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 New day

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Jean Archer
Jean Archer

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PostSubject: New day   Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:19 pm

It had been a rather long day for the butler, his vacant eyes caught the youthful girl sleeping on the sofa, he wondered why she was sleeping here of all places. Why not in her room?, the butler concidered for a moment covering her with a blanket, he noted that while she had pulled a blanket it was now lying on the floor. She seemed rather restless...

The rather pale toned butler picked up gently the young girl from her sofa, she made little resistance when he did so still in a rather deep slumber, it was only now he realized how light she was in his hands. Despite this she felt really warm against his cold hands. Perhaps it wasnt that suprising but to the butler it had been a while he had moved something so warm and soft... he was careful not to wake her up, he grimaced when she called his name... and tugged at his uniform.

Miachel was sure she was still asleep, Mika used to walk in her sleep, so he was used to people moving about while still sleeping. He moved her carefully to her room and placed her down on her bed, she was still wearing her clothing. How she slept was none of his business, but it would not serve her in the least if she got sick.

Michael pulled a blanket over her tugging it up to her neck. "Sleep tight" He whispered before stepping away, he was tempted to kiss her on the forehead but resisted the urge, she wasnt his daughter, and he didnt know her that well, besides he had been pretty awful to her the day before. He closed the door but left it narrowed up, he started cleaning up the kitchen, and fixing up the girls stuff that she brought with her from home. She never needed to go back to that place. This was her new home now.

That is assuming she could complete her entrance exam...

After finishing up cleaning (which didnt take that long) Michael took a seat on the sofa she had been sleeping on earlier, he brought with him a good book and a snack for his break. Jean was probably out he had not seen her since yesterday, she must have been busy.

~If it does`t prick your conscience anyone could make those choices, right?~ Jean Archer ~

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New day
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