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 Izaya's Signature Spell

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Izaya Kogami

Izaya Kogami

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PostSubject: Izaya's Signature Spell   Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:36 am

Unique Ability

Name: (天の打ち消す) Ten no Uchikesu - Counter the Heaven


Form: Whilst normally invisible, The only way to tell the barrier is even there without a spell is the soft glow on the palm of Izaya's hand.

Description: When a spell makes contact with Ten no Uchikesu , A large multi-colored barrier appears as ripples are sent out across the remainer of the barrier. The further out these ripples get, the the less light is shown from the barrier.

Effect: Once erected, Ten no Uchikesu , acts to directly cancel out, and deflect, almost any spell thrown at it. Whilst it might seem impenetrable, if a spell is powerful enough there is the possibility that it could break through the barrier. However none have ever witnessed such a feat actually happening so very few believe it possible, thus earning it the name 'Counter the Heaven' as it isn't currently known if it is possible to exceed this barrier's limitations, assuming it has any.

The strongest point of this barrier lies not in it's invisiblity until struck, but rather in it's ability to reflect spells of almost any level. Because of this, Ten no Uchikesu is considered one of the most powerful barriers and is exceedingly difficult to control by one who isn't adept in it's useage. Even Izaya, whom has the most mastery of this barrier and the only one currently known to be able to utilize it, has trouble sustaining the barrier for more than a few spells if they're very powerful spells. It seems that Izaya either prefers to utilize this barrier for a single spell at a time, or the barrier itself has difficulties standing up to multiple spells.

Drawbacks: Because of the massive strength of this barrier, it requires an immense amount of focus and energy to utilize against powerful spells. Because of this, the more powerful a spell is in comparison to the barrier, or Izaya, the harder it is to keep the barrier erected.
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Izaya's Signature Spell
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