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PostSubject: Site Roles   Site Roles Icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2016 12:37 pm

Here at Mage Academy, the world is a living and breathing one, not literally but figuratively. The world always have something occurring within it as time goes on, and as such, is made up of various people who are classified under particular roles. At the academy where the stories usually takes place, there are three common roles for the personnel: [Student], [Prefect], and [Staff]. For those who don't want a role in the Academy we have [Abnormal] and [Freelancer]

NOTE: The higher in scale of power and experience a character is, the detail and purpose of will be required of their character sheet, meaning they are subjected to a higher grading value as well as possess additional in-character responsibilities and duties. All users will be check for regular activity weekly.

Student:  Those whose characters choose to roleplay as students at the academy have chosen to start from the very bottom and to gain the most experience. Students are the most common role present in the Mage Academy, taking the majority as their role is to . As any race is welcome to join Academy, there is no limit on who, or what, you can play as.

  • All Student must be a minimum of 13 year old at the start of the Application. You can describe them entering the Academy earlier in your history but for the sake of roleplay and appropriate ¬†they must be older than 13. Reason being that we don't appreciate the trope of very powerful preteen individuals as it has been seen as a very ridiculous part of storytelling. Despite Mage Academy takes place in a fictional settings with fictional elements, we at least follow a common level of believability, and are aiming to deviate from various stereotypes/tropes.

Student Prefect: A prefect is a trusted student at the academy that has higher responsible to the student body. Each prefect are either the head of a Club or a part of the student council. Along with their club or student council duties, they must keep student from the breaking the rules as well as patrol the school during recess for approximately an hour and ensure safety. Because of this, all Prefect are allow to use up to B-Rank spells on campus property if it is demanded.
Because of their position, student prefects hold a position of authority, and they are obligated to assist any students in need of assistance.

Staff: What an Academy without the Staff members to operate the various facilities? Teachers, Security personnel, doctors, are all member of Staff. However do not be judged by their job qualities, almost all members of staff are capable of multi-purpose duties and substitution. They have to highest responsibility at the Academy and are able to do a lot of things. Teacher are able to teach classes and make their own type of canons for the field of expertise.

  • The staff role engaged in teaching classes at MA will work closely with the site staff in regards to theorizing and creating rules and principles regarding the various natures/behaviors of fictional elements are well as less understood non-fictional aspects of the world. Any theories taught within a class/lecture of a suitable length and intellect will be legible for reviewing by site staff and be put under consideration, and will be decided whether to canonize the theory or dismiss it as personal viewing of a character.

Abnormal: Abnormal are a small group of rare people that aren't able to use Magic but can stand up to Mages. Either by training, mechanical mean, or just good genes they got to the point where they entire a enhance state. Going pass Olympic level athletes, using mental powers, or even connections to the dearly parted are consider the norm for them to survive in a world such as this.

  • MA Staff will review the application of 'Abnormal' Characters and will judge it based on how well their powers correlate to their history, achievements in the past and other factors.
  • Like all characters, the more power that is requested by application, the more strict and higher the requirements will be.

Freelancers: Freelancer are mages without an official or fixed association with a particular organization other than ones to promote their job. In other words, they are basically mercenaries for hire, however have a wider ranger of skills and are capable of multiple other activities. They mostly find work for the Magical Council, shady organizations and the different races of Earth and Terra.
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