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PostSubject: Ninja of Darkness   Ninja of Darkness Icon_minitimeSun Sep 10, 2017 10:08 pm

Light enveloped the doll's world as his eyes fluttered open for the first time in decades. Why had he awoken? This one thought had dominated his mind at that moment. You see, the doll hated this world he was brought into. There was much he couldn't comprehend yet. For what reason was his existance even necessary? Why was he created, and by whom? He had been abandoned by his creator since his very birth and without knowledge of the very reason behind their disappearance, or anything for that matter. Left to his own devices in a sick game he wanted no part in.

He grasped out at the walls enclosing him. It mattered little however as the doll knew no such sensation as heat or pain. He only knew when his body came in contact with something in the form of data, but never what it actually meant to feel. A grim reminder that he was something other than human, something unnatural.

"Help... me...", his voice was raspy and mechanical; calling out words to the abyss of nobody with a problem that could never be solved. There was no being of this world, past or present, that could grant his desire.

In the darkest depths of darkness she awoke… she had been turning around restlessly in her sleep, there was clearly something troubling her, it had been going on for a few nights now. Her restlessness had gotten the better of her, at this rate she would not be able to pick up any contracts, sleep was essential especially to someone like her. At first the dreams where forgotten in the confusion when she woke up, but now they where there as clear images as if she had been watching them herself in daylight.

It was… and odd sight… a mechanical being… that could…. talk. The odd dream repeated over and over again. The mechanical voice had given her the creeps at first, but now they where just there to annoy her, and no medicine or drug seemed to make a difference, it was as if there was a part of her soul that was screaming the same thing now. She bolted from her bed, picked up her gear, a black katana that she sheathed along her back. Some various bombs, throwing knives, her specially crafted hidden blades, and her mask, among other things. She was always prepared for the worst scenario, it was after all a code she lived by.

Now she was running through the sewers, she could hear the voice in her head when she was awake, all she needed to do was to close her eyes, she was following the sound to its source, she slowed down when she passed a hole, made a U turn and ran through the pipe, she ran on the ceiling now to avoid making much sound seeing as the pipe floor was running with sewage water. She came out from the pipe outflow and jumped from there onto a branch of a tree and kept moving towards the voice.
Rising to his feat, the doll lurched forward, falling to his knees. It had been some time since he last moved and had yet to acclimate his body for operational functions. He sat still for a moment, a series of whirs and clicks coursing through his mechanical body.

The firat thing to be restored was his vision. Now rather than a large unidentifiable mess of light, his eyes revealed to him a crystal clear image of the world in his immediate surroundings. He was positioned alone in the corner of a small sturdily built room made out of concrete.  The area lackex furniture except for the rows of hanging light fixtures on the ceiling and. A single wall mounted mirror resting in front of him.

It was quite ironic, the doll thought to himself as he gazed into his own reflection. At a glance he sat there without clothes, pale skin and no genitalia. His creator had built him without a single blemish, not a single mole, scratch, or imperfection to be found on his naked body. His silky deep ocean blue hair draped down his head to his chest complemented his emerald green eyes quite well, giving the melancholic stare he always wore a touch of beauty despite it's depressing nature.

He had a body most humans would kill for in their envy, yet none of them knew that they possessed something a thousand times more precious that the doll lacked.
The female assassin kept her poisture while jumping from one tree to another, she moved at top speed and only stopped when she arrived at her destination. Here the trees where taller, and therefore the forest was darker, but she could still make out a building that was barely cropping out under the weight of the forest. As she jumped down from the trees she got a better look at the building, it was like a bunker of sorts with only one entrance. An old rotting door blocked any entrance into the bunker, this was easily overcome with a few decisive slashes from her sword, "Mangetsu" She was not entirely sure what she was going to do when she found "it" but she had to...

Do something!, she saw a set of stairs descending towards total darkness, as she sheathed her blade she moved forward towards the abyss. She moved rhythmically as if she was extremely tense, each step was taken with precaution, as she was on guard. She had shifted from using a katana due to the narrow yet steep steps ahead of her, and now relied on her throwing knives, which where much easier to wield in such narrow spaces. She shifted her left hand to brush against the wall until she came to the bottom of the stairs a good two minutes later, from here a small room appeared before her, the room split into two passages each facing away from the other, west and east, but they appeared very narrow. More so than the tunnel she came down from. Withouth looking either way she threw her throwing knife right in front of her, seemingly shattering the very wall that stood before her.

The womans expression remained motionless as the wall that suddenly turned into glass shifted and broke into thousands of pieces. There behind the glass stood the creature she had seen in her dream, the light from above shone down on him possibly due to some magical source, the assassin cared not knowing. As her lips parted her expression changed drastically. "Shut up!!" she screamed from the bottom of her chest. She took a few deep breaths as she exclaimed her voice. She threw her second, third and fourth knives at the doll, all the while pulling out more knives, trying to predict the dolls next move if any, that was just the way she worked.

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Damn it Hikaru, these are exepts from IC Roleplay chats. Please don't call them OVAs. ;w; Sad

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