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 Abyssal Drive [Ariko]

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PostSubject: Abyssal Drive [Ariko]   Abyssal Drive [Ariko] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 28, 2017 5:30 am

Unique Ability

Abyssal Drive
Spirit Drive
Raging Nova
Mystic Vision


Release 1: Whilst in this scale, the only real way to know of its initial activation is a "Sparkle" sound followed by a slow descent into a lower pitch before being replaced by high pitched hiss. The person's eye noticeably gets changed with a slight chance at Heterochromia (Two different eye colours) but mostly just gains a bright shade of red. Because of the magic being coursed through the body, every movement the user makes will leave a blurred after-image with the eyes leaving the longest as small streaks of light.

Release 2: Whilst in this level of release, the initial activation will sound very loud with magical gates being unlocked. Several magic circles of unknown scriptures would appear at the shoulders, behind the head, side of the legs, back of the hand that varies in colour. These magic circles has several "Layers" to them and each spins until the symbols seemingly match up; the colours of the magic circles all turning red. When the sound finishes, the magic circles also completely shatters. The areas where the Magic Circles had appeared now has markings of said magic circles etched into the area after transformation. Heterochromia is now more common; however they still usually match up (i.e. two warm colours would appear). The after images now appear less and more shows up as a small aura, a bright blue "fire" flowing around the body. The hair also gets somewhat noticeably sharper and the teeth gets sharper; looking slightly more canine.
Level 2 Sound:

Release 3: The last known release, magic circles will appear everywhere around the person with no discernable pattern. As the magic circles click into their places, the person will get encompassed by light until only their eyes and silhouettes show. The hair visibly starts growing to the point that it goes past the hips and the eyes have totally random Heterochromia; with the pupil having a complex and intricate symbol etched into it. The transformation would then have all the magic circles break as the light violently burst outwards; completing the release. The body would also have complex markings that follows two lines across the entire body; with the arm having the most noticeable due to the two lines going down the shoulder to the forearm to form a circle at the back of the hand. The shoulder has a floating "Shoulder-guard" with several circles that seem to be an optical illusion with circles within circles. Shapes and markings like these appear as red and slightly hovering above the skin; appearing regardless of clothing (Unless it's very thick). These don't seem to be physical and the aura from Release 2 has now turned into a golden-fiery aura.

Note: The Auras can be turned off later due to stronger magic control. The transformation can also vary quite a bit due to the uncontrollable nature of the transformation.

Female: Due to its effects of fundamentally changing the body, there's a chance that the user of this Drive would turn into a female. This process is random but 20% of the time is derived off of the male form. The extremes this goes to increases as the releases go higher; with Release 3 female almost always differing from the normal release-less form. The female form almost always has Heterochromia regardless of Release Level. Even the height, bust size, hair size/style, voice, etc. could change.

Description: Ariko can almost always describe this transformation as "Wild" and "Natural". It gives off intense energy which would give even bystanders that has no context goosebumps. It also exudes a pressure of power and a feeling a gate was unleashed; a feeling that they knew this gate already existed despite being metaphorical.

First and foremost, the Abyssal Drive is an "Innate Power Unlocker" ability. It pushes out power that was hidden away; a "second magic pool" to draw from that completely differs from the normal magic people use. Ariko and most people that has held conversation with the higher releases would actually describe Ariko as different from before; maybe even manipulated. Some would even describe this ability as "Unleashing the True Self". This in turn also pushes the physical abilities further than the normal according to the Release level.

Note: The release levels works as such: Take the percentage and the letter grade then add those two together then add the previous excess. In math terms: (PercentageBoostxGradeletter)+GradeLetter+PreviousExcess=Final Result

Release 1: This level of release increases all his stats by 25% and his intelligence by 10%.

Release 2: This level would increase all stats by 50% and intelligence by 30%.

Release 3: This is the final level and would increase his stats by a full letter grade and intelligence by a full 50%.

Drawbacks: Due to releasing a hidden energy pool and pushing the body to beyond its normal, the end result after the Abyssal Drive ends would be an aftershock that adversely affects the body. The Release 3 at the time of this post would last for only a single post and then proceed to put Ariko into a "Magic Coma".

If Ariko didn't use Release 3 or push himself to the extremes with the other two releases, ending the drive would still heighten all his senses by an immense measure. While this means his senses are extremely acute and can detect things he normally wouldn't be able to at his best during that time; it'd also mean that his pain receptors are kicked into overdrive. The few times he used Release 1 caused him to feel pain from trying to even lift his sword and sometimes even pain when he walked, had hypersensitivity to light which gave him a slight headache, and generally less stamina.

Should Ariko use almost all of his magic but keep going whilst the drive is still active, his blood vessels would pop and shatter under the immense force depending on which area is using the most. Whilst this means the pain is numbed and he could pump out slightly more magical energy, it also comes with the risk of POPPING ALMOST ALL THE BLOOD VESSELS.

Another drawback is that while most wizards have an inherent "Safety Limit" on them where they knock themselves out just before they die due to using too much magic; the limiter whilst the drive is active has been numbed. While Ariko might still faint from the sheer magic usage during the drive; it'd be much MUCH closer to death than normal people. Although this also means he is able to deal out more magic attacks than most due to being able to pump out more, it brings him one step closer to the medical office.

It is also a theory that due to repeatedly increasing the metabolism and changing the biology of Ariko, it'd theoretically shave time off of his life. However no visible effects are observed as of yet due to Ariko's still-young age.

And the final drawback (Or plus for some) is the inherent risk that the gender may be swapped. While the boost will be retained and the stats the same; a large bust or unbalanced body style would inherently be less than desired for combat.

So I've been told to put this down, and my questions of "So I know stat boosters have been banned but my original ability has been deleted and I've been confirmed as an exception so can I keep it?" has not been answered. So here it is. Lots of drawbacks!


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Abyssal Drive [Ariko]
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