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 Jayce {WIP} Lasira Angel

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Lasira Angel

Lasira Angel

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PostSubject: Jayce {WIP} Lasira Angel   Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:46 am



Nickname(s): Jay, CeeCee
Owner/Partner: Lasira Angel
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Direwolf

Height: 92 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Distinguishing Features:

Aside from the reddish tint to his white fur to match his familiar along his chest and four paws, he's got a large scar running from his right front shoulder, all the way down to his paw. Another thing people see when they look at him would be his bright green eyes.  

Standing at a little over half his familiar's height, Jayce has a more protective stance to him when he's near Lasira. When the two are together and she almost curls into his side for protection, one can almost see the wolf standing taller. His red tinted fur stands on end as he always stays around her. Though he has his moments where he'll stand net to her without feeling the need to be so protective around her.

Those times are when he'll be either laying beside her or sitting next to her side as she goes about her business and doesn't feel the need to cower in fear. Normally these times are when they're by themselves and no one is around them; typically in the forest or kitchen area.

But when the two aren't next to each other, he has a guarded stance with a sort of glare set on his face. Anyone can tell when Lasira isn't around since his fur is on end. The direwolf has never really felt anything comforting unless he's around Lasira or they're in the dorms together. The two opposites stick together through any and all problems which arise. And when separated Jayce has no idea who to trust to the point he stands off against even Lasira's most trusted friend.

  • 1 Lasira-As his familiar, she's important to him, and darn it the redhead has snuck her way into his battleworn heart to the point he'd do anything for the poor, blind thing.
  • 2 Her cooking-Who wouldn't like her cooking? She's amazing at it especially now that her nose is so much more attuned to spices and ingredients.
  • 3 Sleeping-He's old, he's tired, and having to make sure this redhead familiar won't hurt herself from not seeing something will definitely make him cranky sometimes.

  • 1 Someone messing with Lasira-Activate protective direwolf mode! The moment someone messes with his familiar there shall be hell to pay. Hearing her cries, seeing her tears; everything hurt him that was hurting her to the point he made it all go away. Seeing as he is the one who pulled her from the flames of her house.
  • 2 Fighting-Unless absolutely necessary to his or his familiar's safety, the poor direwolf will NOT fight

  • 1 Losing his familiar-The thought of losing Lasira weighs on his shoulders constantly. When they're apart for too long boy does Jayce get antsy. Her life is what has kept him fighting for so long, he knew her most of his life when she secretly stashed him away as a puppy and then helped him escape later on.

This direwolf has two moods; cranky old dog, and protective wolf.

He loves his familiar, truly....he could say it a hundred times and it would still be true. But there were moments, small moments where he just wanted to look at his familiar, and tell her to sit in a corner for her childish behavior. But he'd fight it, because he loved her with as much of his heart as he had left. In spite of that though, he can't help himself to just be crabby. According to him he's earned the right. Fighting with others on the battlefields have given him reason to be cranky.

Yet when there is something around Lasira, in their home or otherwise that crankiness changed; it morphs into that of a father protecting his young. She doesn't even have to listen for him around her to know when and how to curl up or duck for cover. In his mind, nothing gets in the way of him protecting Lasira. He would kill for her.

Fighting Style:
Defensive Fighting Style:


Bright light. That's all Jayce can remember as a cub. A bright light shining above him and the color of flames in the distance. He remembers a comforting embrace holing him as they rushed him inside a building and hushed, quick whispers. Two females, he remembers. One sounded young, and extremely close to him. The other was more mature and sounded very calming. He remembers burying his head in the young girl's arm as if to block the world. "The only way we can keep him is if we hide him. Your father can't know Sira." He remembers hearing.

When he was a little older he remembers young Lasira always holding him and feeding him as if he were the most fragile thing in existence. She would always coo and smile at him when he took a bite, no matter how many times he would. And when he was running around and would hurt himself, she somehow just knew.

Then there came the time he was old enough to leave the house without her father knowing. He'd told Lasira about his plans months before, yet she was still bawling her eyes out when it came time. He'd told her not to wait up for him and that he'd come back stronger, and take her away from the abuse he'd watched the poor girl's father inflict on her. He made his sole purpose in life to keep Lasira as safe as he was able. This thought process is what kept him fighting for his pack until he was able to get back home to his familiar; his best friend.

Magical Capabilities

(In here, list all of your Familiar's current Spells and Magical powers. Include the spell's Name, what it does, and a round-about rank that it could be. Describe it's drawbacks as well. Remember there is a fine line between acceptable, and Godmoding.

Try to be organized in this area, it's easier for us to read and approve if we can tell where a Spell/Ability starts, and where it ends.)
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Jayce {WIP} Lasira Angel
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