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 New Experince (Private, Chronus-Jean)

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PostSubject: New Experince (Private, Chronus-Jean)   Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:23 am

(New Timeline, Summer, Aug 01)

Aegis Town, a small town outside of Mage Academy. A safe place for students and teacher alike during the summer holidays. Fill with the families of teachers and stores center around students, it was no surprise Chronus was found walking the streets. Wearing a casual set of an orange t-shirt and blue jeans, he was ready to relax and spend the day with his friend. Or rather, he personal maid/pet project/patient, one Jean Archer, someone who hasn't experienced the joys of living.

He got most of the day prepared, granted it was a half made plan, he can't predict Jean no matter how much he tries, but it will work. The Cafe, a more specialized one than the one at the campus, was expecting them. Plus the Library just got a new shipment of books, with a wide variety than the spells labs. Of course, he will make sure to walk down the street with the most stores, hopefully, something will get her attention.

With a small smile, he made it to the bus stop. All he has to do was pick up Jean and 'Operation: Get Jean to enjoy herself' will start.
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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: New Experince (Private, Chronus-Jean)   Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:31 pm

"Target locked..." Jean dropped herself down hanging upside down from a nearby tree that stood next to the bus stop "Master... I was going to clean up your sword collection but I noticed, we were running out of..." her words trailed off.

She was literally a foot away from Chronus, he soon would realize the gravity of the situation as people stared at them, there they where shocking blue stripes and white base or was it the other way around with panties? It didn't matter because they where exposed. And Jean didn't seem to realize.

"Master are you looking for someone?" Her hair that was tied into a French braid was hanging down past her head.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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New Experince (Private, Chronus-Jean)
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