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 [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko

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Haruko Kuroji

Haruko Kuroji

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PostSubject: [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko   Sun May 04, 2014 11:25 pm


Full Name: Kuroji, Haruko
Nickname(s): Haru, Ms. Student Council President, Prez, Fox Girl
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human


Height: 149cm
Weight: 46.3kg
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features: There are many tattoos and markings along Haruko's back and in less noticeable places on her arms for summoning.

Standing at an ordinary 149cm and weighing at a light 46.3kg, Haruko has a delicate build with a slight amount of muscle from zealous training. Having generally lengthy pitch black hair that extends all the way down to her ankles with it only changing with how she styles it on any day. Not unlike many members of her family, she has an ahoge sticking out from the top of her head. Her eyes are colored an amber tint, this being a slightly bizarre trait she inherited from her mother rather instead of having grey colors like her brother and father, that and she has a tanner skin tone than most.

In the clothing department, she prefers to wear her uniform is somewhat particular fashion than that of the other students'.  Alternatively from the orderly white and blue uniform that everyone is obligated to don upon themselves;  she has rather been granted approval to wear distinctive variants of a kimono as she so wishes. Kimonos that are typically colored after the trademark theme of the student council; orange and white.


  • Candy
  • Cute Things
  • Stars
  • The Color Purple
  • The Color Orange

  • Strong People Taking Advantage of the Weak
  • Recieving to Much Attention
  • Beige

  • Being Known only by her Brother's Accomplishments
  • Losing her Ability to Summon

Outside of and in school endeavors, Haruko has been viewed as a type of individual who could be characterized as someone who action depict a moderately "happy go lucky" demeanor and can be described as a bit of a mythomane. She constantly has a smile plastered on her face and it's somewhat unlikely to ever see her in a foul mood. Any other time, she can usually be seen hastily rushing back and forth from one student council duty to the next, as this is what makes up most of her day besides classes.

As for philosophy and goals, Haruko has plenty. To be the best student council president the school has ever seen, to surpass her brother, to be known world wide for her own feats, to protect every student in the academy she can, to be a master summoner, etcetera. As for philosophical beliefs, she doesn't believe in judging a person without hearing their story first, a trait which helped in becoming the stuco pres. She also doesn't care much for people who gloat about their own power.


Being the younger sister of one of the impressive magical prodigies from one of the most celebrated and prestigious arcane academies in existence is somewhat irritating at times. Even from the earliest years in her life, it was always "Your brother did this" or "Your older brother did that." Haruko was never bragged over or praised on her individual exploits as a magi, instead it almost seemed as if her every behavior was being compared to that of her overachieving and exalted sibling Alexander.

While she was in her early adolescence, long before she would enter the very same academy her older brother Alexander had entered when he was young himself, the miserable girl developed somewhat of an inferiority complex due to the comments and relating to her sibling.  She began to believe she was never going to be capable of ever accomplishing any feat that would exceed that of her older brother. Every achievement Alex was able to do made the younger Kuroji feel even smaller than she had before. There was even a time while she still remained in a non-magical school that she skipped her studies for an entire week.  When inquired on this incident she merely retorted,  "Because it doesn't matter right? I'll never be great like him..."

Her first week of the Academy was when she started turning things around. She took her depressive state and threw it out the window. The day before the ceremony that all 1st years were required to attend her brother had given her permission to explore his study, and upon this undertaking she discovered Alex's journal by circumstance. What wasn't lock through his arcane power she read many anecdotes. Some were memoirs on his encounters with the headmasters and other figures that had become well known in the magical community while some were formulas for spells and recipes for potions. But the portion that really had an impact on the student to be was the mention of a rival. Someone his age had been capable of standing at level with her brother without worry of being overpowered by his natural talent. Such a tale invigorated the girl with determination. From there on she was on a quest to someday pass her brother with a feat that couldn't be compared with anyone, something she could have all the herself.

Her first year at the academy was akin to a dream for a student immersed within the arcane arts. She managed to pull off winning the title of Student Council President, making her one of the youngest in age that the academy had ever seen. She was also quite popular with both her associates that were the same year and older which certainly helped out in the long run with her Stuco chores and obligations. It was also the first time that other than her own home she was able to find a place where her special ability could be of use.

As of now, Haruko is still the Student Council President, not having come under such a burden that she was forced to step down. She does well in school, acquiring some of the highest scores in her class. In fact there are rumors going about that the Kuroji line is blessed with genius minds considering that not only she and her siblings had incredible talent, their parents were also quite well known among the magical community... or at least their father was if you counted all the brothers and sisters after the first duo.


Physical: 5
Magical: 20
Intellectual: 20

Haruko is notorious around the academy for her distinct style of battle. Her primary object is frequently to keep the distance between her opponent and herself vast and not let them come within ten meters of her being. As long as they keep significantly far, she'll have much less difficulty concentrating on things that don't involve summoning using her unique ability, "Transcendental Summoning".

While not sporting close range combat, the younger Kuroji has been trained in the usage of spears and halberds. Allowing for defense at a somewhat closer level but still keeping to her, "stay at a good distance" style overall. However if she can prevent doing so, Haruko will not resort to indulging in such tactics that require long periods of physical exertion until she has trained her body further.

Her dependence on her unique ability is monumental. Almost all her magic is centered focused around her ability to summon with the tattoos on her body present at birth. Even the ability to merge with her summons and combine summons together is rooted within her "Transcendental Summoning"...



Weapons I Character Profile I Summons I Spells I Unique Ability

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PostSubject: Re: [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko   Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:18 am

Hmm... A step up from A Student huh? (this is the old Template, so I'll have to do some extra work.)

Appearance and personality I have no problem with, though they could serve to be slightly larger if you want to be a Prefect. But that's not a glaring problem, so it can slide through.


You're fighting style relies heavily on your Unique Ability... so if it was taken out of the picture somehow, a great deal of your Character's fighting prowess would be knocked completely out of the picture. So, either you've planned for this to get your character through easier; you honestly want this drawback; or you have a workaround somehow... We'll have to watch for that then to make sure it balances out well.

And assuming that the fox hairpiece is just a hairpiece, i'd say this Application has no large problems besides a small lack of details.

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PostSubject: Re: [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko   Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:29 am

Well, I did say I was going to review this, so here I go I guess. ^_^

Like Narry, nothing wrong with the appearance and personality, they were well done and meet the criteria, however, I do not understand what her ability unique abilities is mainly focused on doing(I did get its used to combine summons and such), what kind of dire situations would prompt her to use it or even what kind of enemies this abilities is mainly used to combat, would she use it in a spar?

Once again, like Narry said: Non-major details are missed, see if you can improve the description of her combat style please. ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko   Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:45 am

You are Approved.

(no fancy schmancy stuff cuz yer staff XD)

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PostSubject: Re: [Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko   

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[Student Council President] Kuroji, Haruko
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