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 [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]

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Martel Yggdrasill

Martel Yggdrasill

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PostSubject: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:53 pm


Full Name: Martel Yggdrasill
Nickname(s): Four Seraphim, 8th Headmaster
Age: 1533 [Age of preserved Appearance 28]
Gender: Female
Race: Spriggan


Martel & Frosh

Height: 185cm [6.06]
Weight: 67kg [147Ibs]
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Turquoise
Distinguishing Features:

Martel is approximately at a standing height of 185cm (about 6 ft) tall give or take, and weights around 67kg (147Ibs) A voluptuous beauty with body that lacks scars in any way or form, not because she would not be the type that does combat, but because her "skin" regenerates any visible wounds with ease. Her accent is english and she has learned numerous languages, her voice is serene and kind usually. When eyeing martel`s body the first thing that comes to mind when examining her body is `Wizard` her clothes and lean body structure is a clear indication of this. (if you can`t deduce this from a first sight then you are obviously not a mage, nor qualified to be one) Now don`t let her appeal lower your guard, chances are that you will regret that mistake.

Her hair is distinguishing trough the year as aloe green. Always carrying herself with a sense of dignity and grace. Her clothes are made from a specially enriched silk, which is both extremely resistant against tear and wear. Her shoes appear almost seamless in conjunction with the rest of her uniform.

As a child Martel had a much more humane appearence, with blonde hair and olive colored eyes she looked like any human would. Martel keeps her hair well-groomed and clean, sometimes her long hair is tied down into a single pony tail, or wrapped around itself into a pigtail or possibly even a french braid, however she does not seem to appeal like so to the public, liking to keep her hair loose when in public places. When working out Martels outfit changes to an athletic outfit, which reveals a bit more skin than what her usual outfit would especially around her top with a deep V-neck cut going down between her cleavage that is tied by a single round rim that ties her outfit together at the top with a button. Her athletic outfit lacks sleeves.

At night she wears a sleepwear, its turquiose color matches her eyes, she wears a circlet made of sticks, flowers tied together of both green and pink colors. She needs to make a new circlet everyonce in a while, because it appears to grow as she wears it. She appears to have an Aura about her that makes people want to look up to her, for this particular reason some people have even described her to be like the sun. Blinding beauty yet with confidence to hold her own.


  • Peace, Its her dream, it is also partially tied to discrimination, when that ends so should peace be found once again.
  • Friends, precious company, few things make her more happy than spending time with her friends and making new friends, to her friends are worth protecting even if it would cost her life.
  • Equality, all life forms are equals before her, regardless of their rank, status and belife, she seems to treasure this trait closely.
  • Herbalism The knowledge of plants and their proper use, its intresting that plants and herbs can cure diseases.
  • Planting, and taking care of Plants. It almost feels like im taking care of children.
  • Respectful students, its pleasant but not a must.
  • Nature in all its beauty, and not just to see, listen and smell, it all comes together.
  • Interactions with Frosch, the little pet can make me laugh, he is my only companion in this new world... for now. My familiars are dear to me and i treat them like family as well.
  • Learning new spells that will help others. Healing, Offensive, defensive you name it.
  • Learning books about lost Magic, languages,history etc.
  • Ruins, Archaeology its thrilling to find new old things long lost.
  • Books, does not know of the meaning "Romance novels" not yet anyway. Books go hand in hand with education and learning.

  • War, broken families, pure terror nuff said.
  • Unrest, when people get worried and scared things tend to spiral out of control
  • Negative feelings from people in general, hopeless, greedy etc
  • Magic, how dependent are we of magic? should we avoid using magic in everyday life chores? could a lot of bloodshed have been avoided?
  • Meat, red, juicy, dry or otherwise, if its meat i want nothing to do with it. If a friend invites me though for dinner i wont be rude.
  • Meaningless Fighting, if its not a spar, and if its just for fun, then it is just meaningless slaughter.
  • Arrogant students, they can be lectured, but the best experience is a life experience.
  • Solitude, there are people in this world who seek it, but there are none who can withstand it.
  • False documents, means more work, and possibly wrong leads etc.
  • Discrimination, its the worst attribute in people regardless of race. It turns even the nicest of people into monsters...
  • Sour things.

  • Turning Evil and harming others, a nightmare that words alone cannot describe, i would rather die than serve evil.
  • Losing hope to the future
  • Losing her students & Teachers, staff etc
  • Another Witch Hunt, Magic can be a scary thing, i wont blame others for thinking so. It is how you choose to act that makes the world turn.
  • Dying without being able to change the world. Even if i have to be a Martyr, a life of hate is not a life at all.

Kind: Martel is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. She plays a motherly role within the academy, and is often seen spending time in the greenhouse. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the academy`s eccentricities. In keeping with her motherly role, Martel is very determined to protect her students and comrades at all cost. She views those who disregard their comrades with distaste and cannot comprehend their methods, she would methodically call their actions as "Brutish" and impolite, she speaks her mind when she feels that it is appropiate.

Respectful: Martel is and always approaches others regardless of their status, rank or belife, with a generous respectfulness. This stems from her morals and goodwill to all living creatures of all breeds, sizes and color. Weather the opposing side is respectful or not has nothing to do with it, she can be persuaded to attack first if someone she cares off has been hurt or being spoken ill off. This does not mean that it will happen if the opponent is too weak. A simple lecture or a few set of words should do the trick. Regardless Martel is rarely the one to draw her blade first. She likes to listen to people talk, while she does not mind speaking herself she appears worried of most subjects, and is casually known for talking/listening with people for hours at an end. She tends to know when she is getting pushing too much into personal space, and knows when to let up. If the subject does not like to talk about a certain topic she will likely notice it right away, and will most of the time respect their wishes even if its not always blatantly obvious.

Martel is not a person fond of bragging nor is she fond of attention, but has nothing against it either, she tends to analyze things, characters or personal traits of intrest, she appears to be honest and in a good mood almost always. If a subject is off limits, either by personal reasons or because it would be classified she will let it be known. Martel appears keen on following the rules of the academy and even the council to a point, however if these rules would go against her morals conflict would surely arise.

Wisdom: Typical mage attribute, Martel is wise given her vast age, and yet does not always seem to act to this regard, she does not always take things too seriously unless the situation heeds it. Often times if not she finds it more intresting to "observe" younger races in all their forms, she also loves to read books such as history, geography etc. She often finds human nature to be "intriguing" because not one is similiar to the other despite their similiar looks. As most Spriggans seem to follow a code of honor that clarifies their path before them, sometimes even before they are born. Martel seems to divide herself from this as she seeks her own path rather than a foretold path that was chosen for her. She seems to think that humans could have a lot of potential with magic, because they have a lot of room to grow. Martel is not particulary good at recalling names, but is really good at recalling faces, in this skill she has photographic memory and can recall people`s face`s with ease, however trying to link names with these faces usually is quite difficult for her.

Scientist: Aside from what stands outside Martel is also intrested on the inside, anatomy meaning the body, since there are so many races they all look very different on the outside, but it is equally true to know about the inside. If your healing, yes Martel is a healer and knows her fair share of healing spells, it is a significant skill in her repertoire. With wisdom comes a certain desire to know more and that is what she wants to know. Don`t be suprised if you find a head in her fridge, when you stay at her place there are far weirder things to experience in her company. Its not just that all kinds of science intrests her, alchemy, biology, spells, etc.

Senses: Warm - A warm and welcoming smile is what most people will see from a glance in her direction, Martel thinks that first impressions are key. And usually dictates this to her subtle approaches to strangers. Her impressions on people remain for the longest time. When approaching the subject of affection and love, Martel stands firm in the thought that such endeavors should always be left outside of working hours lest it would reduce the effectiviness of learning. Martel has never truly been in love and therefore does not understand the concept fully, she however understands affection, compassion and projects this in her whole being. She loves sweets and dislikes sour things even if they are fruits or vegetables such as Grape fruits and Citrus.


For one to know Martel`s past one has to know the history of her race, even before she was born had her fate already been written in the stars. A long time ago in the elven lands far away from common eyes two races met for the first time, this was to be known as the first contact war, between the elves and the humans, some five thousand years prior to our time, many wars raged in the world in this time period known only to the elves and faeries as the wind age. Many great evils seeked to destroy the world, and the world was in chaos, out of seemingly nowhere a peaceful race calling themselfs the spriggan`s rose and helped the elves fight the humans leading into a victory. They gained trust and formed alliances between the two races. The spriggan clan called elderblood seeked peace trough diplomacy and trade, while most other clans of the spriggan race wanted nothing to do with other races.

But the shaman king of Elderblood wanted to cease all wars once and for all, their race had seen their fare amount of bloodshed and he wanted to end it all. He went to great lengths to repair their relationship with the humans but the few human`s who even bothered to learn their or elven language wanted no part of their "engagements" despite this failed attempt the shaman king of elderblood known only as Ch`artec U`oojemtec which translated roughly to "Humble King", was quite pleased with his efforts. The idea of mixing the blood of elves and spriggan`s was up for debate and intense debate followed, it was said that it would be for the sake of trust and show of humility and sympathy for both races. Eventually both races agreed to the terms and several marriages where formed under the keen observance and guidance of the elven council, the spriggan`s also made efforts to trade with the fair Faries. Due to spriggan`s supreme regenerational abilities their blood became a wanted in all four corners of the world save from the humans. Elves and Faries alike shared their blood with the spriggan kind for the luxury of having more superior regenerative abilities and longer life span, elves and faeries who could only live for centuries could now doubled, if not tripled their life span.

This is until the other spriggans took action, seeing as their very blood had been corrupted by the other races the spriggan`s attacked relentlessly against halflings such as Fàer C`arath and Miranda Silverwing and their yet unborn daughter. War broke out between the elves and Spriggan`s while the prosperous Faeries closed their borders and reduced all communication with other countries. Ch`artec died in the upcoming war as the spriggan tried to resolve the meaningless war with diplomacy, this lead to the disbanding of the Elderblood clan, the elves seeing as their alliance was voided with the death of Ch`artec retaliated by banishing the halflings from the elven lands.

Having nowhere to go the halflings looked far and wide for a new place to call home and migrated to places yet unseen by humans, elves and even faeries, scattering across mountain ranges, wide oceans and dense forests, eventually they found one yet untouched island in the middle of what is today know as the pacific ocean, here the halflings settled down to live a life in peace, a combined race of Spriggan, Elves and Faerie`s became a common sight on the island. The Halflings came to call their island "Eve" a paradise.  Having ended their nomadic lifestyle the united races came up with a new name for their combined blood. The Seraphim, having the keen senses of the faeries the strength and agility of the elves and the superior regenerative abilities of the Spriggan`s, the name Seraphim united them all under a single banner. It was in this time that Martel was born, to a pair of proud yet kind parents, Martel lived a relatively normal childhood, showing the same abilities of her parents at already the age of three. Martel gained her Faerie wings at the age of five and learned to fly at the age of six. On the day of her eight birthday the darkness came and took all that was her lyfe, her elder brother, father and mother. The elves came in greater numbers, they had regretted their foolish mistake and had gotten word that the Halflings had settled on an island far away from known civilization, so they sent an entire platoon to wipe them out because they saw the halflings as a threath too dangerous to ignore. They bombarded the island with mana cannons, these cannons had been engineered by elves to take out the Halflings, since their regenerative powers where so powerful the elves figured that they should boost that ability even more, and so the Seraphim turned into trees one by one, Martel could only watch helplessly as the people of her village was turned into trees, her brother shielded her and gave her a necklace that would shield her from the harmful effects of the mana cannons. Her brother who`s magic was already great at a young age turned into a vast tree encompassing her younger sibling and protecting her from those who wished her harm.

Many years passed and nothing changed on the island, the once proud race was no more save for a few surviving members, among them was Fàer C`arath, but none lived on the island anymore, the few people that survived where always hiding. One day a meteorite fell upon the island, the meteorite broke into four smaller parts , but it was not really a meteorite but a man, and the fragments that broke off was his sword, once he crashed he recollected his memories along with  the collected remains of his sword and reforged it on his own, once he did so he sent himself upon his quest. He soon came upon the place that was once a village, he passed many trees until he stopped in front of the greatest tree of them all. Here he smashed his sword into a rock that slitted up from the ground slightly, unsuprisingly to the man the sword did not shatter but cut deep into the rock. He placed a seal upon it and waited, he waited and he waited patiently for weeks if not months feeling no hunger nor thirst that a mortal would.

Then one night when the moon was at its brightest, he stepped forward towards the great tree, he placed his palm along the bark of the tree and pushed himself trough the fabric, once trough the outer wall the dark red haired man stood there watching at what he had come for. Many tangible roots covered the archways between the fabric that was within the great tree, bright green orbs flew around in mid air appearing like fireflies.  As the man stepped forward the roots started to move aside, one could not say that it was dark inside maybe slightly shady, since a bright green light emanated from the center of the tree. There at the heart of the tree slept a little girl, one could have easily mistaken her for a divine spirit, for she shined brighter than a thousand stars. Once the man moved close enough the young girl stirred in her sleep and soon awoke. Her piercing eyes caught the man`s eyes and for a brief moment in the man`s eyes the entire world stood still, for what felt like an eternity to the man was over in the blink of an eye, the girl spoke with a yawn as her eyes adjusted to the man "Are you the man from my dream?" she asked, the man said nothing at first, he simply offered her his hand. "that depends which dream you had?" he said.

The girl then reached out to grab his arm and a bright blinding flash of light ensured, the girl then answered, "The one with Kratos... the guardian angel" the girl answered with a smile, and altrough the man could not tell that she was smiling due to the bright light, he still knew that she was smiling so he smiled back. In a matter of seconds they found themself`s  outside the great tree again, with the little girl tightly clutching to his arm, Martel`s shape changed her long blonde hair turned green, and her pupils follow the same theme shortly after. The little girl then pinched herself in an effort to wake herself up, Kratos observed her for a moment then asked why she was trying to pinch herself? Martel told him that she wanted to make sure that she was not asleep, that this was a dream. He said nothing in return but stepped forward and caught the hilt of his blade and pulled it loose from the granite rock in which it was stuck in, he then went along and sheathed his blade. "Do you remeber anything, how you ended up in there?" Kratos asked the girl, she looked slightly puzzled at him before she answered. "What do you mean?" Kratos then turned to face her again ".... .... nothing, forget i asked" Eventually the girl would regain her memories but that would take time, in the mean time they had a lot to do.

Days passed and the two grew a bond together, Kratos handed Martel a small pet, which she came to call Frosch whom she grew very fond of, and eventually their training started, Kratos trained Martel in the arts of summoning, alchemy, spell casting, enchanting among other viable ways of magic. He even resorted to training Martel in the ways of "Heavenly body Magic", a form of magic that was not known in her world. And it was likely it never would be. Kratos taught her many things, but also why he had chosen her for this task. He told her a long story of a man who protected the innocents, brought judgement to those whom had wronged in life, and in general fought evil on equal footing. To Martel it almost sounded like a fairy tale, then Kratos meantioned the Oracle, whom had guided him to this path. After that day Martel seemed more determined than ever before to follow in her Mentor`s footsteps, many decades went by and Martel grew, not just in her capacity for magic but also in maturity, she became more independent, and more serious when needed be. They traveled the vast world together for a time, ridding themself`s of the Evil that still detoriated the world in a blanket. They visited haunted castles, dark caves, deep mires and great cities. In the course of their journey Kratos told Martel what needed to be done, to follow the prophecy, that she needed to join with her brother once more to visit another age somewhere further in the future. And that she could not remain here, it would be too dangerous. Withouth hesitation Martel agreed, and once they returned to the island where it all began she asked him. "will i ever see you again?" A small smile formed on Krato`s lips for a brief moment before he moved his arm up to her chin. "look for me in the moonlight dreams, only then can you find me" Martel then entered the tree once more satisfied with the answer. To ensure that her memories would remain this time Kratos invented a crystal that would house her body while she was asleep.

Kratos put his sword back into the rock and casted a spell upon it causing it to remain stuck into its position, no force or spell could seemingly buckle it or move it. Thus Martel went back to sleep, and Kratos well he continued to watch over her, even if he was not always present. Over the years the blade dissapeared under the vegetation, when moss and grass grew over it, it was not until the academy was built several hundred years later that the sword was discovered, and yet no one knew its origin, it was not made of any substance known to man nor Faerie, even the elves where stumped at the material. And no matter how hard anyone tried the sword nor the granite rock did not buckle, it was seemingly etched into the earth itself. Many more years would pass and the sword was eventually forgotten, moss and grass would once again grow over it, and yet its origin would forever remain a mystery, if not for a certain event that was about to transpire just as prophecy had foretold it to.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 10
Magical: 15
Intellectual: 20

Fighting Style: Martel relies heavily upon her weapon`s and spells to work in her favor, since wielding a numerous amount of spells, summons and other magical abilities she verses well in that area of expertize. As a master spell caster she is dutily noted for being a strategist, knowing her way around people. She is especially proficient in using her staff in combat, its special abilities and her expertize in using it shines brilliantly even in the darkest hour. It should also be noted that Martel is very observant of her opponents behavior during battle, not just their skills and spells but how they react to her words and actions, it makes it relatively easy for her to come up with a plan to counter their strategies.

The Offensive Magician
Martel relies on her clones for distraction, and rarely attacks head on, she always plans ahead and seems to be two steps ahead of her opponents. Her powerful attacks are composed of mainly spells, but skills play a big portion of her abilities too. She combines effectively her knowledge and spells to take out her opponents. Martel is capable of being taken by suprise, and reprimands herself for making mistakes. This does not however stop her from pursuing her opponent`s should they flee, she knows when to back off and when to push forward and you should follow those orders. Rarely does she fight with all that she`s got, because few can push her around like that but when she does get cornered whoo boy you better watch out. For when she brings out the big guns, then she is done playing around.

Sometimes in rare cases Martel can use her martial abilities to fight off her foes, this is rare for she does not possess insane strength, she is more of an agile fighter than a brute, she will eventually rely upon her preffered way of combat, namely spell casting.



Items of Significance:

Oathkeeper: She carries is around with her wherever she goes, it appears that she uses her staff as an extension to her magical capabilities, and as a walking stick. On another note its also very useful when clearing out any pests in the yard.

Frosch: Her most loyal companion, it is said that Yuukan`s are harmless creatures, well whoever it was who thought so certainly has not met Frosch, anyone who seems to embarass or harm Martel is up for a nasty suprise, usually in the form of a bite. Martel reprimands her pet quite often, but in the past Kratos has pointed out that she is far too lenient in her punishments for it to have any useful effect.

Frosch is also immortal, and only one of its kind whom can actually talk, Frosch has told Martel that the reason for these strange abilities is because he once made a Godess laugh, and as a thanks he was granted a single wish. Off course Martel always thought her little pet was playing tricks on her. According to Martel Frosch is nearly 4000 years old. He may very well know a lot of secrets but sharing these secrets is not in his nature, simply because he is a somewhat of a docile thing rarely ever talking of his past, he is also not very talented with talking.

Special ability: Invisibility cloak; does exactly what the name implies turns Frosch Invisible

Bag of holding; Yuukan`s naturally possess this ability which explains why in Martel`s time and age the Yuukan`s where such popular pets, (and also helps to explain why they are almost exctinct today) the ability stands for Frosch ability to hold onto Items inside of him more than fourty to fifty times his size and weight withouth it having any effect on his own weight. It opens into a nondimensional space a pocket dimension, making the space larger inside than it is outside. A living creature put into Frosch will suffocate after about 10 minutes.

Necklace: Carved to look like a leaf made out of Mithrill, an elven ore. It holds a special purpose and magical abilities, to seal away some of her regenerative abilities in case they would go out of control. It was a hasty gift from her dear brother on her 8th birthday. Its used to store enourmous amounts of magical energy in the body of the holder, constantly collecting more and more over the years. This magical energy is then used to cast potent spells of healing and damage, that are usually stronger than those of their counter parts.

Position: Headmaster

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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:13 pm

Ah~ We've been waiting for this particular application to be finished...

With that in mind, we shall begin our very strict judgement.

Quote :
but because her "skin" regenerates any visible wounds with ease
Does this also extend to any regular wounds? Will she regenerate a cut from a sword? How about, a slightly larger cut, say, the length of her forearm and an inch or two deep? What I'm cocerned with, is if you're trying to say that she has the ability to regenerate. This is fine, but, it would need to be registered as a Spell, Alchemy or Unique Ability (but it would still be a bit nerfed.

That may be all I have to say about corrections and questions. If I missed anything, Midnight will be sure to catch it behind me.

For now, your Stats:


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Martel Yggdrasill

Martel Yggdrasill

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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:20 pm

Does this also extend to any regular wounds? Will she regenerate a cut from a sword? How about, a slightly larger cut, say, the length of her forearm and an inch or two deep? What I'm cocerned with, is if you're trying to say that she has the ability to regenerate. This is fine, but, it would need to be registered as a Spell, Alchemy or Unique Ability (but it would still be a bit nerfed. wrote:

Can i put that in her Unique ability? There could also be a major drawback to her ability i can explain more of that later, the regeneration was mostly implying on shallow cuts and bruises, while more deeper wounds would take longer to heal on its own. If she assisted the healing process by sacrificing a portion of her mana she could speed the process of regeneration.

I would like to change the stats to something that suits her a bit better.

Physical: 10
Magical: 20
Intellectual: 15

Efreet Spirit of Flame
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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:40 am

Quote :
Can i put that in her Unique ability? There could also be a major drawback to her ability i can explain more of that later, the regeneration was mostly implying on shallow cuts and bruises, while more deeper wounds would take longer to heal on its own. If she assisted the healing process by sacrificing a portion of her mana she could speed the process of regeneration.
So it's just to keep her looking sexypretty? That's fine XD.

And yes, it can be registered as a Unique Ability~


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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:01 am

Naro said I could, so I'm just gonna go ahead and approve this application. Welcome to Mage Academy, Martle~!^-^

When in need, call the Sheep~!

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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:13 am

Well if Sheep's approval isn't enough, I'll give my approval as well, seeing as Narry already cleared out anything that would violate fair play, Let's face it, everyone's going to get wiped out Besides, most of us have been eager for a new headmaster.

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PostSubject: Re: [Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]   

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[Headmaster] Martel Yggdrasil [NPC]
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