state of paranoia. For him, there must be a good or bad way, the good way being long but rewarding, and the bad being short and rewarding but consequential.
  • Females - Due to gynophobia, however, he may still interact with them, but he is easily intimidated by them, especially his female friends. The reason this was formed was because he was pushed around a lot by both boys and girls, but being a boy himself he didn't understand females back then, and become instinctually scared.

Growing up with a few parental figures, Arkian takes his personality from heroes of story books he would read, usually involving a knight against all odds, resulting in his personality being respectful, kind and considerate to the people he knows or not. He isn’t quick to judge and tries his best at understanding others. He respect people and lets them enjoy life as long as they don’t do it selfishly or be self-centered. He carries a friendly nature and charismatic personality, but is however naïve and simple when it comes to understanding principles, needing an in-depth explanation and even oversimplified things to understand it entirely.
He might not look like much, but he possesses a great feat in dexterity and strength, making him capable even without the use of magic. His creative sense is usually used in sync with his logical senses, enabling him to use unorthodox methods in order to achieve his objectives.

Despite being scorned and hated or even feared by a large percent of the academy, his instinct of help someone still strongly exist. Not succumbing to his moral hatred for everything, his way of life is indirectly based off of the idea of karma, regardless of the fact that he does not expect anything good in return for his deeds. He eventually developed his way of life into never going back on his word, basically to not break promises.  

During his early childhood in the academy, he was quite mischievous as he would paint graffiti on the wall using water paint, rig rooms with smoke bombs and even used a maker to deface the statue for a comical effect. Despite his agility and tactics that contributed to successfully hiding from others, he was caught and scolded in the end. His reason for doing this however was to due to the fact he was mostly ignored and practically hated within the academy. However, he buried his grudge against their hatred at the age of 10, and fixed his ambitions on becoming what he acknowledged as a hero so he himself would gain acknowledgement from others.

Due to the naivety factor of his nature, he is quite observant thus able to notice certain tricks, deceptive schemes and is able to put pieces together to solve puzzles or gain a lead on mysteries. Despite his simple mind, he’s capable of quickly breaking down information and identifying flaws, thus granting him the capability to exploit weak points in enemies using any information relating to their abilities or skills. During a battle, he is seemingly calm and composed at most of the time, yet easily gets frustrated over being unable to defeat his enemy with his best of abilities.

Living alone, he’s is capable at cooking, cleaning and washing laundry, being self-sufficient and independent.

He is Fluent in English, moderate in Japanese, and weak at German, Russian and Ukranian, and is conducting studies on all languages as one of his leisure activities.


Arkian grew up at the Academy never knowing his parents, and was hardly cared for as a child during his time in the academy as a kid. His financial support would come from his home, which he was told it was located somewhere in Northern Asia. At a young age, he desired to be socialized, but he was shunned and called “A Demon Child” or “A Bad Omen”, for reasons he did not know. Due to this, some of the teachers reluctantly looked after him, but would instead have him read books, as he eventually learned to read them and such, he had found his main source of knowledge.

His desire to be acknowledged and renowned grew even stronger, ironically from his books he would read, the ones given to him to prevent him to seek power. He drew up his life pulling pranks around the academy that involved painting on the faces of the academy’s statues and defacing some of the figurines made in honor of the heroes. His pranks against certain people involved planting sometimes paint bombs in rooms, exploding when the door was opened and resulted in the victim being covered in paint. However, despite the madness and chaos he may have caused, he was given light scolding by some of his teachers, who reduced his intense punishment to community service; having him cleaning all the mischief he did, however, his continued his pranks, and ended up getting caught most of the time.

At the age of 9, he began attending at the Academy officially, his performance being the poorest compared to the other students in terms of intelligence, physical and magical prowess. Because of this, Arkian would devote his time off to training, yet yielding poor results as he managed to miss his targets, drop his weapon to the shock of hitting something dense, failing to understand of misunderstanding the methods of using magic, or sometimes miscalculating or overlooking vital points in his training targets.

Even so, he pulled through his classes, but ended up in last place as usual due to his initial incompetence, but due to his years of training and learning, he managed to reach a sufficient level, but was far behind his classes as he was considered the weakest of them all. Getting help from the teachers was hard, as they considered him a nuisance, and help from even other students was even more difficult as he still feared and hated because of the old rumor of the demonically possessed kid at the academy who brings bad luck and even death to those who he befriends.
At the age of 16, his abilities grew even more, he was capable and was allowed to take on missions as some of the teachers saw him fit and where as some of them saw it as a good way to get rid of him.

However, about a year and half has passed and he hasn’t taken on what could really be called a mission. So far, all he’s done so far is run errands around the academy to support his life as financial support, he usually finds his way through, and has learned the value of living cheaply overtime. Over the past years, he has established a goal: To become one of the best heroes that the planet has seen, so people will finally acknowledge him as a part of society.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 15
Magical: 15
Intellectual: 15

Fighting Style: Arkian follows the way of the sword and shield, yet he usually carries a sword rather than both. Taking after the popular “Knights of Europe” in world history, he acts as a damage dealer but a lesser tank, yet he adds some of his own characteristics into his style of combat such as evasion and acrobatics.
He has high vitality, therefore possesses above-average healing factor and great health capacity naturally, however he’s not invincible and can easily be killed if he lets his guard down, pretty much like any other character.
His attack range is usually close or mid-ranged whereby he utilized close-ranged weaponry such as throwing weapons. He only uses a weapon of long range attacks if it’s necessary for mission’s completion.

Arkian’s offensive abilities focuses on damage per hit and his attack speed, meaning he concentrates on his Damage Output per second. His most focused quality in combat is combo usage, attempting to strike the enemy multiple times to keep them pinned and unable to retaliate against him pr any other opponent. His main attacks are composed of melee, as he utilizes a sword for balanced assault and defensive capabilities.

His range abilities consist of ranged weapons and magic spells, whereby he uses the appropriate spells that is seemingly most effective against enemies. He is able to create a blade of pure energy to deal ominous damage as it acts as both a magical and a physical damaging weapon.

Arkian faces his enemies head-on, overcoming their defenses with shear raw power and high damage output as fast as possible. While his agility allows him to dodge the enemy effectively as he blocks/parries their attacks, he relies mostly his armor for protection when hit.

His melee weapon is capable of being infused with magical energy to parry weak ranged spells such as a fireball. However, due to his mundane abilities, he is easily tired and may become vulnerable easily without ally support.

If attacking alone, he will rely on his intellect and agility to avoiding damage and eventually defeat his enemies. This however makes him weak against enemies that overpower him significantly in speed regardless of the their raw strength or weapon.

His magical knowledge allows him to also utilized defensive magic, which he uses to negate damage to harm his Magical Energy from within him as a form of 'shielding' himself without relying on physical protection initially.

Arkian’s spells, be it offensive or defensive or even supportive, are built for damaging, defense or healing. He possesses no abilities that buff any stat, thus making his spells useless when it comes to increasing the strength of another or strengthen the defenses of a combatant. His spells are both melee-based and range-based, and sometimes weapon-based.



Items of Significance:

Dog-Tags:  Old military dog tags that were given to Arkian by his Caretaker. Their identification is in Cyrillic writing, most likely the tags originated from Russia or Ukraine.  They carry a hardly noticeable but powerful charge of magic, but however the effects are currently unknown.

Position: Occupant of the Academy(8 years, ages 1-9), Student( 9 years)

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:01 pm

Hello Mr. Arkian! My name is Narry, and I'll be grading, and possibly approving, your Student-Class application.

You don't have too much work to do to get an Approval, but there will be a small amount of Effort required.

If you have any questions, please Private Message me, or contact me in the Cbox at your preference.



Fighting Style:
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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:59 am

Hi Narry, I'm sending this on an Ipad, so please excuse any minor mistakes, major ones will be corrected on a PC.

Image - Well, at least I know to draw that much, that's all that matters.

Stats - Wow, thank you! My character's concept is based off of the "Zero to Hero" kind of character, so pretty much he's weak at the start, but his development and learning was meant to be faster than usual.

Fighting Style - His regeneration is natural, and his high health means he's hard to kill than most if he's hit by an attack that would kill any normal and mortal beings. His regeneration just allows him to recover stamina at an exceptional rate. His shield ability isn't unique however and can be learned be even lowly skilled mages. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that I made his regeneration ability with the idea of him not being stuck in sick-bays or a hospital of some sort for long.

Generally - He was meant to be an individual with no special abilities or strong powers but a very kind personality opposed to stereotypical males( According to females I've talked to), as he fights against almost all odds using his intelligence and abilities at his disposal, as well as the aid of his comrades.

EDIT(On a PC):

Image: Okay, thanks to the compliment by the way. I really tried hard on it, so your compliment helps. ^_^

Stats: D rated stats, just what would be perfectly fitting for this kind of character initially. I hope I can get his stats to at least B ratings. Thanks for looking over his profile again. Razz

Okay, I'm going to explain how his regeneration was meant to affect roleplays: He will take damage and can be killed with less damage than he has taken previously, even if he has been healing for over 10 hours. He will need about a day of rest a bed in-order for him to recover from any minor wounds, while major injuries will need almost 3 days to heal. His Vitality is WAY higher than a normal human being, but that only affects him lightly by allowing him to live up to 130 years, while normal humans live an average of about 90-100 years. However, he isn't going to live so long as his lifespan does decrease throughout the events that result in him getting wounded a lot.

Arkian's high health pretty much means his can have his limbs broken and barely stay alive, while he CAN lose a limb and not die from immense blood lost as quick as another human, or be killed by powerful poison within a short time as it would take sometimes even double the time to take effect on him. He basically has more 'time' to get himself 'fixed' if he meets these situations.
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:30 pm


Fighting Style:
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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:03 am

Actually, his regeneration is just increased metabolism, is just helps him heal blood wounds naturally faster. It's not really an 'ability', just a trait he has.

As for the Mana shield, I'm going to have Arkian use it when he has unlocked 1 more Spell slot as well as reached C in Intelligence and Magical stats.
Anyway, off to make his 2nd spell! Very Happy

"Woah the- Gahadha- Yok'- Da herti- Ah...." -Arkian x Floor Rolling

"Gyakh!" -Arkian x Face-to-Tree

Original Arkian:


That's all for now.
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:47 pm

"Blood Wounds"? Is it safe to assume that's different from a "Flesh Wound" that would make a Cut, or a Gash in the arm or abdomen?

Be it a trait or not, it does seem to effect actual RP. I'm not saying you can't do it, but you can't do it 'Here'. Whether you can register it or not isn't under question, you've just put it in the wrong place.

(It's just the potential that I see it to be abused during a battle with, say, a S-ranked being or another player of higher ranking. We can cross the bridge of the regeneration's 'Limits' when we get to it: What it can and cannot do.)

=D that's 'k then~ Completely legal. (And i'll be sure to get to those when this is approved =3)

Care to Click? =D
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Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:39 am

Whoops, yeah, I actually meant flesh wounds, but those "blood wounds" can count.
So, yeah, it pretty much doesn't affect the roleplay, it just gives a reason why my character won't bleed out and die during the time-shift between threads. Razz

(Don't worry, I don't plan to use 'Regeneration spells', I'd only use a healing spell when we're safe from combat, or we've got a small break from it, like retreating and healing. Even if I do make a regeneration spell[Which I will probably never Razz], I won't abuse it if I'm an S-Class, muhahaha.)

Okay, and speaking of approval, Night has really sort of vanished. That begs the question: Where is our Guardian Angel Admin #2?
Meh.. Something tell me he'll be back on the weekends. Razz

Edit: Okay, removed the Shield and 'Regeneration' stuff from the sheet, and replaced it some stuff that won't really seem like spells, just a general overview I guess.
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:23 pm

(New Beginnings Theme)

Very well then.

Arkian-san. With my authority of Founder and Head Admin of Mage Academy, Your Application is hereby APPROVED.

(As Midnight is absent from the site for an undefined amount of time, I will bypass the 'Multiple Staff Approval' rule that I myself laid out.)

Welcome to Mage Academy


Weapon Creation Voucher
Spell Slot Voucher
Spell Slot Voucher


+5 Points to any one stat! (PM with your choice)

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix   

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[Student] Aviskus, Arkian Anix
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