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PostSubject: [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE]   [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2014 4:01 am


Full Name: Alexial Marie Carstairs
Nickname(s): Alex, Al, Lex, Lexi. *only by close friends*
Age: 23 [preserved age is 23, True Age is 35]
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf



Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Violet Blue
Hair Color: Aqua Blue
Distinguishing Features: She has no visible scars, merely the same short hair that hasn't changed in many years since she cut it back when she was 17. The scars she does have litter her stomach and back, as well as the back of her neck which is usually covered by a cloth necklace with a bell on it.

Alexial stands at 5'7'' feet tall with short blue hair and violet blue eyes. While looking as if she cannot stand a fight, she is in fact quite strong physical wise and has a body to back that up, even if it doesn't show it. While she is strong, she barely shows any sort of muscles on her body since most of it is skill rather than brute strength. However, some magic does enhance her already 'super' strength with being a half-elf. To describe Alexial's body in at least some terms, 'dancer' would be one way. Due to her constant training and how much stress her body can and will take under pressure, Alexial has the strength of ten men. However, due to certain spells she knows, she is able to make her body even stronger in terms of endurance and strength, making that ten number shoot all the way up to about 60. However, due to how much she tries to hold back and actually teach others without actually beating them down within the first two minutes, she holds back considerably when it comes to actually fighting (in the academy only, outside, she actually likes to overpower her opponents so she can get the fight over with fast.) She has a slight build, which make it easy for her to move fast (for her speed is key) and use her weapons skills. Her reaction speed is high, making her able to switch out weapons fast in a fight. She has a large bust, but not so much as to get in the way of her swordsmanship. She has risen above and beyond her obstacles when it comes to her body. Her body movements are graceful and every action is used to have a purpose. She has a regal demeanor to match her elven nature. In some instances, her close friends have jokingly called her "princess" because of her mannerisms.

What she normally wears, either in class or out in her personal time, are close fitting clothes that are easy to move in. It is normally a close fitting top that exposes her stomach and has a hood on it. The color varies on occasion. Her pants are usually the same cargo pants, just different types and designs. Because it is easier to move in, she usually wears no shoes in her class, and doesn't expect her students to wear them either, whatever is easier for them. However, out of the classroom, Alexial wears short shorts with knee-high flat boots (usually black), with the same type of top with a hood that has no sleeves. There is one piece of clothing she is never without, and that is her necklace that was once her mothers. It holds a special power that Alexial is keen to keep to herself. To this day nobody is sure what it was that Cornelia Carstairs, Elf Knight, had kept hidden in her necklace. The necklace is a small blue tear drop on a simple black gold chain. It is never without Alexial, and she is never without it. Alexial's voice is rather hard to describe without me trying to bring in weird examples. It is soft at times with those she is close with, but when it comes to her students and most anybody else who doesn't fall into that category for her, she has a stern voice. It is light, yet holds a weight to it that doesn't allow for much room to argue. Because her class room is so large, she tends to yell alot to make sure all can hear her. On those bad days she has a voice amplification spell to help boost it so she doesn't have to talk as loud herself.


  • Reading in a nice quiet spot in the shade preferably.
  • Playing her violin or cello while having time to herself or for those she is friendly around.
  • Taking naps in the most weird places.
  • Cute things, but due to her Tsundere personality, she doesn't let on that she likes things like that.
  • Writing: poetry, short stories, notes, memos. Anything. This girl loves to write.
  • Handsome men, but don't let her catch you watching her while she stares.
  • Curling up after a long day and just pretending that the world doesn't exist for a few hours.
  • Thunderstorms
  • Romance novels and poetry books, as well as the occasional smut novel. Very Happy
  • Weapons, lots and lots of weapons. Wink
  • Talking with her pet hawk, Riven.

  • When students talk in her classes.
  • Cold-hearted men
  • When her pencil breaks while grading tests and she doesn't have another one.
  • When she is woken up from her naps.
  • People pointing out the obvious when it comes to her moods and actions.
  • People who like to fluster her. (but it's fun, so people do it anyway)
  • Students who talk back to her and give her sass. She ain't gonna put up with anything stupid.
  • When students arrive late to her classes.
  • When she runs out of energy to use her spells.
  • Awkward silences

  • Ending up alone in the world without someone to love.
  • Losing her memory to a curse that was placed on her years ago when she was just a little girl. The curse, when activated by certain triggers, erases her memory for up to 24 hours, there is no regaining those lost memories after. She merely loses a day of her life.
  • Cats, don't ask why, but she has a fear of cats.

To Others:
Alexial has two distinct personalities when it comes down to it. One deals with "Others", and the other deals with "Personal connections". Being a tsundere type, Alexial can come off as a bit cold and distant when dealing with others. She is quick to the point, making her appear rather blunt as well. It is merely because she wants to understand clearly and correctly what is being said. When it comes to higher ups such as the Headmaster and other teachers, she is very respectful of their space and skills. While she may be quiet half (most) of the time, it is not because she is being anti-social, it is merely because she has nothing useful to say.

To Personal Connections:
When around those she has a close connection to, she is more like her usual self. While still quite, she has a more softer air about her. Alexial has a compassionate side, but she doesn't let on to others that it's there. The personal connection she has would have to be quite strong in order for her to be affectionate towards them, even playful. She is more spoken with personal connections, and is more friendly as well as open with herself. However, even with personal connections, she still doesn't show much emotion. Barric Wildryder is one of the few men who have ever gotten Alexial to lose control of herself.

She tends to hide much of what she is feeling, wanting nothing to get in the way of her fighting, or her mental state. Due to her curse, she has to be vigilant as to not let her triggers get the better of her. In her resting state, she tends to have an emotionless expression on with a cold air about her. Those closest to her know better than to think that she is such. She has a reserved self that is normally seen with students and usually carries over to the other teachers. However, with her childhood friend Barric Wildryder, she sometimes forgoes the 'mask' she puts up and allows for some emotions to fall through. Her overall personality can be described as: graceful and regal, with all the class of a Noble woman. In this regard, she can sometimes take things (jokes and the like) a bit literally.

Alexial is more than willing to die for her students, friends, and family. This fact is both bad and good depending on what is happening. She is respectful of other teachers, talking with them as such because they are her peers. She is more reserved around her fellow teachers, but this can only be attested to the fact of her elven side taking over more when she is thrown into social situations. Around her students, she is a slightly less reserved person, yelling her words instead of just talking at a reasonable volume, and chastising and helping them improve with 'tough love' rather than coddle them. She was never coddled, so she feels neither should her students. While she may seem rather cold and blunt at first, she actually does care deep down about how well they are progressing. There is on person who can see through her 'natures', however, and he is the one person Alexial can't seem to hide from.


Alexial Marie Carstairs, born of William Carstairs, who is now deceased, and Lillyanna Carstairs (formerly Hathaway of the Elven Clans, her maiden name). Alexial was born in the city of London, England, (July 10th, 1978) though most summers she was sent off to the countryside to train with her mother and her mother's [second-in-command] and friend who is also full elf heritage. Her parents met when Lillyanna was in the process of making her new identity within the new century, her own elven identity had to be kept a secret due to her unable to age past 23. Lillyanna Hathaway was born in a small village in England around the 1500s, though an actual date is lost due to her being so private about her affairs and life and how much the elven race actually gives away to non-elf people. Her mother began to train and follow in her own family's footsteps by becoming a "Knight" for their homeland, and protect it in any way possible. She was a Knight for the British Monarchy, though she had to cast some spells to avoid being detected due to her elven nature. Her pointed ears were hidden away as well as her unusual blue coloring to her hair due to her elvish nature. For centuries after she completed her training, taking up to 50 years to complete, she was a skilled swords-woman as well as magic caster, though in her line of work, she had to conceal she was a woman for much of the time until it came to a point in the countries history that women were accepted into such roles. After about 40 years, she staged her 'death', and played another role in order to keep up her charade of trying to explain why she never aged past 23. Every 40 years, she'd die, then cast herself into the part of 'a young knight looking for adventure and to protect the royals'. So she continued on for years like that until she met a man who changed her view on her life altogether. William Carstairs was a man who was a noble, though he was a bit of strange one in the eyes of his family. He was not what someone might consider 'regal' or even 'noble'. He just seemed like a regular guy. He met Lillyanna when he was taking some papers to the Palace for his father. Lilyanna was now a bodyguard, the closest thing to a "knight" in the modern age. He had bumped into her, but because he possessed "the sight" to see past her glamores, he could see her long blue hair and her pointed ears. At first he was flustered, but then he couldn't take his eyes from her beauty, wanting to get to know her even though she coldly pushed him away and constantly avoided his proclimations of his love for her. "Strange man!" Lillyanna would usually cry out at him with her frustration, but then William would laugh and reply with "But I made you yell, so being strange is working for me!" After that, the two became close, and continued to grow closer over the years till he finally married Lillyanna, getting exclusive access to her heritage and being glad that was able to share his own secret of knowing alchemy and some low level spells, for William was a Mage Academy drop out.

Born in London, England to a human father and an elven mother, Alexial Marie Carstairs was born. She had possessed human traits like her father, rounded ears as well as a more 'human' looking face, though her body was certainly more elven than than human. She was stronger than most humans as well as faster, able to clear more sports teams tryouts in a day than the average bear. Her hair was like her mother's, blue and long. She was a serious child, constantly fighting with her two opposing natures due to the intensity they both possessed. Her 'human' nature made her very emotional as well as prone to outbursts, while her 'elven' nature always wanted to suppress any and all emotions the child experienced. She grew up in a large mansion that belonged to her father's family, tutored for a good deal of her childhood by mages and other scholars like her father. Her teacher, Ithurial, her mother's right-hand man, trained Alexial till she was able to attend the Academy. Alexial's childhood friend, Barric Wildryder, often came to visit and she visited him as well, though out of her childhood friends, he was really the only one that stuck around. She had been kept in contact with him throughout her life, happy to still be part of his life. She came to the Academy at a young age, but skilled in both magic and weapons use, however she still needed that fine control that she lacked due to her unstable clashing natures. Over the years, she perfected her control, at least to a point where she no longer cared what she was doing. Because she had such an athletic body, she joined up in the sports teams, her favorite being volleyball. She was very adept at hand to hand combat, but preferred to fight using spells and her alchemy. She had been taught at a young age weapons use, and regained even finer control over her skill while she excelled at the academy. At the age of 17, her father passed away due to a human disease that attacked his heart. It was at this age that she began to lose her control over her 'self' and soon crossed paths with a very insane mage. She was destraught over the death of her father, her mother having no physical means to comfort her from the academy, and ended up challenging the mage to a fight foolishly. It raged on for a couple hours, Alexial putting all of her rage and unstable human emotions into the fight to try and 'rid' herself of them. It was all for naught, however, when the mage caste a curse on her. This curse was called "The Forgotten Ones". It was a permanent curse, save for it's condition or relinquishment, that made the target forget up to 24 hours of the day when one of the triggers is activated. The triggers are: great emotional trauma, physical trauma, sharp noises, and even mental trauma. She blacked out soon after the battle, waking up in the Academy's hospital wing with no recollection as to what happened to her, only knowledge that she was cursed and what she was cursed with. Soon after the incident, she cut her hair short like it is now, gaining a serious air about her even more so after she realized she can't let her emotions get out of hand now because of the curse she has.

Years passed and she graduated at the top of her class, eager to take her scholarly knowledge out into the world and do it some justice, but her mother wanted her to walk in her own footsteps, a path that Alexial wasn't all too keen to walk due to how secretive she had to make her life and how often her mother had to 'die' due to trying to keep her secret of being a magical being. Alexial wanted freedom, but she would never tell a soul, aside from Barric her close personal friend, that. As soon as she started her work into botanical alchemy, eager to gain some ground on medicines and remedies, she was called back to the academy due to her skills in weapons and magic, hoping to teach the magi hopefuls some skills in such areas. And so she was a teacher at the young age of 30, staying at the academy for almost over five years already. She has made a comfortable life for herself at the academy, happy with what she had made of it all. sometimes she goes on holidays to meet with her mother and father's families in England, meeting them all at once since they had since gotten closer, though her mother's family is still rather secretive. Alexial lives in a small house on campus, her own garden in her backyard that she uses to help with her botanical alchemy as well as just for pure decoration. She is a well respected teacher who takes great care to keep her students strong and well trained, wanting to create a better future with the young minds she molds.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)


Fighting Style: Alexial is a very intelligent fighter. Her movements are always graceful and used to the fullest, nothing is wasted. She often relies mostly on her elven heritage abilities such as enhanced strength and speed, as well as enhanced hearing. However, with the mixing of her human blood, those abilities are slightly dulled. Her skill with weapons ranges all over, and she has made herself a master in handling most weapons she is given, though she has to have prior skill with using them first. If she is given a new weapon, she is able to properly learn from it what she needs within a good amount of time before she can use it with relative ease. In a fight, since she is a teacher most of the time anyway, her moves are defensive and not at full strength because she is teaching, not trying to win. She is very capable of talking and fighting at the same time, a skill she needs in order to train her students. However, in a fight that isn't either teaching or one that she just doesn't care about, she is aggressive in her graceful and regal movements, though she is a bit less defensive in her fighting style. She aims to win as fast as she can so she is able to conserve as much energy and time as possible. She is an intelligent fighter, and aims to use her opponents abilities and weaknesses against them, exploiting them as much as she can. She is one smart cookie, and has been trained to take on people twice her size as well as twice her strength perimeter. Her use of magic is limited in only to spells that she has deemed 'useful'. She usually only uses magic to help boost her weapons abilities, but sometimes she uses element spells as well as alchemy to give the fight a more risky edge. Alexial, when her human side has taken over, she is prone to more emotional, rash, and risky behaviors. She cares nothing for preserving her own life, only to save those around her. when her elven nature kicks in, which it usually does when she is teaching, she is a calm headed individual with no regard for her life whatsoever as well. All in all, if someone loves Alexial, they really need to watch her carefully in a fight. She's scrappy, so she'll use whatever she has to to fight.



Items of Significance: Alexial has a library that she has within her room that was given to her by her human father, who was a scholar. She also has a large collection of weapons of all sorts in her possession hidden in a dimension rift that can only be open via a 'key' on her person. Her Locket that her mother charmed and gave her to keep the things she holds dear safe. It holds a great deal of things, but it's mostly for her weapons storage. She has a large sword that can detatch into smaller blades when broken apart: the blades name is "Heaven's Wrath".

Familiar - Hawk -

Name: Riven
Age: Unknown (Found in the woods on one of her walks, been together after that for 10 years. Stays alive as long as Alexial is alive.)
Description (Hawk form): A normal large red-tailed hawk. Nothing special, just one of them hawks.

Description (human form):

Abilities: Able to transform into human form, capable of understanding human languages as well as animals, able to speak to Alexial and whoever he chooses, but mostly just talk to Alexial and no one else.


Alexial was walking within the woods one day, one one of her hikes to cure her boredom. She didn't walk far till she noticed a hawk following her. She just blinked up at the bird, shrugging, and walked on, talking to the bird as if he could understand her. She told him about her worries, her pains, her angers, but also her joys, her happiness, and her little feelings of warmth around Barric. The bird followed along, listening and eager to see what the little half-ling would be doing next. Little did Alexial know that she was being hunted by a wolf that had strayed far from his pack, starving for food. Humming to herself, the child untangled her long blue hair from where it had gotten tangled. "Oh, how annoying, I really should consider cutting this." The girl sighed. Still the hawk watched and waited. He noticed the wolf, crying out to warn her, but it was too late, the wolf was now rushing after the girl. Alexial gasped, trying to get away, but she tripped. Crying out again, the hawk now dove in between them. "Stop you'll get hurt!" She cried as she reached for the bird as if she could bring him back.

Riven was badly hurt when a wolf had tried to come after Alexial, intending to shield the child, but instead having gotten himself hurt horrible. Alexial managed to scare off the wolf with a simple flash spell she learned from Ithurial, her mother's elven second in command, and crawled over to the bird with sorrow in her eyes. She had fun with the bird that day playing in the woods, and wanted to stay friends. Her human nature pushed her further to make a very implusive and rash behavior choice: She was going to heal this bird from his half-dead state. Alexial, now crying since her human emotions were getting the better of her, had lain her hands over the bird, starting her chant she had listened to her mother say to Ithurial when they were discussing violent and risky magic. "Bring thee back from whence you were, I call to thee, oh flightless bird...." Alexial breathed heavily as the magic took it's toll on her body, sapping her energy and the light nearly went from her eyes as she wept more for the loss of the life and how much her human side was making her emotional. "I call to thee, oh bird on high, I call to thee, so thee won't die...." Her voice was getting weaker, but the light in her hands was getting stronger. She felt a sharp pain in her chest as the magic began to pull at her elven inate power, she cried out in pain as her head snapped up to see a tan-skinned man with white hair and red eyes, dressed in a white tunic and pants. "W-Who are you?" Alexial breathed softly, blue-violet eyes wide as she gazed at the ghost of the man. He grinned at her for a moment, then tapped her head lightly. "I'm who you brought back, little one....or at least....a part of my soul. I'll stay within this Hawk, but you must promise me to take care of me, to give me a home and be a companion." Alexial nodded her head, another rash decision, but one she was keen to keep. "Yes! Yes just bring him back!" The man looked at her softly, kindly, and then touched the birds corpse, sending another shockwave into her chest and down her side. "The price, my girl, is a hard one, but you and I will be connected until the very end. We are one, and we are together. Remember that." Alexial held her side, not knowing that a intricate runed tattoo was weaving itself down her side and on her back, down her leg, across her body. "Yes, but what shall I call you?" The man thought about it for a moment, then smiled at her kindly again, crouching down just before he started to fade completely. "Call me Riven, little one, and I'll call you "Lex."" Alexial, not liking the nickname, had started to protest. He laughed now and lifted her chin to look at him. "we are one now, little Lex. Be my companion till the day we die." Alexial gasped as pain flooded her body, making the child begin to pass out, but not before she saw the man wave at her and disappear into the bird. Alexial passed out on the ground, a black tattoo now formed on her body from the contract she just made. "Riven" hopped up and just stood near her, keeping watch till the girl woke up and took the both of them home.

Position: Weapons [both magical and non] Teacher

~The strength of one's body is the strength of one's soul.~[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] XPIZlhX~"Which is the real me?"

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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE]   [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2014 2:52 pm


anyways nice to meet you alexial im Kasai, i might be one of the students you will teach

i support your Wip and i will support it even more when finished~

*Uses fire magic*
"Holy hell it worked!....oh god, it's working too well" - Kasai
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE]   [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2014 10:11 pm

Hello there, Ms. Alexial. My name is Narry, and I will be grading your Teacher-Class Application, along with two of my colleagues, Midnight and Arkian, our Second Administrator and Head Moderator in Training respectively.

I've read over your Application, and I have to say, that you've done a stupendous job! I've not yet seen an Application that requires so little repair work yet on Mage Academy. Good job!


Fighting Style:

[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] AunLAG5

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[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Zffhu
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Arkian Aviskus
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE]   [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 11:03 am

Greetings Alexial, I'm Arkian, Head Moderator in Training, and along with Narry I'll be reviewing your Teacher Application to help you get through- Oh wait Narry already did the greetings. D:

Anyway, on to business, this application is a very detailed and loveable one, to be honest, I don't see much faults.... or any major faults at all. If I see faults, that's probably just my opinion... Err... on to the reviews!! ^_^

To consider the stat set up, her history, her race, as well as her personality, I'm going to have to agree with Narry's results. Seeing that she's a Half-Elf, it's only logical for her to be wiser and faster, and her strength is reasonably the middle point including the fact she's a Weapon's Trainer, therefore meaning she has more 'combat affinity' than some of the other teachers.

Fighting Style
Seeing that you've fixed the fighting style that Narry had stated, I'd say you're good to go given that your character eventually takes a topic or two(in some cases) to perfect or so in wielding a new weapon, depending on the weapon's nature and complexity as stated by Narry.

Everything else seems to be in order, and your familiar(That beautiful Red Hawk... sorry, I just like robust birds like those ^_^") has been approved through discussion in a chatroom(Skype), and given your conditions stated there too, I'd say it's good to go.

A Tamed Arkian as appeared

[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Newcreate.php?text=A%20Tamed%20Arkian%20has%20appeared.%0A&name=Pokemon%20Solid
[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Newcreate.php?text=Tamed%20Arkian%20used%20APPROVAL.&name=Pokemon%20Solid

(Proved no changes are made Razz)

Approval Given.

"Woah the- Gahadha- Yok'- Da herti- Ah...." -Arkian x Floor Rolling

"Gyakh!" -Arkian x Face-to-Tree

Original Arkian:


That's all for now.
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE]   [Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 5:02 pm

Midnight has given his full permission for this Application to be approved.

Ms. Alexial, with the support of myself, Arkian, and Midnight, your Application is hereby APPROVED.

Welcome to Mage Academy

[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] AunLAG5

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[Teacher] Alexial Carstairs [DONE] Zffhu
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