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PostSubject: Red Discord (Ariko)   Red Discord (Ariko) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2018 9:40 pm


Unique Art: Red Discord
Abbreviated Fukai

Rank: A

Description :
The Red Discord is essentially Magic-Armour that enhances durability and piercing abilities. The cast is fairly simple, with Magic simply overflowing and overlapping one's hands and forearms to form "Magic Claws". The colour the claw takes is dependent on the Element that is applied to it, but is commonly red in colouration. The visual "Texture" of the Claws is a seemingly messy yet contained jumble of magic that is focused into the form factor of claws, not unlike scribbles or tangled strands of magic.

The form of the Claws cover the forearm and go down to near the elbows. The "claws" that cover the hands protrude slightly outward, and for this reason alone, this encourages the user to adopt a clawing-style of fighting. When moving around the claws leave a slight afterimage as it does indeed generate light.

Main sources of light would be on the back of the hand- where the main magic source originates from. This is symbolized as a bright yellow-orb, and is the strongest part of the Claw-Coat.

Element: Physical, Sometimes others (Depends on the element applied)

Type: Offensive and Defensive Utility spell

As one can infer, the spell's main effect is covering the user's hands and forearms in a coat of magic energy. This grants the user's hand significantly more durability to defend against attacks, and as a side-effect of imperfect control, create sharp claws at the ends of the user's fingers. This "Drawback" of skill grants the user massively higher damage output. While sheer force isn't increased, the claw's extra-sharp ends allow the user to harm and destroy objects that would otherwise be unable to be penetrated not unlike a blade. This also grants the user a much higher level of maneuverability due to the extra grappling that is granted by digging the claws into objects such as walls.  

These effects are done by releasing magic primarily in the palm area and allowing said magic to flow across the surface of one's arms. By sheer control and skill, the user shapes the magic into a dense "coat". This creates a dangerous and swift close-combat spell. Although, because of how this works, the "Coat" gets weaker as it gets further away from the main magic source, eventually tapering off near the elbows. The coat near the Elbows are weaker than the magic at the hands for this very reason.

Due to it's nature, the spell doesn't actually take much magic to cast, if at all (Unless the coat was broken). This is because after usage and cancellation of the spell, the magic is simply reabsorbed into the user's body. However, this also means that the spell's range of durability and sharpness is highly dependent on the user's willpower and concentration. When in a rage, this spell could even shoot to A-Levels of sharpness while on the flipside, could shatter to a few regular hits if the user is demotivated and uninterested.

In theory, should the user's skill be high enough, they should be capable of creating a full-body armour of Magic Energy. Although due to the sheer amount of concentration it takes to just make the arms, this is an unlikely occurrence for most, if not all student-mages.  

All that's required to utilize this spell is sheer willpower and concentration from the user's part. Due to the little magic that's required (And likely to be returned anyways), magic isn't much of an issue. At first, Ariko needed a few seconds to form the actual claw and unlike his other Physical spell (The Drill Bolt Kick), he needs to make it so it is just as flexible yet just as hard. This requires a perfect balance as if it's too brittle/rigid, it'll be nothing but a glorified shield that breaks on the first hit, and if it's too flexible, provide no extra protection or attack strength.


"If the future is bathed in Darkness, then I'll pierce its heart with my own Darkness!"
"Who was that? Were they mean to you? if they were, can I break their legs?"
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