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 [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)

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Barric Wildryder
Combat Specialist Teacher

Posts : 47
Age : 24

PostSubject: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:44 am


Full Name: Barric Wildryder
Nickname(s): Barry, Barr
Age: 25 (Preserved Age), 33 (True Age)
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 5'11''
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Distinguishing Features: A scar from the bridge of his nose up to above his right eye, dimples, an X-shaped scar on his left bicep

Barric stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall. He is a normal height for a human and is not remarkable in his appearance in this way. Barric holds himself well and usually projects a demeanor of kind strength. However, some features, most especially his scars, distinguish him from others.

His hair is sandy blonde, having darkened from a lighter blonde color that he had in his younger years. It is also naturally straight, although the hair at the back of his neck can sometimes curl up if left uncut for too long. Barric keeps his hair well-groomed and clean, taking pride in his orderly outward appearance because of his position as a teacher in the Academy. However, he almost never styles it, leaving it as naturally messy as it is.

The first word that comes to mind when examining Barric's body is 'warrior.' He is muscular but lean, the muscle a result of his intense daily training and leanness a product of specialized training designed to prevent him from becoming too bulky; Barric does want to keep himself in shape, but does not want to gain excess muscle and slow himself down. Barric's reaction speed is quite fast, allowing him to counter or avoid attacks when in battle and summon his weapons when attacked unexpectedly. His most prominent scar runs from the bridge of his nose up to just above his right eye, adding to the overall 'grizzled veteran' look, despite his relative youth. Another scar on Barric's body is an X-shaped scar on his left bicep, the only reminder of a battle in his past that nearly cost him his life.

Barric's face also fits in with his warrior image, possessing strong features. He has a strong, round chin that forms the basis for the rest of his round facial features. Some facial hair adorns his chin from time to time although Barric prefers to keep himself well-shaven. Barric also has dimples, a feature of his appearance that many are familiar with given his generally friendly personality. His eyes are almond and brown, usually containing a friendly light although that can turn into a fiery heat if someone he loves or his students are threatened. Barric's voice is deep but light, indicating that he is used to friendly conversation and laughs quite often.

In the classroom, Barric wears long-sleeved shirts and khaki pants, preferring to keep his clothing simple and formal enough to be appropriate for the setting. When working out, Barric wears a sleeveless shirt and athletic shorts that allow him greater freedom of movement. In a combat scenario, he dons his battle clothing, which is a custom made short-sleeved shirt that allows for greater freedom of movement and is magically enhanced to provide greater protection against attacks. Also, he wears his short pants, which reach down to his ankles, are also custom made and afford him the same advantages that the other half of his battle clothing does. Finally, outside the classroom in a casual setting, he will typically wear a darkly colored short sleeved shirt and jeans.


  • Beautiful and intelligent women
  • Instructing good students, especially in the combat arts
  • Reading a good book
  • Putting books over his face so it looks like he's reading but he's really napping
  • Fighting a strong opponent
  • Working out
  • Visiting beautiful nature spots, like a waterfall or a mountain range
  • Learning new spells, especially ones related to combat
  • Interacting with his various Familiars
  • Respectful students
  • Flirting with beautiful and intelligent women
  • Teasing Alexial

  • Weak opponents
  • Rambunctious students
  • Disrespectful students
  • Overly talkative people in general
  • Being underestimated
  • Students talking during his lecture time
  • Having to break off a good fight due to outside interference
  • Enemies going after his friends and family to get to him
  • Violence or the threat of violence against those incapable of defending themselves
  • Poorly written books
  • Someone waking him up when he's napping with a book over his face

  • His friends or family dying because of his weakness
  • Heartbreak, especially because of someone he truly loved
  • Failing to protect his students from harm
  • Dying for no purpose

To most of his fellow teachers and superiors, 'friendly' is the first word they would use to describe Barric's personality. Barric is cordial and amiable to his peers and superiors, often trying to make them laugh with a joke here or there. Despite this tendency of his, Barric is also very respectful to this particular group, always speaking to them in a respectful tone and listening to their viewpoints; this is true even if he happens to disagree with those viewpoints. Barric is also very loyal, following the orders of his superiors without question unless they violate the law or one of his moral principles. Finally, Barric cares quite a bit about his fellow teachers and always asks how they're really doing while also endeavoring to do anything in his power to help them out, even if that is simply making a joke to lighten their day.

Barric is much different in the classroom, however. He acts much more professional and strives to maintain order in the classroom; he rarely jokes, instead teaching seriously and presenting the material to his students in an organized way. Barric does do his best to make the material interesting and engaging for his students, since Barric does not want to bore them and doing so helps the students really absorb the information. Although Barric is not as friendly and lively around his students, he cares about them a great deal and will protect them without hesitation if push comes to shove. Trying to harm his students is a very effective method of earning Barric's ire and he will carry that sentiment for quite some time unless the attacker was coerced into the action somehow. However, Barric behaves quite differently around a certain someone he's known since he was a child.

Alexial Carstairs is one of Barric's oldest friends and he has known her since he was a child. Around Alexial, Barric is even more friendly, making jokes very frequently, even if she sometimes takes them literally and misses the humor. Barric cares deeply about Alexial and often calls her 'princess' due to her mannerisms, although he means it in the nicest way possible. Aside from his friendliness, Barric has known Alexial for many years and does his best to help her with the conflict between her human side and her elven side, often encouraging her to let the human side win so her emotions are not suppressed. Barric is a very loyal friend to Alexial, keeping her secrets and supporting her however he can; he also welcomed her and helped her readjust to life as a teacher at the Mage Academy. Barric would lay down his life to protect Alexial if it came to that, valuing her life above even his own.


Barric Wildryder was born to Darion and Lorraine Wildryder, their first child. Due to his father's status as a powerful mage in the United States and his mother's reputation as a strong warrior, many expected that their children would inherit the power and establish themselves as strong mages in their own right. From a young age, Darion trained his son in the magical arts and pushed him to excel in all that he did. Barric gained a brother at the age of seven when the Wildryder family welcomed Elias into their midst. Barric continued his training under his father while his mother nurtured Elias until he too was old enough to begin training under Darion.

Over the years, Elias and Barric constantly competed with each other, continually forcing each other to progress further and develop their powers in order to keep up. Barric moved to England with his uncle and lived near the Carstairs, allowing Barric and Alexial to meet as children. They grew up together, playing and training alongside one another for many years. Barric and Alexial gradually grew closer and Barric eventually came to recognize her as his first true friend. Barric continued to train under his father, but his parents both felt that a more formal education was necessary and enrolled him in the Mage Academy. While there, he truly began to learn how to control his powers.

Barric entered the Academy at sixteen, joining its ranks with his close friend Alexial. He studied there with her and formed a group of close friends. This group became very close-knit over time, each friend supporting each other. Barric excelled in his studies at the Academy, taking an instant liking to the more combat oriented courses there and frequently training and challenging strong students to duel in order to improve himself. Barric graduated four years later near the top of his class. However, the close-knit group fell apart as the young mages followed their own individual paths after graduation. Barric decided to travel the world on a whim following graduation and spent the next five years on this global journey.

The journey began in South America, where Barric spent six months visiting the majority of the countries there and hunting down some dangerous monsters he found there. After leaving South America, Barric went to Europe and similarly toured the continent, spending an entire two years there reflecting and occasionally killing monsters. Barric's next stop was Asia, roaming the continent for a year and a half and continuing to battle when the opportunity arose. During the last year of his world travel, Barric visited various countries in the Middle East as well as Canada, pondering what to do once he returned to his normal life. Barric also cast a spell on himself at 25 to maintain his appearance, a result of his struggle with his own mortality. On the last day of his journey, Barric decided to return to the Mage Academy and instruct the new generation of mages in the combat arts.

The Mage Academy welcomed Barric back, although Barric took some time to re-establish himself there and prepare for the teacher's exams. Barric passed them all and took a teaching position at the Academy, distinguishing himself as one of the younger instructors at 26. Over his years as an instructor there, Barric became an accomplished combat arts specialist of the Academy and continued to pursue his own magical studies. Barric was very happy to learn that Alexial had become a teacher at the Academy too, pleased that he could at least reconnect with one of his old friends. Now, Barric seeks to continue teaching his students well and possibly revitalizing his relationship with Alexial.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 15
Magical: 18
Intellectual: 12

Fighting Style: Barric's fighting style is very analytical. He will test an opponent's strengths and weaknesses for a time, observing their behavior very carefully and finding some weakness to exploit. During this time, Barric fights defensively, focusing more on examining his opponent and trying to protect himself rather than trying to eliminate them. Despite this tendency, Barric will launch some attacks of his own in order to assess how the opponent counters them and seek some flaw in his opponent's defense or fighting capabilities.

Once Barric has identified an opponent's weakness, he will exploit it to his utmost ability and use it to defeat them. The teacher relies on his magical abilities first and foremost, utilizing powerful spells to overwhelm his opponents and bolster his allies; Barric's greatest strength is his magical ability and he is well aware of this. However, Barric's physical abilities are fairly capable, even extending into mastery of hand-to-hand combat. Due to his enjoyment of good fights, Barric will sometimes hold back in order to prolong the battle, but has no qualms about ending a fight quickly if necessary, such as if his students are in danger. Simply put, Barric first analyzes his opponents, then exploits their weaknesses however he can, relying on his magic most of all.



Items of Significance: Barric has a specially made spear that he uses in combat. It was made by elves in Britain who lived nearby to the house Barric occupied with his uncle during his younger years. Due to its creators, it works well with magic and has some resistance against an enemy's magical attacks. The elves named it Algar and Barric has kept it safe ever since he received in his youth, using it often.

Position: Teacher (Combat specialist)

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Posts : 214
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:32 pm

Just a little update from Narry:

I went through the Character Template and coded a little bit extra. I've added it to your Application, but the only thing it changes is the size of the boxes for Appearance, Personality and History. Nothing too big.

Just wanted to let you know so you don't freak out and think you did something bad by accident or anything =D

Care to Click? =D
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Barric Wildryder
Combat Specialist Teacher

Posts : 47
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:02 pm

Ok, thanks. No worries. Very Happy
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Posts : 214
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:34 am

Hello Mr. Barric! My name is Narry, and I'll be grading your Teacher-class Application today, along with one of my associates, Arkian.

This is actually a very well put together Application! I've found no faults in areas where it's common for me to see some! This in itself is testimonial to your skill or at the very least, your willingness to join us here at Mage Academy!

As such, there are only bits of information that I'll be handing off to you to look over (and challenge if need be) before all is said and done!



Care to Click? =D
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Arkian Aviskus
Arkian Aviskus

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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:23 am

Greetings Sir Barric Wildryder, I'm Arkian, the head moderator and like Narry said, I'll be reviewing your Teacher Application for the Mage Academy. Lets get started:

Narry has pointed out most of your application, I too was impressed with this application, and it's the most impressive I've seen in variety and characteristics/personality. Stats ranks have been placed and increased to match your rank.

History: I see this is well detailed and matches with his relationship with Alexial, and explains why he is mainly skilled with magical abilities.

Personality: It was really detailed, I loved the quality and quantity of likes, dislikes and fears, however my opinion would make this subjective. It is quality-based and quantity-based, professionally created with the usage of the right-words, and it portrays him with a strict yet friendly attitude as a teacher.

This has both my personality support as a user and my support as Head Moderator/Site Staff.

"Woah the- Gahadha- Yok'- Da herti- Ah...." -Arkian x Floor Rolling

"Gyakh!" -Arkian x Face-to-Tree

Original Arkian:


That's all for now.
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Posts : 214
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:45 am

Mr. Barric. You have recieved support from two staff members, myself and Arkian, our Head Moderator. As such, this Application has met the Multiple Staff Approval rule. From hereon, your Application is APPROVED.

Welcome to Mage Academy

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)    

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[Teacher] Barric Wildryder(DONE)
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