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PostSubject: [Teacher] Serena   [Teacher] Serena Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 2:45 am


Full Name: Serena (no last name)
Nickname(s): Sei-chan (Narora), Sensei (her students), Quiet Queen (title/enemies)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Half-blood Mage/Human



Height: 175cm (5ft 9in)
Weight: 40.9kg (92lbs)
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features: Violet eyes are exotic, and she is extremely pale, dispute her actual love of the sun.

Serena loves dark clothing. It's not some strange religion, or cult, or anything of the sort. It's just her own unique personality that enjoys the dark clothing she sees. Bright colors don't suit her, or her personality. She can be found, even in the middle of the hottest day of the year, outside in her black hoodie, zipped up mind you in the high temperatures. Said hoodie actually has a wide neck, and the ends of this hoodie fall to just below the top of Serena's shoulders. This reveals what seems to be, and actually is, the black string of a bikini top over her shoulders that she uses in place of a bra for her C-cup sized breasts. Her stomach is slim, and her hips are actually larger then her hoodie reveals.

The large hoodie also doubles as a skirt and hides her undergarments from view, but it is a very small skirt, so she's often catching people attempting to look up said hoodie/skirt. Around the right arm of her hoodie, is a sewn in band with the outline of a five pointed star on it. The ends of both of the sleeves, have a black tie around them that represents her time with Narora, her very first friend and actual teacher (before he was even a teacher).

Her dark-purple, knee-high boots are always present, with heels that are probably about two to three inches thick. Surprisingly, she doesn't make noise with those boots though when she walks, even on paved ground or in the Academy itself.

Her black hair is shoulder length, and her bangs are pushed over onto the right side of her face, covering up her eye-patch, which is a key item in controlling her Unique Ability. With the eye-patch off, both of her eyes are a violet color, something that a great many people have commented on being quite a set.


" />" />

  • Children - Some day she plans on having her own. A simple wish that just about any young woman her age has.
  • Narora (and to an extent: Stella) - Narora was her role model and decided that he was going to train her to 'kick ass' when they first met. She has a deep respect for the man and treats him as if he were her own blood-related sibling.
  • Quiet places - Away from the crowds of people and noises. In these places, she can zone out for minutes, even hours at a time and literally become 'busy doing nothing'.
  • Quiet people - The usual exception to this rule, is Narora, who is in fact, not quiet. But, she does take to quiet people more then the loud people.
  • Dark colored clothing - Just something she's always been fond of.
  • Taking care of her weapon(s) - Her weapon was funded by Narora, so she takes great care of one of the only gifts he's given her.
  • Having nothing to do - While she does enjoy lazing about, too much of it will make her bored, and she'll search for something, anything, to do.
  • Lazing about - A trait she gained from Narora over the years, she can often be found laying down and/or napping somewhere. Usually outside in the sun during summer, or, in the Teacher Lounge or any other warm place in the winter.
  • Watching awkward moments - A little chaos now and then serves to keep her entertained. She may even enjoy a snack or two while it happens, commenting on it with somebody who may be watching it with her.

[Teacher] Serena  border=
" />" />

  • Bulling - Her history is full of this 'activity', so she will actively stop it if she sees it.
  • Attention - Serena is innately shy. She even has trouble teaching her students, so, she teaches them with exercises that force them to look at a partner or object.
  • Loud places - If it's loud, it usually means that there are 1) a lot of people and/or 2) they pass by regularly.
  • Loud people - The loud ones usually die first the most annoying...
  • Loud anything - Machines, animals, sounds, people. If it's loud, it draws attention. If she's near it, she may get that attention. She doesn't like that possibility.
  • Bright colored clothing - She loves dark colored clothing, so she's naturally not going to be impressed by bright colors.
  • Being much to busy... - ...especially if she doesn't have a great amount of time to do it all in.
  • People badmouthing Narora - She believes his 'death' had more to it then just a 'failed A-turned-S-rank mission'.
  • Teaching - ...but the Academy is forcing her too.

[Teacher] Serena  border=
" />" />

  • Being made fun of, and just general bulling to herself in all forms, this is because of her past.
  • Her measurements becoming public information - During a training session with Narora, her clothing ended up being partially destroyed. It was that day that Narora found out that Flat Serena wasn't so 'flat' as people may have thought...

[Teacher] Serena  border=

Serena has a very shy and untrusting personality, which developed during her years as a Student of Mage Academy. While the Academy does attempt to discourage bulling and put a stop to it, it cannot get all of the attempts that it wants to stop.

Serena's case was one of the few who actually got through the radar. Luckily, she was one of the even fewer who were saved from that treatment. Because one day, Araragi Narora happened across this treatment.

Now, Araragi Narora was a strange man, even to Serena to this day. The man would sooner sit back and watch a fight like this happen, simply for the joy of fighting the winner. But Serena wouldn't fight back.

This action had confused him, he later admitted to Serena. She wouldn't fight back against them, even though the bullies were fighting her, or at the very least, attempting to start a fight. It was unfathomable to the prodigy at the time why she wouldn't accept, stand up for herself, and maybe even beat the shit out of somebody. Things that he loved to see, and loved even more to do.

This question, he asked her that day when he boldly, or stupidly, depending on who you ask that day (*coughalexcough*), marched up to her as she was sitting on the ground. He completely ignored the bullies, who continued to taunt both her and him. Narora, for his part, simply ignored them until they tried to touch him. From there, they were sent to the Medical Clinic to visit one hot nurse that Narora seemed to know personally on his end.

It was from that point on that Serena became extremely curious of him. She never answered him that day, though promised that she would one day answer him (to which he responded that he really would goad her into fighting him if she didn't)

It was there that research was done into Narora by her.

And, fast-forwarding some years later and a bunch of harsh training, Serena's personality has changed ever so slightly. With her new job as a teacher, she is less shy, but still almost as untrusting. But the years with Narora had allowed her to, at the very least, call him her best friend. She only truly smiled when she was around him. The seven years that he'd been gone have taken their tole on her, and she's beginning to revert back to her old personality. She's even contemplated leaving her position at the Academy a few times.

But the knowledge of Narora's sister still being there have kept her in her place. Silently observing the girl from afar. Too afraid to approach her; unsure as to if the girl would welcome somebody who was connected so much to her late brother or not.

...She also happens to be extremely innocent for a 23-year old, good looking young woman. Though she's been hit on, she's denied their 'friendly get-togethers' because of her shy nature. (as such, a great many times it has been mistaken that she and Narora were an Item, though it was very untrue).


Serena is a Half-blood Mage. A Half-blood Mage, is defined as any person who was born to a normal, Human Parent, and a Magically Inclined other parent. It was actually Serena's mother who was a Mage. A one-night stand had turned into her. She was an accident, but her mother loved the mistake that she'd made. Serena's father had no idea that the Magical World existed, but he did know that he had a daughter. And though her parents didn't live together or love each other, they each loved her. To this day, she still writes to both her father and mother. Her father believes she is overseas at a fancy, high costing college that she earned a full scholarship to. Her mother knows her actual location of education, and even funds part of her money costs.

Upon her arrival to the Academy, she was happy to find it as beautiful as her mother had told her about. Her mother hadn't personally gone to the Academy, but stories of the academy weren't few and far between. Talk of white walls and beautiful gardens, and a massive tree: most likely the last of it's kind in existence.

But her appearance and personality didn't help her. Her first few weeks at the academy were fun. She enjoyed them greatly. It was quickly becoming a 'home-away-from-home' for her. It remained that way even when the bulling began.

It started small. Simple things like thrown papers. Harsh violence and words were never spoken about her, even behind her back, but she quickly became the target to bully in the start of the year.

For six months she was bullied before Narora had helped her. The only time they had tried to goad her into fighting them, was the day that she'd met Araragi Narora. Her strange, future best-friend who was probably a bit insane.

But he was nice enough. Some days the training she underwent with him was harsher then the bullies themselves, but it all paid off in the end. She became one of the best in the Academy. It was always a known fact that, when somebody fights another person who was drastically stronger then them, they would grow much faster then if they trained with somebody near their own strength. The training forced her body to adapt to high level combat. After the first six months, she was already out-performing some students in classes.

(It's also totally mandatory to inform you that during one training session, her clothing was destroyed partially, and Narora used a threat of revealing her measurements to the school to get her to fight harder. The even nearly traumatized the girl and she now lives in fear that they will one day find their way into every student's desk or dorm-room.)

She lacked magical ability, but she made up for it in pure physical power. She no longer needed to be goaded into fights, she accepted them when the offer came. And beat them down. Of course, these weren't her own willing actions. Narora had said it was part of her training. Mental fortitude. If he hadn't threatened to end their training, she probably wouldn't have gone through with it. She didn't hate her bullies, but she certainly didn't like them.

One day, Narora actually commended her prowess in training. It was nearing that time when Narora would be graduating the Academy. And while it may not have seemed something very impressive to anybody else, getting Narora to recognize your fighting ability when you weren't a higher rank them him was hard. It was testimonial to her mother telling her how proud of Serena she was, if she was there watching her improve like she had. The next time they'd met, Narora actually brought something with him.

It seemed very unlike him to actually give her a gift, but he'd done it anyway. Something about starting a trend and the mark would mean that those people have earned his respect (he talked like it was the greatest reward in the world at the time...). Nevertheless, she wears those black strips to this day, tied to both of her wrists to remind her of her late friend.

But, anyway, with that part of her 'training' taken care of, she began to train on her own. Narora was being recognized for his performances in missions that were high above his recommended limits placed by the Academy. She'd heard rumors that even the Magic Council was pushing for his early graduation and immediate promotion to Teacher-class. He was already nearing that point of power, he just needed to go through formalities and he would probably get an official promotion by the Magic Council, if the Academy didn't do it first.

Just a few days later, he vanished. KIA, the Academy had announced. A mission gone wrong, and what was supposed to be a simple A-ranked mission had turned into an extremely deadly S-ranked one. A great many Magi had died that day. Very few had actually returned, and those that did, refused to talk to anybody about what had happened. Covered in wounds and some of them even missing some limbs, the majority dropped out altogether.

Serena didn't like it though. Narora was already powerful enough to fight Teachers one-on-one, and he wasn't even a Prefect beforehand, he was just a regular Student like she was. An S-ranked mission was the hardest there was, besides the ones that just plain didn't get considered by the Academy due to their difficulty, but Narora should have been able to at the very least, come back alive. Either something so unexpected happened that nobody was able to react, or the Magical Council was covering something up.

She kept the thoughts to herself though. Those who voiced their opinions and tried to rally supporters against the Magical Council to find out, soon vanished after graduation. 'Unfortunate Accidents' was the claim. And nobody blamed the council. Just 'Rogue Magi' or 'monsters the academy hasn’t collected yet'. Some people even put blame on Bigfoot, a myth even in the Magical World.

Serena didn't believe it though. She was doing her own research into the topic, but she was just one girl, and her time at the Academy was ending. Her status as a Teacher was awarded to her simply because the Academy and Council knew that Narora had trained her (and hoped that whatever made him so damn good[i/] was passed onto her as well). Some time later, she earned the title “Quiet Queen”. Quiet for her personality, and Queen for her massive amount of strength.

For now, she waits and does her job. Araragi Stella was a confusing concept for her, but, she just taught the girl all the same. She was unsure as to if Stella knew who Serena was herself, but she tried to push those thoughts away.


(This Field is Special. You are given 45 points to distribute as you see fit between all of your three status. Your limit, is that each stat must have at least 5 points in it. Once approved, we Staff will then convert those numbers to a E through SS ranked format.)

Physical: 20
Magical: 5
Intellectual: 20

Fighting Style: Serena's fighting style is very physically heavy, which is ironic due to her small frame. She has almost completely sacrificed her Magical abilities for physical combat. Her trainer, was none-other than Narora himself, so her style was predicted by many to be at least somewhat physical.

Serena's Offensive abilities are extremely high. Her offensive style is physically heavy and very close-quarters combat heavy. Her main attribute is her massive strength and power. Coupled with her speed, she is very deadly and it is unwise of many to attempt short-range combat with her. Quickly darting within her opponent's defenses, and dealing damage. Then, continuing to deal damage for as long as possible, before she is forced to move away. Her style focuses on an unrelenting attack, to not give her opponent any time whatsoever to counterattack or deal damage to herself.

Her offensive style is also great for distractions, as she is capable of handling a great deal of smaller opponents and keeping attention on herself and off of other people or objects.

Serena's defensive style is less thought out then her offensive style. Her defensive style is simply to not be hit. While not possible all the time, she does her absolute best to avoid damage to herself. So long as she has her large weapon on hand, she is capable of stopping powerful attacks simply by moving said blade in the path of the attack. It's shear size and weight combined with her physical strength is enough to stop even some B-ranked spells (but she has her limits as to which type of spell she can stop)

Serena's Magical capabilities is almost nonexistent. The few spells she knows, are low ranked and she wastes a great deal of Magical Energy. Even on simple spells to light up the darkness, she usually overpowers it and creates too much light.

So, instead of improving on this area of herself, she uses her Magical Energy to empower her Cells and Muscles, improving strength and durability.

Unique Ability:
Serena rarely relies on her Unique Ability. As of late, she's used it less and less as her own power has grown. It is now an absolute last resort, simply because of it's drawback and timelimit.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to Serena's physical style, she has mastered a great many forms of hand-to-hand fighting styles, though she's yet to completely master any one type. The result, is a unique style that blends together Khung-Fu, Jujitsu and Tai Kwando. A great many times she's been able to fight her way out of a sticky situation, when her weapon wasn't available to her. As a result of this training, she has become very flexible and speedy.

Enhanced Strength: Her physical style demands strength, so, Serena's worked on just that. By using basic Magical Control over her Magical Energy, she redirects nearly all of her Magical Energy to her muscles and cells, re-enforcing them and strengthening them in battle. As a Teacher, she already has strength that borders on Staff-class.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Her physical style and hand-to-hand training has required Serena to be blindingly fast. At her best, she can even outpace her good friend Narora, even while his Unique Ability is active. Her reflexes have proven to be top notch, as she is capable of deflecting multiple arrows in flight towards her, as well as narrowly dodge attacks at close range. This narrow dodging opens up a great deal of time and room for her to counterattack, which usually does a great deal of damage to her opponent.

Enhanced Durability: With the enhancement of her cells and muscles by her Magical Energy, Serena has surprising resilience to damage and fatigue. While she cannot ignore major wounds to continue fighting, she is capable of taking damage, and dishing out that same amount of damage.

Keen Intellect: Serena has a very quick and intellegent mind. She is required to 'think-on-the-fly' during her fast-paced combat, so, she has trained her mind's reflexes, memory, and performance. Her IQ is calculated to be nearing the range of 140-150.

Novice Magical Control: Like Narora, she ignored complete control over her Magical Energy, simply to reap the benefits of the excess power that will flow into her muscles and cells. Her lack of actual Magic abilities can be partially blamed on this trait.

Expert Swordsman: Serena has trained under Narora himself, and under his harsh training, has obtained a great deal of skill with swords. While nowhere near his own level of skill or his Rival Alexander's, she is very capable of holding either of them off long enough for re-enforcements, or setting up some kind of trap to even the playing fields.

" />" />

.::Unique Ability::.
[Teacher] Serena  border=
Violet Vengeance (紫報復; Murasaki Hōfuku): Serena's Unique Ability which awakened one day, and the last day, she was bullied in Mage Academy. She knew nothing of the ability, but through training with Narora, she learned exactly what it did for her. This Violet Vengeance takes the form of a violet flame covering her left eye, seemingly setting said eye on fire.

Power Augmentation: While the ability is active, it augments a great deal of Serena's abilities, by forcing her body to use up her Magical Energy at a substantially higher rate.

Augmented Magical Energy Usage Rate: When Murasaki Houkufu is active, Serena's Magical Energy seems to grow larger, when in actuality, it's just being used up faster.

Enhanced Strength: Due to the higher usage of Magical Energy, Serena's cells and muscles are pushed to their absolute limits. Her strength is nearly doubled with this Unique Ability, easily shown when, during an all out spar with Narora, she was capable of ripping trees from the very ground and using them as weapons, though at the time, she was weaker then she is now and it put great strain on her muscles.

Enhanced Speed: The higher rate of Magical Energy usage doesn't just affect her strength, it also increases her speed, although her reflexes aren't much changed. They remain the same, she just has the ability to move faster when she reacts to something. It still takes the same amount of time for her to realize where to strike to stop an arrow, she can just do it faster then she normally could.

Enhanced Durability: The increased Magical Energy usage also affects her Durability, boosting it up to the point where she actually can ignore grievous wounds to continue a fight.

Horrible Cost: After the usage of Serena's Unique Ability, her Magical Energy is drastically low, if not nearly empty, and her muscles are greatly torn and injured. Movement is painful and recovery is long. The Human body was not designed to move in such a way, as fast as it does. To put her Unique Ability in different perspectives: her mind is 'releasing' the 'limiters' it's placed upon her body. Where as she would normally only use 20% of her muscles actual strength, she instead, uses just over 40% with this Unique Ability.

Novice Control: Serena has absolutely no control over her Unique Ability. It is constantly active, but the Alchemy District has found a method in which to stop the ability's effects. Without Serena's eye-patch, her Unique Ability will continue to function normally until she passes out or dies from fatigue.



Items of Significance:
Eye-patch: This item was given to her by the Alchemy District. It's main function is to suppress Serena's constantly active Unique Ability, so that she might live a normal life. Research is looking into an alternate method to suppressing this ability and others like it, but it has yet to be created successfully.

Position: Teacher – Unarmed Wartime Combat
" />" />
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Serena   [Teacher] Serena Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2014 3:55 am

Greetings Serena, I am Ale- Okay, we don't need this procedure! Narry, me and Mid shall grade your Teacher-Application, as demandedrequested by you, as we are forcedgood slavesstaff members.

You know what this is....:

I tried Narry-sama, if you want/if this is not a sufficient review, I can do it again with more details if you like.

Hello there, administrative staff member here.
Got a problem or a question? Get a private message to me.
Looking for guidance on the forum? Feel free to ask experienced members.
Need tips or general help on roleplaying? Contact any staff members or ask any veteran roleplayer on the forums.
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PostSubject: Re: [Teacher] Serena   [Teacher] Serena Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2015 2:54 am

Alrighty, gonna approve this because Naro gave me a donut.


Physical: A
Magical: D (+10)
Intellectual: A

**If you don't want these, or like these, you can change them. Just give one of the staff a shout out. Thank you.

Thank you for being created (cause I know this is Naro), and I pray Nyx finds you soon. Very Happy


When in need, call the Sheep~!

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[Teacher] Serena
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