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PostSubject: Xerxes WIP   Xerxes WIP Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 4:11 pm


Full Name: Xerxes Valerian Devereux III
Nickname(s):  Xerxes the Maleficent, Elf King
Age:  Preserved age- 30. Real age: 170
Gender: Male
Race:  Elf



Height: 5’11
Weight:  187
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color:  Black
Distinguishing Features:  N/A

Xerxes is a tall man roughly around six-foot one, with long limbs and a well-toned body with no extra body fat. He has slightly wide shoulders, and a slender neck. Xerxes has a somewhat square face not to long nor narrow, he has a firm set jaw with a medium sized slightly square chin, a long narrow nose. He has a pair of narrow eyes which are very outstanding unusual pink-ish color that appears both dark yet bright at the same time. His hair is dark-black and is often kept in a rather simple style with bangs hanging just along his eyes, and the rest reaches to his shoulders. His skin appears mostly unblemished and tan in color, the only markings on his skin appear to be black tribal-like tattoos or some other form of markings, a few along his lower back and sides, as well as a few along his shoulders and neck that cross over one another then bend and end in points.

Xerxes' choice is wardrobe is fit for a king. He wears a long ground length black coat with fitted sleeves, armor decorates multiple parts of the coat. Starting with the tops of his shoulders are two curved pieces of black armor with silver edges and seem to be held on with small belts and silver buttons. Just along the curve of his shoulder and along the outer edge of his arm for a few inches on both sides are pieces of armor curved to fit, black in color they have red trimming with red and yellow lines down the middles twice with an inch between them and on the outer side of the lines are small flame patterns stretching along the red seams, but not touching them. Along both of his arms are several more segmented dark-red plates with lighter-red edges, and they are only wide enough to cover the back of his arms. Along his chest are dark-gray or black plates that match the first ones with black edges they curve around the outside of his chest under his arms and meet in the back as one solid piece. From underneath this piece another piece of armor curves around his body and hangs down just to the beginning of his outer-thigh.

The rest of his coat exposed from the tip of this armor to the ground, one can see several large dark-gray patterns scattered throughout, and a dark-red seam zigzagging along his outer thighs and then meeting in the middle along the edge of the coat's opening and trails all the way down the front and even past the end of his coat ending with gold threads, he has another pair of these in the back. All the way around the tail of his coat is torn into a flame-like pattern which is mimicked with orange and then red colored flame patterns surrounding the bottom. The front of the coat is left open exposing a dark orange-red chest plate that comes up up around his neck with a dark-gray lined slit down the middle a few inches. The armor fits snugly against his body with darker red seams, it ends in a point around his belt-line where a matching orange-red sash hangs down with a few pointed lines of yellow, gray, white, and orange before ending with a point with three smaller white and gray rectangular pieces of sash hanging down from there.

With this coat he is often seen wearing a pair of black pants, likely some type of lightweight gray undershirt. A pair of black boots with a thin yellow line up the toe to the top with red flame patterns along the sides, come up to his knees. Lastly, he wears a black horn-shaped piece of armor along the left side of his head, kept in place with what looks to be part of a headband. Some refer to this as his 'crown'.
Xerxes will wear other things, though tends to have a refined taste and though he seems to lean toward black or dark-gray for basic parts of his clothing he will wear brighter colors with it. A pair of jeans, a button up shirt with or without a coat. When relaxing though he'd likely wear a pair of baggier pants and shirt if he had the choice. His hair rarely changes style, sometimes it gets a little longer, but is usually cut, sometimes he will brush it back or pull it back when needed.

The man also carries himself like a king, standing and walking tall with his shoulders back and chin up. Xerxes has near-perfect posture, as he should. He is normally well-groomed and clean, but does not stress out over getting dirty, though if he had a choice he would rather be clean. He has very proper mannerisms and never seems to overreact with body language.



  • Fishing: He likes to fish when he's alone, preferably on a mountain, or hell even in caves. It was something he started to do when he was a bit younger and something he still does. Though now he only does it for sport rather than catching food.

  • Reading: Xerxes is indeed a reader, but more specifically of fantasy and horror stories. Things that are impossible even in a world of magic have been taken an interest of. Secretly he enjoys reading of heroism and world-threatening events being turned over and saved, it gives him a pride of success and determination. Every now and then he tends to gain an interest for the hero to fall in love seek his life-filling partner.

  • Observing: He is the master of watching things play out before him, sometimes if not most of the time he seems to be disinterested in whatever events are going on around him, however this is a falsehood, as he is always watching people and taking mental notes on them. He knows where to be and when to be there because it is a hobby of his. He is so observant that he can tell catch subtle hints in postures and nearly guess their current attitudes towards different situations, all the while bringing him delight.

  • Sense: Logic - Logic is a wonderful thing, it brings about common sense to the world around it and it makes sure that everyone who looks on is able to understand exactly why the world around them is so unflinchingly weird.  if it weren't for logic, where would we be?The thing that he enjoys so much about sense is the fact that he likes being able to understand things around him, getting to understand things more about the world that he lives in.

  • Being Alone- Alone time to Meditate, and have time to reflect on his own thoughts. Xerxes feels time at ease and able to clear his mind can erase terrible memory.Peace and quite, the calming sound of of nothing brings relief upon Xerxes


  • Brats: Despite his fondness for mothers and children, there is something to be said about the more bratty children that makes his blood boil silently. He despises those children who go against their elder's wishes, and sees anyone under the age of 16 as a child. Coming from a society where you respected your elders' wishes above your own until you became a man, he can't stand the majority of the youth these days as they tend to be greedy, self-entitled assholes.

  • Chatterboxes - Xerxes can't stand people who talk fast, who talk a lot of nonsense, who are noisy, who suffer from verbal diarrhea and who can't get to the point of a conversation. They get on his nerves more than anything and once he has branded you as such a person you are dead to him.

  • Appearing dirty: He despises looking messy, having his clothes wrinkled, or having food on his face. Anything that will make him look less appealing. His OCD tendencies to always be clean and presentable often can lead to him washing and rewashing clothes and himself. Just to make sure he looks presentable.

  • Having his father brought up: He despises having his deceased father brought up in conversation by anyone other than his family. Even then he despises talking about it unless he absolutely has to. He will often avoid answering questions by immediately changing the subject, or becoming completely silent.


  • Becoming powerless: Realizing his limitations to this hammer being apart of his power, if he became powerless, he would end up losing the pride he had built up in himself over the recent years. If he can't feel powerful enough to overcome this fear, Xerxes thinks all attempts at trying are useless, though he is an adamant person.

  • Internal Destruction: It is said if he ever turned on himself that he would find himself trapped in an endless void of despair. And that is something he must learn to control and deal with. This also ties to his weakness.

  • Failure: He fears failure, he fears that he doesn't fail on someones expectations, he fears if he fails in any task he might lose a very precious thing in his life. Since whatever tasks he does have great things at stake he can't take the risk of putting someones life in the dead zone.

Xerxes immediately comes across as stoic and imposing to most people, and not just because of his title. Though he does give off a powerful presence fit for a king and powerful warrior. Xerxes is calm, collected and very reserved though surprisingly despite common belief. When speaking to others Xerxes had a firm tone often being mistaken for being cold when this is not completely true. He speaks properly and rarely seems to spare any more words than needed. He is also respectful of others and does not seem to let personal opinions cloud that. He is comfortable in his own skin and does not care what others think of him. He also always appears to be in good control of his emotions.

While he might not be quick to engage in small-talk very often, but he isn't antisocial, but tends to be more of a listener and thinker rather than talking an excessive amount, he will speak when spoken to or something is on his mind. In fact as a ruler of his kingdom he is a very hands-on person, taking the time to listen to everyone’s problem as well as often going out of his way to personally take care of it. While he might not seem to be all smiles and sunshine, and does everything with a serious tone, he is very loved by his people for his dedication and compassion. This is because he firmly believes in the philosophy that is is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, no matter who they are he takes it upon himself to do just that when and where he can. His 'friendly' side might just mean he tolerates you and talks a little more around you. But, in reality is happy.

Xerxes is very protective if not almost a little overprotective with his philosophy he does his best to protect others, meaning sometimes putting himself in harms way or doing what needs to be done no matter what the cost, this applies more so to those whom have gotten close to him. Though he does not easily make close personal friends and does not trust easily. Someone must earn his trust friendship, and true respect. He admires and admires people who are kind, strong, and just.
He is also very stubborn, once he has made up his mind it is unlikely that it will ever change. If you have somehow changed his mind or opinion about something consider yourself lucky. Though he knows when he is wrong usually and will admit to it, he does have a strong enough sense of justice to know right from wrong. He stands firm in his beliefs and is unbending. If challenged Xerxes never backs down, of course he would never put anyone else in harms way, but sometimes can be a bit too stubborn.

There are a few surprising things about Xerxes though, despite his look he is actually good with children, even if he does not go too far out of his way to please them. He also really likes the cold though it likely has something to do with where he was born. He dislikes spicy food and loves sweet namely chocolate. He also has a fondness for weaponry namely swords. Though it might be surprising as well, he also does have a sense of humor though it can be rather dry and often said with his usual stoic expression leaving people unsure if he is really joking or being serious.

Sorrow isn't something unknown to him, he feels it like everyone else, though does well to hide it behind a blank face. It takes a lot to make him feel bad, but he is likely the type to keep it to himself and merely accept whatever has happened with some ease. As for Anger Xerxes is the type to explain his thoughts on matters and knows not everyone has to agree, he never claims to be fine with a situation that has rubbed him the wrong way, but the most anger he has ever shown is by shouting at someone or merely glaring. As said before he is in good control of his emotions. In other words he didn't become a great king by acting like a whiny brat. He is mature, just prideful enough, and genuinely caring even if he does not portray it very well.




(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)


Fighting Style:



Items of Significance:

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