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 [Student] Lasira Angel

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Lasira Angel

Lasira Angel

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PostSubject: [Student] Lasira Angel   Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:59 pm


Full Name: Lasira Angel
Nickname(s): Sira
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Nationality: Irish
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)



Height: 170 cm
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Blood Red
Hair Color: Fiery Red
Distinguishing Features:
Aside from her bright hair anyone can see miles away, the next biggest thing a person notices would be her eyes. With one eye shut by a large gash running down from her eyebrow to the middle of her nose and the other blood red from her father’s toying with blood vessels; it’s hard not noticing her face

Standing at an average 5 feet, 6 inches Lasira’s bright red hair reaches down to her behin if out of its ponytail. When she puts it up it rests just above her lower back. She normally rests part of her bangs over the eye scarred up so people won’t see it, while the blood red eye stands out against her pale complexion. Since she can’t see anyone or can’t tell what’s what anymore, she almost has a confused, ‘lost’ expression on her face. She can also be seen biting her lip or picking at her lips in anxiety. Sometimes one might find her with her arms around her middle, muttering softly to herself.

The only clothing she has would be the black and red dress with white and black stockings she wears around everywhere she goes. Accented with her black, silk choker and black combat boots the dress is mostly black with an ombre look that fades to red at the bottom of her torso and along her wrists. Her combat boots have the smallest, maybe a 1 or 2 inch wedge in them to give her a couple inches of height on others. She also has on a small ring, engraved with two people’s names on them. One in memory of someone dear she lost, and the other being the name of the man who took everything from her.



    • Food-Being the number one reason to help anyone feel better, Lasira actually likes eating mainly to see just how much she could improve on recipes.

    • Music-Seems to be the second truest thing that can calm Lasira down. Whenever she feels too anxious or feels the need to try and relax, music is the thing she'll go to if she's not around a kitchen.

    • Dancing-Surprisingly enough, she does enjoy dancing. Even though she's blind, when she has enough room and can really move around

    • Cooking


    • Crowds

    • Loud, tuneless banter

    • Fighting

    • Being late


    • Dark Places

    • Weapons (knives are okay for her for cooking purposes)

    • Needles

    • Scientists/Doctors

Depending on who she is around, Lasira may either be an extremely energetic 16 year old, or a shy and timid little girl. Normally if she’s around strangers she will hide her face any way she can so they don’t see her scar and eye, or she will run away in hopes they won’t talk to her. The pain her father inflicted on her causes her to be a little stiff and guarded around older men specifically too as well. The easiest way one might tell how she is feeling would be the way she holds herself. Around strangers, she wraps her arms around her middle, or plays with the ring on her finger and will not lift her head towards the sound of their voice until she’s certain she’s alone.

Yet when someone has managed to get her to open up about herself, or even become close enough to really get to knew her, they cannot get her to stop talking and/or express herself with her hands. Since she talks with her hands, sometimes people will watch her suddenly fling her arms around and wonder what it is she’s doing. Her mother used to call it ‘loud talking’; because she’s also got a naturally loud voice she can’t seem to tone down often unless she’s too shy. She’s also extremely loyal so if someone manages to get her to open up to the point she’s able to act like she did before the fire, they can expect her to never let them down and always be there to cheer them on.

Another thing friends will see her doing would probably be scamper around a kitchen clicking her tongue like there’s no tomorrow. She decided after the fire that, even though she couldn’t really ‘see’ anything, she could still cook! Her mother taught her some of their recipes along with the herbology lessons before everything went wrong. So now, whenever the blind redhead can, she’ll cook food or bake some sweets to try. Just because she’s blind doesn’t mean she can’t completely see and cook. If anything, it made her nose that much more sensitive to the smells around her, helping her out when she wants to make something taste and smell good.


No names. No history. No strong ancestors to name. Lasira was the only one in her family to have any sort of magical talent. Her mother always helped her into becoming a healing mage; teaching her herbology and even cooking. Her father on the other hand, decided to try and use her magic as a weapon. He wanted to teach her anything to do with harming people and/or fighting styles. Ever since she was young, she refused him. Unfortunately though, the longer she refused, the more punishment she’d earn herself.

The older she got, the harsher her father’s punishments became. Once she was old enough to think and speak for herself, she would suddenly be put in fighting courses her father set up for her. If she quit or started acting out, she would be put in ‘time-out’. This was basically be put on a chair, facing a tv where she saw people being tortured on tables. Patients her father saw regularly. Her mother never knew of the punishments Lasira was given as she never could  see the pain hidden behind her daughter’s eyes.

And once Lasira, a new teenager, looked her father in the face and denied him again; he cracked. The man grabbed onto his daughter’s hair, dragged her down to his ‘study room,’ and started forcing her to do the tests all his other patients went through. One moment she was starting at a bright ceiling, the next she saw a scalpel heading towards her right eye. ”I’ll make sure you never say no to me again.” He hissed at the 13 year old. That was the first time he messed with her eyesight.

After that no one was able to look at her the same, and she hated it; she was nicknamed ‘Sira the Circus Freak’ or ‘Sira Circus’ for short. Her mother, finally realizing just how insane her husband was tried confronting him. He pushed her away and continued on his own work. Lasira tried convincing her mother to ignore the man and help her with herbology to which the older woman conceded grudgingly. The two then started on the lessons forgotten over the course of a few years; both remembering exactly where they left off.

Unfortunately, Lasira’s father was not very accepting of his daughter’s learning herbs and healing. When he confronted the two on their teachings his wife was the one to speak out against him. Lasira watched in horror as the woman she looked up to was beaten half to death in front of her. Luckily her knowledge and her mother’s saved her life for a little while longer. Lasira was taken down to her father’s lab once again, where she watched as he picked up a syringe and a needle. ”This’ll only hurt a lot. Try not to scream.” That was the last time she ever saw again.

Fighting Style:
Though everyone has the instinct of ‘fight or flight’, most people would probably choose fight. Most people Lasira knew would always pick fights and none would ever back down. At one point she was almost like that; when someone asked her to spar she’d be completely compliant. Until the day her father took her eyesight. After she was made blind, she never touched a weapon again unless she was in the kitchen cooking something. That was the only time someone would find her carrying or wielding a knife without shaking in terror. But her ‘fight or flight’ modes are a bit different that others too now. Since the option she almost always chooses is ‘flight’ there’s not really any anger or hate in her heart anymore. Just fear.

Flight Mode:
Fight Mode:



Items of Significance: Engraved Ring,

Position: Student, 1st year

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Martel Yggdrasill

Martel Yggdrasill

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Lasira Angel   Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:45 pm

I see nothing wrong Approved 1/2

Physical: D-
Magical: D-
Intellectual: D-

Efreet Spirit of Flame

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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Lasira Angel   Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:07 pm

Neither do I, Final Approve
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PostSubject: Re: [Student] Lasira Angel   

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[Student] Lasira Angel
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