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 Jean Archer Coldstryfe

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:27 am

A robot made by a lonely scientist


Full Name: Jean Archer Coldstryfe
Nickname(s): Jen, Jenny, Nurse, Maid, *579* (Catalogue number) <---- She calls herself this
Age: 16 [does not age]
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Semi-Automata (Artificial Life Form.)

The results could only be called




Height: 156cm
Weight: 47kg
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hair Color: Green
Distinguishing Features: Saying that Jean stands out from the flock is an understatement, however from her countless clones, she is no different in appearence. Her green hair still stands out from the norm. Her qistinguishing clothing style is no different from her sisters. Save from her hat.

Jean looks like a normal girl in her mid to late teens, her clothes usually consist of a robe designed to be worn & torn, basically a maid costume, she is seen in a Nursery costume at times, her chest is less exposed and stands at a modest B cup, her hair is neatly cut in a precise style with slight bangs hanging from both sides of her head, her appearence has not changed since she was "created" Her uniform lacks sleeves yet holds onto a separate fabric along her arms, her hair is always seemingly tied in a braid. Her hat atop of her head is the only significant detail that others of her kind lack. She stands at an average 156cm, her body type could be described as petite. She appears quite pale,  Her body altrough not physically shown is littered with implants to enchance her body, this seems to effect her in numerous ways such as perception, agility and memory. Implants are as follows: Memory Core, Secondary Heart, Adrenal Neurosympathy, Bioelectric Skin, Mimetic Skin, Muscle Fiber Density, Adaptive bone marrow, Depth Perception, Hyper Reactive Pupils, Neural Damping, Neural Feedback.


A "miracle"

  • Clean Places
  • Martell
  • Her past
  • Being a Nurse, she tends to hide her wants though
  • New clean clothes
  • Dry air, its not sure why but she dislikes getting soaked wet
  • Is Expendeble
  • Being useful
  • Not having attachments

  • Wearing Dirty clothes
  • Dirt in any way or form
  • Dreams
  • Being a burden/Not being able to help

  • The past and "dreams" of the past
  • Her purpose in life
  • Being special to someone
  • Being bullied

But still lacking was...

Jean appears to lack emotion all together, her "sister`s" clones show even less social habits, however Jean has a personality that seems to stride her other clones, in significant terms the word expendeble is something she favors. It makes her feel insinificant and insecure which is exactly what she strives for. Jean lacks knowledge to distinguish emotion all together and would likely not be able to tell if a person intended to cause harm (IE: traitor) to others in the academy, she also claims that she lacks any dreams. Yet unlike her clones she is the only one whom shows some form of Human nature. The want to learn. (IE: she has learned the basics of being a nurse) Jean stands outside the perception of the academy, she remains just out of reach and desires nothing more than work in peace. This is a part of her "built in code" As most clones like herself, Jean`s perception of the world is limited, she cannot see the "heart" in people and lack`s common sense. Most students barely ever see her, this is not due to her getting bullied in the past as she claims that she is "Expendable" This means that she cannot see if she "dies" , regardless someone else will take over her work and this will make her "happy".

Jean is the physcial embodiment of emptyness, she sees no reason to hold onto physical matters be it a weapon or "friend" Unless it is a tool meant for "work" she works tirelessly and barely ever sleeps. In this perspective she is also a Tool of the Academy, or at least this is how she sees herself, and accepts this fact whole heartedly. Jean has an unusual habit of repeating herself, when she zooms out, when entering her "automated" mode she responds casually, usually not making sense to the subject at hand. This is usually a sign of her lack of sleep, as she dozes off withouth any significant notice. Responding with "i see" or "yes" to whatever. She was given her life and name by the former 6th Headmaster, the person she called her "master" and creator... The reason for avoiding students and teachers alike stems likely from her programming, discussion or even small talk is seen to her as needless labor, something she can live withouth. She usually cleans up students rooms and classes after use almost daily, but also takes initiative in the nursery when needed. She appears to clean up rooms when nobody is around, but she is known for being a waitress as well. These daily jobs keep her mind blurred and steady to take on the daily needs of the academy.

When someone is around she avoids conversing with them all together and only speaks when spoken to, she tends to analyze habits of people when in the rare case that she comes into contact with people, the most basic things like what they are wearing and such, she then memorizes this until she deems it insignificant, at which point she "deletes" the memories. Her memory is baffling, as she can take the opportunity to save certain memories and regain perception of these even while she is asleep. If she deems some memories significant, she will hold onto them for what would appear to her as no reason in particular. But it likely is something that she does unconsciously.

When in her cleaning mode, Jean requiers low amount of mental capacity and usually drones off with her cleaning until her perceptive eye tells her to do something else entirely. Her perceptive eye usually stands at a 25% capacity so it is not unsuprising if she misses some details when perceiving people, however when cleaning rooms and such daunting tasks. She recklessly leaves her Perceptive eye capacity into nearly 100% In this form it is said she can peer trough walls. Her body has been modified to never tire out, so she cannot feel pain or tiredness. She does not yawn in most cases unless someone else does so this is yet another unconcious natural habit that was not programmed for her to do. However due to her speciality to learn new things, she had gone beyond what her programming allows her to do which is why the 6th took such intrest into her. Her voice is kind and solitary, and almost monotone yet sweet and innocent. She appears capable of taking habits, (IE: dozing off in mid conversation) working at an minimal 10% mental capacity at times Jean is hardly a genius. However just as any other activity, she can work her wonders when requierd of her.

Her second name Coldstryfe is the same as the 6th headmaster, it also appears to be quite fitting to her nature. Her feelings of the 6th headmaster is defined as lackluster, she seems less than worried when the 6th passed away, in fact the results of said event left her deleting most of her memories of the matter, save for the most basic knowledge needed to answer the most basic information of said characters. She defines herself as a walking dictionary when it comes to information of the academy, yet she knows better than to blabber things out loud, she is very resourceful and is capable of acessing manual controls and information on all students (former as well as present) and teachers in the academy. Their ID is known to her after a brief mental process. However due to her ability to restrict information leaks, she is quite cautious to whom she hands her information.

She has all the information that is needed of each Area of the Academy, and explains such details with long dragged details of whatever the victim wants to know of the academy save for restricted details such as the headmasters office and the Biolabs. Jean is courteous in her speech at most times, however there are times when she goes a bit head to toe with certain subjects which can become quite akward to those who talk with her.

Being programmed, Jean never discriminates or hurts any base academy personal or students (even for self defense), however she can be misunderstood or she can say something quite bluntly withouth the intetion to sound rude. This has led to a few cases where her body has been physically harmed to the point where her body has shut down to prevent futher harm to her Vital organs. It is possible to Hire her kind (one unit) for an affordable sum of 50 credits per day .The money is used for funding the Automata initiate program or AIP for short. AIP is a program that the Magic council funds, it is used to repair damaged Automata, and fund new projects within the program. It is also used to Build new Automata in case old models expiring. Their life expectency is at average thought to be 80-120 years.

Jean also states that it makes her "happy" when she does not have any earthly desires to cling to, this is borderline Nihilism as it makes her inhumane. In combat Jean only defends herself when protecting her own against outsiders, however when confronted by outsiders who wish to hurt base academy personal and students, she will protect them with the best of her capabilities, not because she feels the urge to do so, but she states is simply in her programming. She can appear quite reckless in combat, this likely stems from her lacking fears (combat oriented) or "death".

Something that can`t be made.


The Automaton Series was a product that the Academy came across by accident, as it was not the intended product, Jean herself was cultivated years after the Series had been in production following a sucessful and fairly popular model, with the new workforce that did neither require sympathy nor payment for their hard work relived the academy of a lot of "staff" these people lost their jobs because of the Automaton series huge sucess. Eventually people left with grudges over the decades and it shows even today.

Regardless there was little to Jean`s life until she took an intrest into nursery, a fact which baffles scientist even today. It is not exactly know why Jean chose Nursery or exactly why she wanted to learn when her counter parts had no such desire. At the time the sixth headmaster took intrest into her and "adopted" her as her own daughter. This may have suprised people, Jean did not seem the least affected by this, even so she went to ask one day why it is that he adopted her? the sixth answered that he had a daughter once, and that she passed away a while ago, she and her clones where used based on her DNA, and therefore even though she looked nothing like his daughter there was certain shapes which reminded him of her.

Her sharp yet small nose, her petite body shape and perhaps the most notable of all her somewhat large forehead, her told her that her daughter always was ashamed of her forehead thus she hid it behind her hair. As time went on Jean continued her work one day she was confronted by the fact that her Adoptive father namely the headmaster was killed, it was not stated how or why but Jean cared not knowing, days passed and she purged all save files for those which was common knowledge. The hat that she wears is the only memento from the 6th headmaster, yet she has no recollection of this.

Around this time she met a young student in the academy, he was... different from the others, her meeting him must have been fate for she had avoided people like vampires avoid garlic. Technically he was not the first student that she met, because of the bullies that had been causing trouble to her recently, it was on a fine day that these students where picking at her, bullying her causing her harm, and even though she did not mind any of it. Someone came to her rescue, the young boy was roughly about her age. She watched the boy give the bullies a hard time, sending them packing even though they where 5 of them and only one of him to "protect" her, the boy offered his hand, but Jean remained lying on the ground simply observing the boy. He had an unusual silver white hair and a certain odd glint in his eyes, he was not like any boy she had ever met. Reluctantly she caught his arm and stood up brushing off some of that dust from her maid dress. They met several times after that, in different and certain places, such as the nursery whenever the boy was wounded. Or random places, the boy hired her once to gaze at the stars with his younger sister. Why this was the case she had no idea but a good worker never complains even after the boy told her that she should chill out and relax a bit more. More than seven years has passed since she saw the boy last time and now she has more or less return to her old cycle, she even gets bullied from time to time but usually they leave her alone.

And now certain events are about to go into high gear leaving her to confront her "onee-san" eventually at least.

That is called a "Heart (Kokoro)"


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Magical: N/A
Intellectual: 5

Fighting Style:

Altrough Jean has little knowledge in combat, she has some basic knowledge In martial arts such as Kung-fu (as does all maid`s in the academy don`t ask why), she is quick and agile and most of all she is strong, something she shows when cleaning rooms, as she has the strength to move large objects with little effort. When entering combat Jean attacks with whatever takes the least amount of effort so usually head on, she is rarely the first one to strike though, She will likely never hold back but goes a 100% from the get go!

Jean is quick to learn, this means that she can start to counter moves more quickly than what normal people could, however this usually takes one or two hits before such can happen.



Muscle Fiber Density: Confers superhuman leg/arm strength

Adaptive Bone Marrow: Wound recovery time is reduced by 2/3

Mimetic Skin: Confers the ability to change skin pattern/clothing to match cover.

Bioelectric Skin: Hidden enemies (either in the fog of war or cloaked), within a short distance, are revealed with a vague bioelectric outline. Also grants immunity to strangulation by releasing a powerful Jolt of Electricity. Highly resistant to Lightning element magic.

Adrenaline Neurosympathy: Grants Combat Pheromones boost that increases Aim, Crit Chance, and mobility of nearby allies when killing an enemy. (NPC or Player) Can only occur once per 5 turns.

Secondary Heart: Causes Jean to last longer when bleeding out, aditionally allows secondary heart to function despite one heart being destroyed.

Depth Perception: Being able to see farther, allows binocular like eye sight.

Hyper Reactive Pupils: Improves aim significantly both in closecombat and at a distance.

Neural Dampening: Is immune to panicking. Also allows greater amount of willpower, Resistant to Mind controlling abilities.

Neural Feedback: Allows Telepathy between her clones, and the main computer, allows student, teacher ID identification trough perception.

Position: Abnormal

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:01 pm


~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:30 pm

Bump noticed, senpai! Wait, you're not senpai.... senpai lied to m- *Beep! Please hold, we'll be back with you shortly...*

Okay, Vichi's back, and here to review my long awaited maid bot that I will squander countless credits on as I do with everything..... I just hope Arkian's wallet is enough for a few years....

Ahem! Back to the review!
Horrid or Amazing review, you decide....:

I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, I hope I don't get copyright for this song~!
Well Pear, only one more person to review your bio then I'll see if its fit to give my support because who knows? I might have overlooked hundreds of things with my super poor perception and degrading observation skills So the might Sheep - Our Lady and Savior twice - may have the honor of reviewing your bio~

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:15 am

BUMP~ O.O changed stats!

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:30 am

Yay! Stats chang- *Random train runs over Vichi*

I'm... okay... gah... *Faints away while holding this sign*:

New Stats:
Physical: B
Magical: N/A
Intellectual: E (5+)

That is all, RIP~ X_X

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:25 am

I'm satisfied with his. I approve this.

Welcome to MA, Jean. ^-^

When in need, call the Sheep~!

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PostSubject: Re: Jean Archer Coldstryfe   

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Jean Archer Coldstryfe
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