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 Atisuto Kokoro

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PostSubject: Atisuto Kokoro   Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:24 pm


Full Name: Atisuto Kokoro
Nickname(s): None
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human



Height: 7.3 ft
Weight: 56 Kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Features: Sometimes seen wearing a green jacket and a black tie as opposed to her sisters uniform wear, He wears blue bootleg jeans as well, his hair is sometimes messy but isn't on special occasions.

Atisuto stands at 7.3 feet, making him pretty big for a ending student, his eyes are green like emeralds and his blond hair is messy, He wears a green jacket and a white t-shirt with a black tie. Atisuto wears blue bootleg jeans, his shoes are trainers and is sometimes saw with a black bagpack that has a rare book of old magic spells in it.

during rare occasions, like a party or so he will wear a black jacket and when writeing he wears long distance glasses, he's kind of blind but he has ways of getting around that.


  • Teasing his sister (Kasai)
  • Writing stories
  • Warmth, ya know like fire and radiators

  • the cold
  • not doing stuff
  • being sick

  • Dieing in vain
  • Clowns (he HATES clowns!)

 Atisuto is a very brave and intelligent and extremely loyal to everyone. The same way, his friends show extreme loyalty to him. He figuratively calls them his children. He is generally seen as a mighty, distant and mysterious figure in the eyes of the students and teachers. He tends to be serious however can be quite mouthy to those who underestimate him for her age. Back in the past when he first joined Atisuto was really cocky and hot-headed but as of now he has grown more humble, not anymore seeing himself as the best. However, he is still very confident and hotheaded despite this.

Atisuto has quite the appertite when it comes to meat like chiken, pork and beef, he also likes fish as well, he likes to mess with people by useing a creepy marionette puppet. He loves to write stories and has a dorm full of unfinished and finished stories that one could accidentally read.


Atisuto being Kasais big brother was born into the same family as her, only being older then her by three years he had to keep his proudness on the inside and be a big brother to her, but Atisuto knew from the beginning his time was short as he suffered from a unknown heart desiese that make it risky to fight or even run long distances and because of this, atisuto normally lands up in hospital, in the academy AND out. At the age of 10 years Atisuto came to mage academy and like a newbie, everyone looked down on him but he didnt let that push him down as his cockyness and foul mouth seemed to startle most of the older students. At the age of 15 Atisuto and Kasai met for the first time and they got some time to talk and catch up and they now know that they can meet eachother for random chats and talks whenever they wanted.

However at 17 years of age Atisuto got into an arena fight where his unique ability unleashed itself to protect him from a misspell,this was what led him to become at the age of 18 Atisuto has grown more humble and caring, but is still cocky and foul mouthed but he doesnt show that as much as he used to. But somehow he knows his time is ending...and not due to his desiese.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 10
Magical: 25
Intellectual: 10

Fighting Style: Atisuto would normally stay away from fights and not go physical, hence he uses magic to his advantage, he will sheild himself with an ice spell that will protect him from stat attacks and magic below C, he will then use a fire spell that he can bend to different shapes, like wolf, horse and on rare occasions, a dragon to do the most damage of attack. this fire spell is kind of an old one hence the fac that the fire can sometimes change colour, this fire spell will do he most damage to anyone with a magical and physical stat below D and moderate damage to the same stats below C



Items of Significance: Atisuto doesn't like to fight physically so he has a black book in a back pack that holds old spells within it

Position: Student

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PostSubject: Re: Atisuto Kokoro   Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:00 am

Oh? A new character, Kasai-san? Well then, Me along with another Staff member, we'll review your Teacher-Application.

Appearance: This could use a paragraph more or two. We try to make stuff have adequate information in certain fields. You can feel free to look at other characters to get an idea of what kind of information helps to fill up the word count. Not just standard height and weight, but also their body's fitness, any notable features such as scars, visible marks on his face, arms or any where on the body, stuff like that. Remember I'm here to help you out a lot.

Personality:Well, this could use a little more work, a bit more fears, likes, dislikes, and about a paragraph. Also, here's a good tip: Imagine your character as an anime character in an episode on their daily life. Think about them surrounded by food, other people and tools and so on. Write down the way you think they'd react to these things.

History: It's short, but kind of sufficient to me, yet just add a few things. Tip: Imagine what they had to go through in their young life just people in reality do too.

Physical: D
Magical: C(+5)
Intellectual: D

Fighting style:
Well, keep in mind we have 2 initial slots for spells. I can give some more tips on this however. Instead of posting what he would do, post what he focuses on: Like instead of posting he shields himself with an ice spell -Stating that he directly uses a spell-, you can say "He focuses on protecting himself through the use of ice-based spells."
If I had to suggest two spells to choose out of the 4, I would go with the flare and Ice shield, which need to be registered as spells before usages c:

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Atisuto Kokoro   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:35 pm

ok, i always have trouble with app making.... changed fighting style, history, appearence and personality to the best i can, i would like to keep the stat though if allright

(Sorry i took long to reply, being sick takes it out of ya...)

"My soul is crammed with spirit that will go straight to my friends...a bloody jerk like you will NEVER take something like that away from me!"-Atisuto

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PostSubject: Re: Atisuto Kokoro   Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:01 am

Well m'dear, if this is what you can give us, then, I'll accept it. It does meet minimum requirements for Student-class.

I have no objections to Arkian's suggestion of stats either, those I can agree with.

Ms. Kasai. You have support from Arkian and myself, so, your application is APPROVED.

Welcome Back to Mage Academy

Care to Click? =D
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PostSubject: Re: Atisuto Kokoro   

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Atisuto Kokoro
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